Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weight Watchers

I decided that I will do WW online again and see what happens. I looked back and when I did WW online last summer I had consistently lost weight. Then I stopped. Then I plateaued. Then I gained a few pounds (the gain still baffles me since I changed nothing). Seeing that, when I do follow the plan accordingly, I have can success motivated me to sign up for the online program again.

I know that the program works, both meetings and online.  It's up to me to make it continue to work for me. I need to continue to follow the plan and do what I need to do. The idea of paying for it (visual reminders) is something I'm hoping will continue to motivate me. I also have a friend who is going to sign up to. Our plan is to have our own type of weekly meetings so that we have a support person and someone to check-in with.  I'm also considering reporting my weekly weight to someone so that I am motivated to continue to follow the plan. I'm just not sure who yet. Giving my weight out is something I'm comfortable doing right now... Not with the public; not with most people. There would only be a few I'd feel comfortable in providing that with... But I want to make sure it's someone who won't be too easy on me or too hard on me. I need a good neutral person who will give a talk when needed, but who won't be "mean" about it. I'll see what my friend wants to do and maybe we'll share with one another. Or maybe we'll just tell the other one "I lost..." or "I gained..." this week. I'm still figuring that piece out but I know I definitely need to make myself accountable to someone.

It's definitely going to take a little adjusting to not counting calories. I may continue to use my other calorie counters just to see where I'm at. I'll probably continue to monitor my calories burned. Honestly I can't imagine not doing those things.  I'm not ready to let go of it. Then again, part of me deciding to do WW is to stop obsessing so much over calories. Obviously if I can't let go of tracking there's a problem there. Funny.... It's kinda like my obsession with the scale. I try not to rely so much on it and try to find any way I can to justify weighing more often than I should.  My justification for using a calorie tracker as well as the points tracker is to see what my calories are like in eating at that points level. I want to compare the two and see if the amount of points I am eating in a day amount to being similar to what I eat counting calories.  It's more like a science experiment, really. Haha....Justification!

I am having spaghetti squash again tonight for dinner... In a different form.  Tonight I am having it with spaghetti sauce and meatballs. I would mix the meat in with the sauce but I've found it's easier to get an accurate count for a serving of meat by making balls and weighing them. No it doesn't taste like spaghetti but it satisfies me and I really like it. I'd honestly eat something "noodley" with spaghetti squash as a sub before I would those tofu noodles. I can't bring myself to try them. They're all weird in that little package full of water... At least I think so. 

Apparently my judgement of "small" spaghetti squash is off. The recipe I followed on Monday instructed me to use two small squashes. I did not need too. Apparently mine were not small.  I have  quite a bit of it left over and really feel like I should use it for something else soon.  I feel like it's going to be wasted anyway, but I'd like to eat it in a different way. Hmmm...I wonder if that's something I can freeze. I could freeze some of the squash and cheese from the other night if possible. I'm not sure about tonight's serving but I'll see....

I remember seeing something about what's okay to freeze and what's not on Pinterest, so I suppose I'll consult that first. It's funny, in the past I'd Google first. Now I check Pinterest and then Google if I don't find my answer. Ahhhh, the Internet, holder of all information I need (and always true, like the commercial says - haha).

Tonight's workout includes some biking and then a DVD of some sort. I think I'll try my Sparkpeople boot camp DVD and see what that's all about. After that it's dinner and relaxation time.... And I probably should get something done around the house.

I hope you're all having a great week!!



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  2. I've done WW before. I think it definitely can work. I'd lose problem is sugar and bready carbs. I just can't seem to have them within portion. If I have a little bit I will inevitably binge on it later. I know alot of people are against eating lower carb but for me it helps cut cravings for sweets and white bread. That was my only issue with WW is that I would plan for a goodie here or there and the points would fit BUT then after I had my treat I would still go haywire on more. :(
    I don't think everyone has this issue so I can see WW working for lots of people. But someone like me I've got to keep those things out of my system or I'll devour them in heaps.

    1. I agree... I think that's why I never stuck to it in the past. Now with the knowledge I have of eating healthy I think I'll be even more successful. That and I don't keep that around. So if I want a treat, I have to go and get it. Most of the time I'm already in PJs and don't want to change to go to the store. Not having it around gives me time to actually think about the choice.