Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Still Worn Out!

Whatever this "bug" was, it took a lot out of me. I am feeling pretty worn out this afternoon. I feel better overall, but I'm still pretty tired. Part of me is looking forward to working out and part of me thinking "nooooo, I don't want to."  I'm going to workout, tired or not, because I need to.  I had planned on a typical training run and then some TF.

I think I might change that and just do a training run/walk on the treadmill.  A long one. Like maybe ten miles. My original plan was to stick to long runs each weekend until the half.  Since I didn't follow the plan exactly, I am to the point where I cannot alternate those longer runs with the shorter runs, as the plan states. Ten miles seems like a lot, especially to someone who is so insanely tired. My thought is that I'll keep it to a run/walk combo type thing. I'm pretty sure I'm still recovering from being sick (probably why I'm so tired out) so I don't mind walking part (anticipating a lot) of it. But even walking seems like it would be easier on my body than doing TF tonight. Oddly that sounds more difficult than a run/walk combo....Most likely because I know I'll end up doing a lot of walking.  I'll just start and see how far I get.

Quite honestly I'd like to lay down and take a nap, but I KNOW I need to get back into working out. I feel about like I did on Saturday and Sunday; just exhausted. Now that I know that I was sick and it's getting out of my system I think I should at least do SOMETHING. If I set out to do ten miles and I only do five; that's okay. I know that I'm not totally back to normal yet, but something needs to be done.

I'm going to have to figure out a way to keep track of how much I run and how much I walk though. WW activity points are entered based on intensity. Obviously my running parts will be high intensity, where walking will be moderate (I do a fitness type walk and keep the treadmill at - refuse to let it go below -5.0 when I walk...unless I'm super tired). Normally I just count calories burned, I wear my HRM and go with the total. I'll still wear it but that's not going to work for the WW points.  If I do 120 minutes at moderate intensity I'll earn 11 points; at high intensity, 27.  I'm sure that with my combo, I'll land somewhere in between the two. There just doesn't seem to be any good way to estimate those points. I will most likely walk most of it just due to being tired, but I want credit for the running portions. I plan to run as much as possible even if I mostly walk!

 In general my walking portions are short... Maybe a minute or two (at most), then I go back to at least a jog. Adding up 42 seconds here and 56 seconds there is going to be a major pain.  I suppose if I want to walk, I'll force myself to walk for a full minute or two rather than portions. Otherwise it's going to be super complicated to figure out. I think that just remembering how many minutes I walk and run will be enough... Although I do anticipate a good chunk of walking at some point. And I'm okay with that. I'm not pushing myself too hard today.

Oh! Yesterday I talked about revising my plan to fit in my long runs. It's really not that much different than what I'm doing. Long runs on the weekends; regular plan/schedule during the week for TF, my SP DVD, and my short runs.  Basically? It's just crunch time with getting those long runs done. If I do one today I'll probably still do one this weekend, which will allow me one extra long.

I plan on doing 10 miles on 2/2; 11 on 2/9, 12 on 2/16 (have plans that day so probably sometime during the week), and then 13.1 on 2/24.  If I do ten today then I'll do 11 on 2/2, 12 on 2/9, and either 13 the week of 2/16 or just three, and then 13.1 on 2/24. We'll see how it plays out based on today.

Eating is back to normal today. I've been eating lots of fruits and veggies again; regular meals. I made breakfast, had some left over spaghetti squash and cheese for lunch, and plan on making fish tacos for dinner tonight. I've been drinking better too. I'm not quite up to what I usually drink, but have already drank more water than I did yesterday and the day before.  I'm definitely getting back on track with being healthy... It's amazing how not feeling well can really throw you off!!

I suppose if I'm going to put in ten miles I should go get started.  At my slower pace of 5.0, a 12 minute mile, it will take two hours.... Time to get moving!!

I hope you're having a happy, healthy week!!



  1. I hope you get to feeling better soon. I know it is so hard to feel like hitting the gym and such as hard when you are coming off of not feeling well. Good luck with the 10miler coming up on Saturday! I'm sending you energetic vibes!

  2. Thanks!! I'm feeling lots better - still a little tired, but better!