Thursday, January 10, 2013


Last night I was less than thrilled to have to do yoga.  It sounded like 40 minutes of pure torture. I was looking forward to the 20 minute core workout, but not the yoga.  I biked for about an hour first... I thought that maybe if I biked long enough I'd just do the core work.

I couldn't end at core. I did the 40 minutes of yoga too. Guess what! It wasn't so bad.  It actually wasn't bad at all. Much better than when I did it before. I still absolutely love the relaxation technique at the end. If nothing else, that will get me through the weekly yoga session.  At least I think it's weekly.... I don't have my schedule in front of me but it pops up often on the TF schedule.

Here's the thing.... For as much as I absolutely dreaded the yoga, the time passed quickly. I think I might actually like it... At least I did yesterday.

I'm really looking forward to Polar Dash! I can't wait.  I have to be downtown for packet pick-up tomorrow afternoon/evening so I decided to take a partial day off work. You never know with traffic and such... I wouldn't want to be late. Clearly I NEED several extra hours to make that happen. Or perhaps it's just that I am so excited (for multiple reasons) that I'm going to be anxious to go!

Tomorrow night will be spent in the city since the race is early the next morning. Okay, it's not that early, so driving would be fine, but if I have to be downtown tomorrow evening and then Saturday morning... Why not just stay? Hotels are really cheap (cheap for Chicago) this time of year anyway. It'll be nice to spend a few hours in the city, just relaxing and doing whatever. I'm still trying to decide where to have dinner. There are always so many options that it's hard to choose! I always want to get dressed up, so I try to find some place that's not super casual but not super fancy and expensive. I don't want to have to be totally well-behaved. Of course, with a run the next morning, I doubt I'll be too out of control.  Anyway... I usually try to think of a place that's in-between. A place where people can, and do, dress-up and others dress down. I think that as long as I don't look like I'm going to the prom, I should be just fine.....Sequin dress or not.

Today I'm due for another outdoor run. I actually don't want to, which is odd. I guess I just don't want to run period.  I have TF to do too, and I'm looking forward to that - kind of.  It's one of those days where I'm tired and just don't waaaaannnnnaaaaaa... But I will. Because when I'm done I'll be happy that I did. I won't have regrets and I'll feel good.

After the working out portion of my evening, it's off to pack for the weekend, and then do some more reading in my personal trainer book. Oh and of course BBT at eight. I can't miss my weekly date with the nerds.  It's one of the few shows I make it a point to watch, so missing it would be completely tragic. Okay, not tragic, but I'd be super bummed.

I suppose since I have some things to get done before I can dash to the dash (corny... too corny that was dumb), I should get moving.  It is a little (a matter of a few degrees) warmer than it was earlier in the week, so I have that to look forward to...Even though it's still cold and I hate the cold.

I'll post something short at some point tomorrow, and will recap my Polar Dash experience as soon as I can!



  1. I've been doing the P90X yoga. Or atleast attempting to!ha
    I am ok with yoga but I get ansie. I like fast pace exercises.

  2. Me too! It is just too slow.... Not enough calories burned for me. I do always feel better after but doing it is a chore sometimes.