Thursday, February 28, 2013

Disney Part One: Trip Re-Cap

I have decided that I will most likely post about my trip in multiple posts. Otherwise it would just be too long! I'm thinking I can probably wrap it up in two or three posts, which I will try to do over the next three days.

We left last Wednesday morning and drove to just south of Atlanta. Not much interesting to report there. Obviously I didn't workout since I spent so much time in the car! Eating was alright. I tracked breakfast (oatmeal and a fruit/yogurt parfait from McDonald's, on the road). Lunch was basically just snacks like Chex Mix in the car.  Dinner was at Cracker Barrel and I had chicken and dumplings sooo... I'm sure that was off the charts bad for me!

The next day we had hotel breakfast (bagel, fruit, light yogurt for me) and headed out for day two of the drive. We did the same thing for lunch as the day before; snacks in the car. Although I did pick up an awesome fruit smoothie at one point on the trip. Dinner was at a yummy Irish place in Downtown Disney, called Raglan Road. I had fish and chips. And beer. Other than walking around at Downtown Disney.... Not much exercise.

Our first full day at Disney was on Friday. After breakfast, the first thing on my agenda was going to the Princess Expo. This took up a few hours, between transportation and waiting in various lines. We went back to the resort/hotel and had lunch there... Where I discovered I had lost my drivers license somewhere at the expo.  I checked frequently but no one had turned it in to the other resort's lost and found (where the expo was).  My friend Kasey went to the expo later in the evening and checked at runner relations and no one had turned it in. I spent the rest of the trip without ID. After lunch (a yummy but huge salad), we headed over to the Magic Kingdom for the rest of the day. I splurged on a Dole Whip (loved it!) as a snack. After we left the park, we got ready for dinner and headed back to Downtown Disney. We had dinner (and drinks) at the House of Blues. We took our left overs back to the hotel, and never ate them. They were actually still in the refrigerator when we left (forgot all about them).

We were up early on Saturday for the Royal Family 5K. I planned to walk it with my parents, but walked a bit faster than them. Then by the time I got to mile one I decided I had enough walking and ran the last two miles. It was a nice run. Because I walked the first mile my time was slower than normal, but I was okay with that. After that, we had breakfast at the hotel, showered, and then spent the day at Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. We were pretty tired that afternoon so we went back to the resort and had a couple drinks poolside. We decided to stay there for dinner before getting to bed early.

I had to be up super early on Sunday (about three in the morning!) to get ready to head over to the half marathon area.  I was up and ready to go shortly after three, and then road the bus over. I went to my corral and waited for my turn to go and then... I was off! I was slower than normal but that's because I had to walk a little more than I had planned.  I'm saving the details of the race for another post though...I  could definitely write an entire post on just my half marathon experience. Stay tuned!

After the half marathon, we went back to the hotel so I could shower. We ate lunch and then headed over to Epcot for most of the day. I did not drink my way around the world like I had planned. After running a half marathon (and getting up so early!) I just was not in the mood.  I had a cider and black at lunch (in an English pub) and a margarita in Mexico, but that was it. I guess I'll have to try that idea on another visit, when I'm not so drained! After Epcot we stopped back at the hotel and decided out what to do for dinner.  My Dad went to the concierge and made a reservation for Wolfgang Puck's at seven that evening. So we killed some time and then went back to Downtown Disney for dinner. We walked around for a while before and after...Then headed back to the hotel. My Mom and I packed everything so that it was ready for my Dad to load in the car in the morning.

Monday morning we were up and in the car by six and headed out. We stopped at Cracker Barrel for breakfast and basically did the same thing for lunch that we did on the way down - snacks in the car. We stopped to see family in Kentucky on the way home, so we had dinner there (steaks, fries, salad, and mini pies) and spent the night.

On Tuesday....We finally got to sleep in a little (until around seven for me!) and were headed home by eight. We, again, stopped for breakfast at Cracker Barrel (had something different) on the way home. We then stopped for a late lunch/early dinner at Culver's. On the way back to my parents' house we dropped my stuff off at my house (and pretty much emptied the car!). I decided to stay at their house on Tuesday might.

Yesterday I got some groceries and headed home later in the afternoon. I did some unpacking and a little laundry but that was about all I did. I had some salad (pre-made from the grocery store) for dinner last night.

Today I was back to work, and my normal routine.  I'm glad to be back to my usual eating habits (but that's about it!). While I did not eat a lot of food when I was at Disney, I ate differently than usual and I know I ate more calories. I did balance a lot of that out with walking throughout the parks, and then 16 miles of running/walking in addition to days at the parks. However, all of that did not seem to balance me out as much as I thought it might... I weighed myself this morning and it wasn't pretty. That's what I get for not tracking.  The only thing I tracked during that entire time was my breakfast the morning we left. I know I didn't drink nearly enough water throughout most of the trip. I think my best days for drinking enough were the day before and the day of the half marathon. I also had TOM creep in, so I've had fluid retention from that. I didn't drink a lot of alcohol but had more than usual so that may be a factor in bloating/retention too.

My official weigh-in is on Saturday so we'll see how beneficial the next two days of my usual eating, exercise, and water drinking are. I know two days isn't a lot but if some of the crazy gain is related to water retention, I should know by then. I'll write more of a weight-related update after I see what I'm doing. At any rate, I was disappointed and definitely did not expect to see what I saw. I don't feel as bad as what I saw, which makes it even worse. I honestly expected to see a couple pounds but not as many as I did. Hopefully things look better on Saturday!

The vacation was awesome - too short though! I had a great time at all the parks. As a first time visitor of WDW there was a lot to see and do so we spent most of our time learning about the parks, going on some rides but not a lot because we wanted to see and do as much as possible. I bought some souvenirs for me and some gifts for others.

Tomorrow I'll write about the half marathon experience itself!

For now, I'm off to do a workout and then make dinner. I have another run in two weeks and definitely didn't work out enough on vacation! I plan on doing a half hour run and then maybe some Turbofire. It's been a while since I've done Turbofire and I think it'll be good to get back into it. Dinner will be some lean pork loin chops and some potatoes...Maybe a side of a veggie or some more salad too.

Hope you're having a fantastic week!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Travel Day One

Not much to post since most of the day was spent in the car.

Here are a few travel pictures that I took through the car window to entertain myself.

Most of these are in Tennessee (Nashville is the city in the first pic). The last city (nighttime) pic is from Atlanta this evening.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend Recap and Upcoming Plans

The weekend was awesome!!

Not knowing how the weather might be I made sure to leave before dark on Friday. I got to Grand Rapids in plenty of time (with dry roads the entire trip), and lots of time to spare before the train came in. I did some shopping at two of my favorite craft stores; Hobby Lobby and Joann's. I picked up supplies for my race tutus at Hobby Lobby as well as a few fun little Valentines things that were on sale. At Joann's I got some sparkle fabric for sparkle skirts. One green for the Get Lucky 7K in March and one pink for... No specific reason. I picked up a few sale items there too.  Then I moved on to Ulta to look at make-up and give my sniffer a workout. 

Side note: I sprayed on the new Coach scent (Love) and ohmygosh I love it! I must have gotten some on my coat sleeve because I could smell it the rest of the evening. And the next day.  I didn't put any perfume on this morning yet my wrist smells pretty- it's that perfume. I didn't buy it because I wanted to see if it was a good scent for me. I love it!! That's on my list for my next trip to Ulta or Sephora, or some other place that sells it.

After shopping, I checked into the hotel with some time to spare. I decided to workout. I was going to run, but I running solo around people. Especially when I feel as though I'm in a fishbowl. The fitness center was in a room inside the pool area. There were windows on two walls and mirrors on another. I felt like I was on display! I decided that I'd try out the elliptical. This was an adventure in itself because all those people could see me. But it was better than running with an audience.  I LOVED that elliptical! I got a great workout in, and burned more calories in 30 minutes on it than during running (because it was new? and uses arms too?). I tried to get lost in my music and ignore the people but it was hard. That pool was packed!!! A few kids were staring at me like I was crazy. I'm sure I looked pretty interesting. The room was super hot so I was sweating a lot more than I would have in a room with a lower temp. Extra sweating is good though right?

After that, I showered and drove over to the train station to pick up my Guest of Honor. Hmmm... That's not a good nickname. I need to figure out one; kinda like when I refer to my cousin's daughter as Little Miss. Oh well.. For this post I'm going with GH. Anyway, we went to Meijer (got a workout outfit for $5 - shorts and a tank- both on clearance) for a while then back to the hotel to relax, and sleep.

The next day was spent shopping... Yay! We went to the mall, the running store, and Target. I picked up some Spring clothing items and a few things for my trip (hydration belt, GU packs, new tank tops, and other assorted things). And drooled over some pretty bling. That was fun!

We got lunch (brunch, I guess since we didn't have breakfast) at a Mexican place called On the Border, right outside of the mall we were at. OHHHH so delicious. We split appetizers and drank margaritas (buh-bye points) thinking that we'd be hungry for dinner before the concert. We weren't. However, we were super hungry after the concert so we ate a really late dinner... Like 11 PM. As hungry as I was I didn't eat much, probably because it was so late. I had some of the dill pickle chips and then a quarter of my burger. It was good, but I just couldn't eat it. I was stuffed.  I also had two margaritas with dinner (I love those things, but man do they eat up points!!).

The concert itself was awesome!! All three groups (Florida Georgia Line, Thompson Square, and Luke Bryan) were amazing. Seats went super fast so we weren't as close as I prefer to be, but the energy in that place was crazy awesome. It was definitely one of the better concerts I have been to...Such a great show!

We were up early to get back to the train station; then I headed for home. I went directly to my cousin's to spend the day watching Little Miss. My other cousin (cousin's younger sister) was there, so we wait for her to get picked up for church then we started our adventure. I brought her home with me so that I could try to get some stuff done around the house, which I kind of did. I managed to get my stuff from the weekend carried in and put away, which was a task in itself.  I did a little picking up of things here and there then started to work on a tutu.

I finished the first tutu (for the half-marathon) and started on the second (for the 5K the day before).  I ended up falling asleep on the couch, watching TV, at some point, and when I woke up I went to bed. Yesterday was President's Day so I didn't have to work. I spent the morning finishing the tutu and starting on some laundry and things. Then I had a chiropractor appointment and ran a couple errands. I came home to finish laundry, clean, pack, and workout (since I didn't on Saturday or Sunday). I ended up with another horrible pre-TOM headache and there went my workout. It was the kind that made me sick to my stomach. Yuck. That will kill a workout real quick! By the time I got done packing it was getting a little too late to workout anyway.

This morning I woke up feeling fat. I think the sodium from Saturday and two days of not working out, plus pre-TOM fluid retention caught up with me. I felt super puffy in the fingers. And my thighs feel giant. Yuck. I'm sure that will resolve in a couple days, but it's annoying. I am trying to flush it out today.  I plan on working out this evening so that will help too.  I have workout clothes packed for the trip (other than for the races) so I plan on getting a little extra activity in this week too. I have a short run on Thursday (on my race plan). I'm not sure if there's a fitness center at our hotel but I know there are some in other hotels. I need to check and see if I can use them if I'm not staying in that specific hotel. I think I remember that there's a fee for other resort guests.

 I know that there's a jogging trail at our hotel so  maybe I'll do a little extra walking/jogging on that. Luckily we will be on our feet walking around the parks too, so that will help me get some exercise... But it really isn't the same as a good sweat! I need to earn a few activity points so I can enjoy some foods a little. Those margaritas and eating out over the weekend made a big dent in my weekly PP allowance!! I'll get new PP on Saturday, so I will have to be sure to be diligent this week!

That's my goal for the week... To stay on track even though I'm on vacation. Luckily because of the races I won't be drinking any alcohol until Sunday. And because of Lent, no sweets until Sunday. I guess I won't really need those PP until Sunday! And then they'll probably be gone...Or close to it. But that's okay, using them quickly is a good way to keep me on track the rest of the week.

I suppose I need to go get a workout in so that I can help my Mom get things ready for the trip. I'm excited!!

All of tomorrow will be spent in the car, so I'm pretty sure I won't have much to blog about. I will be taking my ipad with me, so I will try to blog when I get a chance. My posts might be short and if they are I will be sure to post a longer update or two when I return. I plan to dedicate at least one full post to my half-marathon experience. I'll also be sure to take lots of pictures!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Quick Little Post

Today's post will not be very long, as I have lots to get done! I'm heading out of town tomorrow for the weekend so I have a few things that I have to get done tonight.  I have to work for a bit in the morning, then it's off to do some work for my Dad before I head out of town. Luckily I don't have to be to my destination until a little later tomorrow evening, but would like to get there before dark. I'd also like to get there early enough to do a workout. And if the weather is yucky, I'll be leaving a little earlier than planned... I have a few things to pick up along the way. Friday evening will be fairly relaxing. But in order to get the things done that I need, and want, to get done, I need to get stuff done at home tonight (packing!).

I'm excited for the weekend for numerous reasons but the main reason for the trip is to go to a Luke Bryan concert! So excited!  Florida Georgia Line and Thompson Square will be opening for him. Yup, I'm gettin' my country on! Saturday will be spent doing some shopping (a little extra special shopping too!), dinner, and then the concert.  Sounds like a full day! I most likely will not work out on Saturday but will be home early enough on Sunday to workout then instead.  Since Monday is President's Day, I'm off work so between Sunday and Monday I will pack for Florida. I'm hoping that I will have time to work a little for my Dad on Sunday or Monday since I likely won't work enough hours for him to make up what I'm missing at work. Then again, if the weather isn't bad, I should be able to. So... I guess we'll see what happens. It would be nice to make up some of that time and get a little extra cash, especially before my trip! But working out and packing most definitely need to come first.

Today was a good day... Pretty busy at work, but that was okay. I didn't drink quite as much water throughout the day as I usually do since I was out of my office a lot, but that's okay. I also didn't eat quite as much as I usually do. Luckily all that I "missed" were a couple pieces of fruit and my egg whites (which I made up for by snacking on some popcorn).  I think I should be able to eat the rest of my daily points, but honestly if I am a little under I'm okay with that. I know I'm supposed to eat all my points but if I don't, oh well. I actually haven't felt hungry today (odd, especially compared to the last two days). Between that and being busy I just haven't eaten much. Lunch was fairly light and dinner will be too, but that's because I'm eating left overs. I don't want to cook something and then be gone all weekend. I wanted spaghetti squash this evening but I might as well eat what I have so it doesn't go to waste.

Anyway... Eating has been good today! I definitely don't feel bad about myself like I did earlier in the week. I'm also feeling more awake today so hopefully my workout will go well.  Yesterday's was good, and I felt more tired than I do right now...soooo... That should be a good thing right?  I may not have time for core and abs, but we'll see. I want to get my treadmill time done, then do the things I need to get done. If I have time after that, I'll do some core and arm work. And if not... That's okay.

I suppose I should go hit the treadmill before it gets too late. I definitely need my time this evening.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tonight's dinner.... Baked tilapia and broccoli with cheese sauce. Both are WW recipes and are tasty. I really like that cheese sauce! The picture really doesn't do it justice.

Hello, Lent. Goodbye Cookies, Cupcakes, Candy...And Such.

Wow - I can't believe today is Ash Wednesday!  Didn't we just have Christmas? And now the countdown to Easter is on?  Time flies!! Because it is Ash Wednesday, that means no meat for me today (just like on Fridays). I actually remembered that today, but forgot that it's "What I Ate Wednesday" and did not take any pictures.  My food has been less than impressive anyway....

Breakfast  - protein shake with vanilla whey, unsweetened almond milk, fresh strawberries, and wheat germ.  Egg whites.

Snacks - peach, banana, a few mini pretzel rods

Lunch - Tortilla and cheese roll-up with taco sauce and some left over asparagus - NOT together; gross! I ate the asparagus and had the roll-up later.

Snack - Chobani lemon yogurt with wheat germ, blueberries.

Dinner - will be baked tilapia and broccoli with cheese sauce... Both WW recipes. I might remember to take a picture of that. If so, I'll post it.

The last two days were not the best in terms of eating. No matter how "light" the desserts (looking at you, angel food cupcakes), I somehow manage to over do it. I'm doing some baking this week and last night I got into the chocolate chips. And the peanut butter chips.  In fact those may or may not have been (WERE) my dinner.  Followed by a little air popped popcorn.  I also didn't end up working out because shortly after I wrote my post and was getting ready to workout, I got a terrible headache. This wasn't a dull, work through it type of headache. It was the kind that felt like someone was stabbing my brain. Repeatedly. I also didn't sleep well the night before and was tired. That plus feeling as though I was being stabbed made for a bad combo. So I relaxed and worked on some crafty type projects all evening.

In terms of health and fitness I felt like yesterday was a major fail.

I realized why... It's that time again... That time when this PMS/PMDD beast invades my life. That would explain not only the insane craving for sweets, lack of sleep, and fatigue, but also why I was feeling a little crabby. I knew I couldn't undo the damage but I thought maybe I'd get up early today and do an extra half hour on the treadmill, plus my workout tonight, just to make up for a little bit of it.

That? Was also a fail.

Last night I slept even worse than the night before. I was up to pee three times. Then I started having a crazy dream (nightmare; typical with my other symptoms) and woke abruptly.  Crazy things happen every month in my dreams and this month was no different. Last night I dreamt that I was turning on a street in my parents' town and some guy shot me....Through the windshield of my car, and in the chest, near my right shoulder. I woke right up when I was shot. Naturally I tried to get back to sleep and my mind wandered back to that dream... First I remember playing dead and slumping over my steering wheel while letting my car go off to the sidewalk. I know I was partially awake because I decided that wasn't a good idea because the guy could shoot me again, this time in the head, so instead I veered off the other way and hit a parked car so that he'd think I was dead and so I'd get someone's attention to get help.  Then help came, and the guy who shot me was hanging around. I woke up and told the police that it was him and he was arrested... I kind of saved the day...No one else could be harmed by him.

Here's the thing... I have these nightmares every month. I have at last one or two.  I always wake up when the bad thing happens (either to me or someone else) and then when I fall back asleep and I'm in that half-awake/half-asleep state of mind I change the ending. It's weird. This awful thing happens then as I drift back to sleep I save the day. Clearly because I've woken up, I'm leading the better part of the dream. It always happens that way.

I do not recall these symptoms being so bad a few years ago. It seems like they've been more noticeable as I've gotten older..... Or as I lost weight. I guess when I was fat I didn't notice the water retention as much. I also didn't notice the increased appetite or cravings. I'm guessing that's because I ate poorly anyway. Now I can see and feel a huge difference. I don't remember nightmares as often, but who knows.

I'm wondering if I need to add some Melatonin to my monthly relief list (along with Diurex). Maybe it'll help me sleep. Then again I don't want to sleep so hard that I can't wake up from a nightmare!

Despite being super tired, I'm feeling okay today. I've had a couple cravings but haven't given-in to them. First, it's because I need the rest of my supplies for baking so I couldn't eat them.

Second...It's Lent now.

I decided to give up things like that for Lent... No cookies, cupcakes, or candy... Brownies and such too. It was between that and coffee. I think coffee would've been the easier option so I went with the harder one. And after getting very little sleep last night I wanted the dang coffee this morning. Part of me thinks I'm crazy for choosing to give up the goodies right now. NOT a good time. But luckily that time doesn't last for long so I'll keep fighting the cravings when they occur and try not to injure anyone in the process.  At worst I imagine I'll get frustrated (another symptom) and cry out my frustration (yup, that one too).

I suppose before I get more relaxed or sit here and think "I'll start in half an hour," and then get started on a project... I'll go change and get ready to workout. I revamped my schedule so I'm just doing running, walking, and some ab and arm work until after the half. My legs don't feel as sore in general so hopefully this is what I've needed. That and to get outside, but ughhh... Winter.

 I'm glad the week seems to be going by quickly! I have some super fun plans this weekend (cannot wait; the whole thing will be awesome) and then lots to get done before vacation starts -- in a week!!

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Time Is Coming

The major countdown is on!!

One week from tomorrow I will be hitting the road for Walt Disney World for the Princess Half Marathon. Excited?! You have no idea. I'm already looking at the weather (unfortunately the forecast only goes up to ten days!) and planning outfits. I'm pulling out a few summery things here and there and getting ready to pack. Luckily we're driving so I don't need to worry so much about over-packing. I like to be prepared and with plane trips it's hard to do that sometimes. The lows for the end of next week are in the 50s and the highs are in the high 70s.  I certainly do not wear the same clothes in 60 degree weather as I do 79 degrees. I think it's funny that the very first thing that comes to my mind is "what to wear." I can't help it... I like my fashion.

A few nights ago I had an interesting dream about the half marathon. Kasey (friend I'm running with) and I were doing the race but we kept stopping for all these crazy reasons. An old friend of mine was there with her daughters and we stopped in a store to help them pick out Mickey Mouse ears. We were running through some sort of shopping complex that looked a bit like the mall. We were getting distracted by people and little boutiques. Then the crowd got really thick and we were having a hard time getting to the exit. By the time we did, it was like we had just gotten off of a ride, exiting through those people counter turnstiles. Then we found ourselves on a ride. The ride that has individual "cars" that all look like Dumbo. It goes up and down while going around in a circle. Slowly. It's a ride for little kids.

So, here were hare doing this half marathon and encountering all of these random obstacles along the way. Kasey seemed fine with it, but I was in a panic, totally freaking out. I was anxious that we would get "swept" so that we wouldn't be able to finish. I remember being on the verge of tears and yelling at people who were in my way.

I think that this dream means that I'm getting nervous about the upcoming race! It's my first half marathon.... I'd say that's pretty normal.  Somewhere in my mind I must be worried about being swept, which is silly because I walk faster than the maximum pace allowed (a 16 minute mile). Maybe I'm having some anxiety about finishing within a good goal time. I decided that under three hours will be just fine with me. I was aiming for about two-and-a-half but I really want to take time to enjoy the race. I want to take advantage of some of the character photo ops and I want to take-in the scenery around me. This is my first half and it's at Disney....Why not enjoy it?! I can always run it again and worry about improving my time. I've also read not to try to PR in this race because a lot of people walk it and it can become crowded at certain points. And, it being my first race... I just want to finish. I have no doubts that I can finish, but that's my goal... To do a half marathon. I'm not going to push myself to exhaustion my first time out. I'm going to savor the experience. I'll worry about improving my time for the next one!

Don't get me wrong... I'm going to do my best and try hard. I'm just not going to drive myself crazy worrying about it. I don't want to miss the fun stuff! I'm looking at this as an entire experience, not just a race. I've never been to WDW before so I want to take it all in. I'm spending two days before the race there, and then will have the rest of race day to enjoy the parks. We'll leave to head home on Monday morning and get home sometime Tuesday afternoon/evening. 

I'm looking over what I want to do and I'm glad I got the park hopper passes. I was thinking a pre-race dinner in Epcot would be good; in "Italy." Pasta is always a good food for carbs the night before a race. I would also like to go back to Epcot after the race on Sunday...Because I want to drink my way around the world.  I don't want to get drunk in celebration of completing my first half. I just want to sample different beers or drinks from around the world.... And what a great time to do it! I do not want to do this on Friday or Saturday... Alcohol BEFORE a race does not sound like a good idea. In fact it sounds like a very, very bad idea.

There are also 12 areas (the US, Canada, the UK, Mexico, Africa - although some say that one doesn't count, France, Italy, Germany, Norway, China, Japan, and Morocco) in which to get drinks in Epcot. That's 12 drinks. That's A LOT of drinks. I'm not sure I can handle that, but maybe I can share with one of my companions.  Maybe one of us can get a drink and the others can sample. I'm sure I can twist my Dad's arm and get him to share a beer with me in each country. And my Mom would share a glass of wine with me. Or something. If I have 12 drinks I will most definitely be drunk.

Drunk at Disney.

Yes, that's exactly what I want to do (written with sarcasm).

It really seems odd to be writing about going to do a half marathon and then writing about drinking my way through Epcot. Running and beverages are two things in life I enjoy. This entire experience is full of firsts for me, so I'm enjoying it. In all ways. Granted, eating will be healthy because who wants to feel bloated and bogged down for race? Not this girl.  That's why I'm waiting until after the race to drink.

My eating this week has been going well as usual... I'm actually really hungry for dinner tonight and it sounds amazing. I'm trying a WW recipe for Parmesan chicken cutlets, with some veggies.... Definitely asparagus and maybe some broccoli too.

That will be my reward after my workout today.... It's a training run day and while I'm only scheduled for 30 minutes, I'll most likely do an hour.  I've decided to put TF on hold, except for the core workout, in order to focus on running and hopefully keep my legs from getting too sore. I'm hoping that this plan works for me!

Hope you're having a great week!


Monday, February 11, 2013

Weight Watchers: An Update

I was inspired by a post about Weight Watchers that Katie wrote the other day.  She was explaining how the program works and then asked if any readers wanted to share anything about their experiences.  After having tried weight watchers a few different times in the past, I have a pretty good handle on the program. Even with the latest changes, it's a pretty easy program to follow. I decided that this would be a good time to write about my experience with Weight Watchers.

In the past I did WW once, lost about 30 pounds and quit for whatever reason. I joined again and lost about 25 before quitting again.  I tried the online program a time or two after that.  After at least four or five years, I tried the online program again last summer. I didn't really stick to it and at the time it wasn't right for me. I think I was overwhelmed tracking things on MFP and SP, and at that time my outlook and focus were a little different.

I decided to try WW again a few weeks ago because my loss had plateaued. I'd gain on the weekends and then lose during the week, but I wasn't doing anything to actually lose weight. It would look like I was losing all week but that was really the water weight I gained on the weekend. I was at a point where I was not doing anything to actually lose weight, water gains and losses aside.

I was too focused on calories and the numbers aspect of things that I was getting overwhelmed, stressed, and a little frustrated. I wasn't always good about tracking on the weekends and apparently that was hurting me, in some way. I wasn't always much different than during the week but something that I was doing wasn't cutting it. I've reached a point in weight loss where it is much harder to lose. This made me more fixated on the numbers... All of the them: calories taken in, calories burned, weight...Anything. I wasn't very happy and needed a change of pace for a bit. I also had to change my attitude... I needed to stop feeling frustrated and focusing on the numbers. I was getting crabby and annoyed. I know that flowed into the rest of my life as well. I thought that maybe a break from counting calories would help.

Enter WW. 

After some debate I decided to do the online program. I thought I'd see what I think and then maybe later try the actual meetings, depending on my progress.  I thought maybe I needed the meeting aspect of things for accountability. I'd have to answer to someone every week when I weighed-in. Then I realized that my blogging about my progress and updating my FB page with the progress, that's accountability. I think that I needed to do something specific and different to help me change my accountability. I didn't enjoy the meetings in the past and only went because I paid for them. After a while I think the meetings themselves is why I quit the program. Twice. I didn't care for the leader or the format. It came to the point that we'd show up half an hour early, wait in line to weigh, and then 75% of the group would be gone. People weren't staying for the meetings. I was also the only one around my age who went, so I had a hard time relating to the other attendees. I was also more shy back then so I would never have gone out of my way to speak up. It just wasn't for me. I may have done meetings with a friend, but decided online was better. I have a friend who just joined online too, so we can be buddies.

I started WW (AGAIN) on January 16th.  Since then I have lost six pounds.  The 16th wasn't my usual weigh-in day, so I did weigh again on the 19th just to get back on track with my Saturday weights. I also knew I'd be losing fluid throughout the week, so I thought that a Saturday weight might be more accurate. 

Here is a list of losses thus far:

1/19  -3 lbs; -3 overall
1/26  -0.8 lb; -3.8 overall
2/2  -1.2 lbs; -5 overall
2/9  - 1 lb; -6 overall

My goal is a pound a week which, after that first loss, I have averaged. The first couple weeks I was disappointed in my loss. It wasn't enough. I thought I should lose more. The first time I ever did WW I lost either six or eight pounds the very first week.  I was also about 340 pounds at that time in my life. That would probably explain why I dropped so much more then than now!

I also want what I gained to to be gone... I had it in my head that those ten pounds should have dropped off quickly. I seemed to gain it super fast, so my brain was thinking I should be dropping it just as fast.  I KNOW weight loss doesn't work like that. In reality, those pounds were gained over the course of several months. The first three were over a period of a few months. But then suddenly seven more (or it seemed sudden anyway) showed up. I'm not going to lose the weight that quickly. It took time to gain it (most of last year) and it's going to take time to lose it. And I AM losing it. Just because I see "only" a pound on the scale each week does not mean I'm not losing it. I needed to accept that any loss is a loss. Finally realizing that has definitely been a benefit to me mentally. Now I weigh-in with the hope that my hard work paid off; that the pound I wanted to lose that week will have been lost. It's a much healthier way to look at things.

As far as my eating, I am still eating healthy. I'm more cautious about extra choices or unhealthy indulgences. I haven't been eating out as often because that's usually a huge factor in my weight. Sodium causes me to retain fluid. Dinner is usually accompanied by drinks.  I have not gone to a bar since New Year's Eve. So... Any drinks I've had have been at home. I control my drinking much more when I'm alone than when I'm with others. In fact, I may have a glass of wine (minus the week I went to that wine tasting at my friend's house) or two a week. I love my wine, but now I watch it. I have extra weekly points to use but I don't want to blow them on one night of drinks or one huge meal. I'm sure an occasion will come up and that will happen, but I don't want to do it on a regular basis.  I also do not want to eat my activity points. I desire weight loss, so eating them would most likely slow me down even more.  If I were in maintenance, I probably would be a little more liberal about eating a few of them.

I'm cooking more. I often cook the same thing, but I'm cooking again.... It's exciting to try new recipes and watch how the points are used. It's made cooking fun again.

I'm not stressed over how many calories I'm burning. I still monitor and track that part of things. But activity points are added up in a different way. That has definitely helped my frustration decrease... Not being so fixated on calories in versus calories out has definitely helped me to relax a little. Now I can eat a piece of pizza and not freak out about what it's going to do to my body or if I exercised enough to be able to eat it.

Overall this round of WW has been good for me. I'm staying healthy. I'm seeing results. I continue to eat good foods, and actually enjoy treats without the guilt. I'm exercising as I always have but I'm not continuously watching my HRM to make sure I am burning enough.  Right now I am in a happy, healthy, very positive place about my weight loss. I'm actually in a happy, healthy, positive place about most things in life. I feel good overall. I encounter struggles with a positive attitude and do what I can to overcome them. I'm staying in control and keeping faith that I'll make it through whatever obstacles I encounter.

Right now... I'm so good... Life is good.

Happy Monday!


Friday, February 8, 2013

Finally Friday

I'm pretty happy that it's Friday... Minus the snow. That makes driving about 100% less fun and more annoying for me. I'm an awful winter driver... Well, maybe not awful so much as I am a nervous winter driver. I have a major fear of getting into an accident, rolling down a hill, or some other terrible driving-associated thing. Sometimes when I'm nervous my anxiety level goes really... This is particularly on "back roads," roads with hills, or driving on hills with no safety rails next to them. I'm totally fine driving on city streets, though... Probably because I can drive slower and no jerks can go flying past me, causing me to be even more nervous.

I may have "cheated" (did cheat) and looked at the scale this morning. At first I was excited that it read a pound less than last week - and one day before my official weigh-in day! Then I got on and it was a pound higher. Then it was two pounds lower. Maybe it was me and the way I was standing on it. Usually my scale is right on. So I guess tomorrow will be more of a surprise. I'm hoping that the pound loss was accurate; otherwise at worst I'll have a "no loss" week and will have maintained. I'd be okay with that I guess, but would really like to see that pound loss show up.

I spent part of my time, before lunch, looking for something that wouldn't be high in sodium. The last thing I want to do is eat a high sodium meal the day before I weigh-in. Sodium really effects me, so I try to watch it all the time... But I'd be super annoyed to show a gain or no loss because I ate too much sodium. When I work for my Dad I get lunch out. I decided that a salad would be good today. Sometimes I get a turkey sub from Subway or go out to a sit-down restaurant and get something healthy. I looked at Subway and did the meal builder... The salad I wanted was 460 mg of sodium, without the dressing. I felt like that was a little high. With turkey and cheese I'm not surprised since they're processed and have a higher sodium content. I decided it would be wise to compare with another restaurant. I checked McDonald's. I was pretty surprised that some of their salads had much less sodium! I decided to go with a lower sodium salad from McDonald's.

The highest amount of sodium (of the salads I looked at; others were higher) was in the Bacon Ranch salad which was 300 mg; the lowest was in the side salad with 10 mg. I also looked at the Caesar; 180 mg, and the Southwest; 150 mg. I opted to go for the side salad and a fruit and walnut salad (60 mg)...So for both it was only 70 mg of sodium. Not bad!! I knew that dressing would be the tough part. McDonald's dressings were high so I decided not to use their dressing and instead got dressing that was lower in sodium.  By using a dressing from the store, it was only 270 mg of sodium. My total meal, came to 340 mg of sodium.... 120 less than the Subway salad without dressing!

As far as points, the fruit and walnut salad was six PP.... Probably due to the carbs in both the fruit and the nuts. The side salad was zero though, so my entire lunch was only the six PP. I am planning on left over cauliflower crust pizza for dinner, but that will be fairly high in sodium... The sauce, and especially the cheese and pepperoni will the the culprits. So I'm not sure what I'll do. I may have something else instead, or just go with it.

After tracking everything else, I still have nine PP left for the day, so PP-wise I could do that and still have PP leftover for some diet hot chocolate or something. I guess we'll see what I feel up to doing after my workout. I only have TF on the agenda today so I'll be done in just over an hour. If I'm feeling on the tired side I may have the left over pizza. Considering the rest of what I ate today I'd probably be okay if I had that for dinner. I snacked on an apple, almond butter, fruit, baby carrots, hummus, and Greek yogurt with wheat germ. Breakfast was egg whites, a protein shake with a banana, almond milk, and wheat germ. None of that is super high in sodium. I'd say of all of it the almond butter would be the worst.

Chances are I'll end up eating the pizza, but who knows. Maybe by the time I'm done working out I'll be hungry enough that I'll know what I want. Or maybe something else will sound good.

Tomorrow will be a busy day for me, so although it's Friday I'll be sticking to an early bedtime. I'd like to be up early enough to eat a little something before I go to the gym to do my long run. I want to give myself time to process what I eat (probably oatmeal with some fruit for some good energy) before I start. I think I'll have better luck focusing at the gym than I will at home. I'm planning on a good couple hours for that... Two-and-a-half to do the run and get to/from the gym (it's all of three minutes away, maybe).  Then I'll have to go home and get ready for a funeral, so including the drive I'll need a good two hours for that. The funeral is at two, with visitation for a couple hours before. I figure if I am able to be there around one, I'll be good..... So.... In order to to all of this I will need to be up by six to eat and give myself at least an hour to let my breakfast settle. I'd start by 7:30 and then I could be home shortly after 10. PHEW! BUSY morning. I'm not exactly thrilled about getting up that early, but I'm thinking it has to be done.  I could sleep until seven but then I won't start until later and by the time I get done and home it would be about 11. I'd be a little more rushed to get ready and leave on time. So.... I guess tomorrow is an early morning for this girl. I'm most definitely looking forward to sleeping in a little on Sunday!!

Getting up early will also mess up my weigh-in. I normally weigh-in a little later on Saturdays, after I've slept in a little and used the bathroom. It's usually sometime between 8:30 and 9.  I'm not thrilled about weighing-in at an earlier time than my usual weigh-in. Believe it or not, even that can cause a difference.... Sometimes as much as a couple pounds! Oh well... I guess. If I see a loss of a pound, I'll be happy. I suppose with the earlier time even maintaining would make me happy.

I suppose I could wait and do it later in the day, but I think it would be much easier to get caught up in things and miss it if I wait. So, it's better to do it early and get it out of the way! I'm sure the whole funeral process will take a while and then I'll more than likely go to church with the family it would be later by the time I get home, around seven, and who wants to do a long run then...?! NOT this girl. I have things to do on Sunday too, so I think it's best to suck it up and get up early.

I guess I should wrap this up so I that I can go do TF and have dinner at a decent time. I'm home a little bit later than usual since I worked part of the day for my Dad and had a drive to get home. I need to relax and then get to bed and get my rest so I can power through that long run tomorrow.

I hope you all have a great weekend!!!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Change of Scenery

This afternoon instead of going home, procrastinating, and then finally running I decided I was going to do something different. I have (FREE!) access to the gym at work. I don't use it because I haven't needed or wanted to. I also forget to get to "training" on the equipment. I talked to one of therapy staff yesterday and she said that if all I wanted to do was use the treadmill I didn't need to go through the other training. Awesome!

Here were my thoughts on working out at work this morning...

I'm hoping that running at work will inspire a more successful run than at home.This will mean that I will start running a little earlier; no sitting down to blog first. I'll be done working out a little earlier (doing about an hour of TF when I get home too), so I'll be able to eat a little earlier. Waiting to workout has caused me to eat later and that's just not the best/healthiest idea ever. Not to mention I'll be done working out, showered, and have had dinner before BBT starts so I can watch my beloved nerds without worrying about anything else. Getting done sooner than later will be good. I'll also have to be mindful of other people being around.... So I won't be tempted to slow down or decide that I need a bathroom break when in reality I could wait.  It's funny, I don't mind running outside but there's something about that treadmill.  I guess I've finally become an outdoor runner.

I mentioned before how I don't really run in a straight line. I thought that maybe trying a treadmill with a wider belt/larger area for running might be helpful. Don't get me wrong, I do love my treadmill. It's served me well. However, after so much outdoor running, running without the freedom of having extra room isn't my favorite thing. The verdict? Success.  The treadmill was a little wider which was nice. I think I did better with the area. Of course the fact that people could see me may have also caused me to run a little better. I think that I will be able to do a good job on my longer runs by using a different treadmill. If I can't be outside, a change of scenery (no more basement wall) was the next best thing.

My run was a success. I guess. I ran mh slowest and my heart rate was really high. And i was hot. I left my hoodie on beause i wasn't sure if i could wear a tank top. It's a work gym... at a nursing home. I didn't know if that would've been appropriate. I think I was nervous being around other people, especially co-workers. Oh and the housekeeper cleaned and used this awful cleaner that makes my allergies go crazy. I still have a headache from it.

But... I will more than likely do my long run there this weekend. The treadmill was good. And there will be less pressure on a weekend morning... No co-workers anyway.

The downfall about running in a gym setting... When I run, my production of gas increases. I fart. A lot. Sometimes they're noisy. Sometimes they stink. Sometimes it's neither, but often it's one or the other. I'm not sure what's worse in a public indoor setting. Stink or noise. At home I can fart without regard for anyone else. When I run outside; it's outside! There's fresh air and I'm moving away from the scene of the crime. But farting in a gym... That's a whole new experience. Luckily I didn't experience it today.

Farting during exercise is normal. It's healthy. Your body is functioning appropriately. Everyone farts. But for some reason it's still embarrassing to fart in public. I can see it being true in the case of stench. I mean, no one wants to go around smelling bad or causing others to gag. Seriously, farts can be that bad... And I've been eating egg whites a lot lately. Just saying... I currently stink when I'm gassy. I think the only reason noisy farts are embarrassing is because they're noisy and people know that you've farted. Given the choice, I suppose I'd prefer to have the louder farts and crack some joke about them than the stinky ones.

So, there you have it. I fart when I run. Sometimes a lot.

After I got home I did an hour of TF. My arms were so sore from yesterday, but today called for the toning workout (yesterday was sculpt), so I did it.  I can definitely feel the tightness in my arms and I'm pretty happy with it. Yay for ST!!

Other than that, WW is going well. I finally got some groceries yesterday after work so that makes a difference. Fruits and veggies are zero PP so I'm back to filling up on those again. Being zero PP definitely makes it much easier to get my servings in every day (when I have groceries, that is).

I'm working at my regular job tomorrow for a little bit, then it's off to work for my Dad for the rest of the day. I'm sure he'll have more than enough to keep me busy! I will probably wait to workout until tomorrow evening and do my TF workout that's scheduled.

I'm having a pretty good week.... I hope that you are as well!!


What I Ate Wednesday

I liked an idea that Krista has been doing so I decided to give it a try. Hopefully I remember to do it every week. I'm good at forgetting. :)

Breakfast: A vanilla protein shake and egg whites.

Snack: Apple and almond butter.

Lunch: Sloppy joe (made with extra lean beef and on a whole wheat bun).

Dinner: Spaghetti squash with spaghetti squash, garlic green beans, and fruit.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

When Weight Loss Slows

No matter how much I know about weight loss, I still get frustrated. Who doesn't? We all have our moments. I recently experienced a gain followed by a plateau. I need to lose again. I've been working on that. I know that everyone is different. Our bodies are different. But sometimes I still get frustrated when I see someone else dropping pounds like crazy. It's even more difficult when they're "catching up" to where I am. It's not really them that I'm concerned about... It's me. I let those negative "what's wrong with me?" thoughts creep into my mind.  If someone else is dropping weight quickly, I should be too.  Bottom line? When your own loss has stalled, it can be hard to see someone else having what appears to be such quick success.

When these moments hit, I need to remind myself of a few things. 

1. They are not me. I am not them. My body is going to function and respond in different ways. I need to concern myself with myself; not anyone else.
2. I started this lifestyle three years ago. While I'm not at my idea weight, I have maintained a healthy lifestyle. I've kept (most of) the weight off... Minus those few (ten) pounds I gained.
3. I was originally over 300 pounds. I lost 55 that I kept off for several years before changing my lifestyle.
4. When I started this piece of my journey I weighed 285 pounds. This is a weight that's often 50-70 pounds higher than where other people are starting.
5. When I started this journey, I lost weight quickly too... Changes in lifestyle will do that. I dropped between eight and 10 pounds a month for the first several months. It's normal to lose quickly at first. Just like it's normal for weight loss to slow as you get closer to your goal.
6. I read somewhere that one percent of your body weight is the recommended max loss a week. At this point, losing at a little slower rate perfectly coincides with that. I could lose a little bit more, but I honestly don't figure my percentages that closely.
7. A loss is a loss.

I think my largest problem, overall, is with that last one.  I feel like a loss of a pound isn't enough.  It's like I want to see huge amounts of loss every week. That is not a realistic way of thinking. A loss is good; a loss means that I'm losing. A loss means that I am not at a plateau. For some reason my brain refuses to accept this.

Since starting WW, I have lost two pounds.  That's two pounds in two weeks... I'm hoping to see a loss of another pound this week. I'm on the track to losing what I gained. I should be happy with this instead of looking at it and thinking "ugh, only a pound" or "my goal seems so far away."  The most difficult one I've had to deal with lately has been "it's going to take me ten weeks to lose the ten pounds that I gained. That's like FOREVER." Over a ten week period, I'd like to lose more like 20 pounds instead of 10.  I've got the notion in my head that 10 pounds isn't good enough.

I need to change that thinking. I need to embrace any loss because it's a loss... No matter how slowly, I'm working toward my goal.  Looking at it the way I have makes it seem like a process that will take too long. To try to realize how much a pound will be, I counted it out. If I continue with a pound per week loss, I'll lose 20 pounds by June 8th.  If I want to lose 30 pounds, it will be August 17th. Granted, I'll have another surgery in there and due to swelling my weight will be a little wonky in June and July, but if I really only have a gain because of fluid... I'll lose it. The key will be to continue being healthy and working on losing despite it. My downfall last year was surgery... Being pretty much inactive for a couple weeks combined with not tracking my food (and kind of eating whatever) was not a good idea. It opened the door for other bad habits like eating out more often and having drinks. My next surgery will be a definite test for me.

Success! Instead of looking at a pound a week as a slow, horrible process that's not good enough, I've decided to be more positive and look at it from a different perspective. My goal now has a time constraint, which I kind of ignored before. Well... I looked it it in too short of a time frame. I feel like I should lose 20 pounds in three months, which isn't all that realistic for me at this point in time.

Here's my new thing... My goal is to lose 20 pounds by June 8th.... Although surgery is June 5th so that will throw me off. So maybe I should say 19 pounds by June 1st, which then makes me want to round it up to 20. ANYWAY.... In order to get there my goal is to lose a pound a week. I have done that my first two weeks on WW. I think that a pound is an acceptable rate of loss. If I lose more, cool... That probably means that I was a little bit more regimented that week. I think that any extra loss will probably motivate me to continue doing well.

So... After two weeks, WW is working. It has helped me to lose a pound a week; two pounds overall. I'm finally over the plateau that I reached after I gained. I'm losing again.... I'm losing one awesome pound (that's 3500 calories!) a week. And I will be happy with that.

Now for update time...

I did a short run and part of the SP DVD yesterday. I didn't do the entire thing because I didn't want to workout for two hours. I did the 30 minute toning part of the DVD as well as the 12 minute cardio-sculpt mix. My arms feel it today, so that's good. I definitely need to increase my strength training.  Adding it in is wonderful, and so far I've done it at once a week (with weights).  My TF schedule will now include either the toning or sculpting workout at least once a week. So, combined, I'm up to ST twice a week... Once with weights and once with bands.

I just bought a couple new DVDs and I think I'll throw them into the mix at some point.  I may hold off until after the half marathon because I really want my current focus to be on training. I don't want to work my legs too hard before a training run and then have a bad run. While I want to do other exercises and work on my strength, right now it's all about the run.

I bought the Biggest Loser cardio DVD, hoping that it will be a good cardio workout.  They seem to work people hard on the show, soooo hopefully. I want to add something new into the mix to keep my body guessing. I also bought one a new JM DVD, Kickbox Fast Kick. It's probably going to be similar to TF but we'll see. If I feel like it's too much the same, I'll save it for when I'm done with TF and do something else now. I don't want to get too many programs going. My little workout calendar already has a ton of things changed on it. I won't know what workout I'm doing!

Tonight I'm going to do some biking (I may or may not be doing that right now), the TF for an hour - 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of either sculpting or toning. I'll end the day with about 90 minutes of activity.  I'm anxious to try the new cardio DVD but I really wanted to do some biking today. I know that I'll be worn out after TF and will definitely be ready for dinner.

I'm going to look at my schedule and revise it a little. I NEED to figure out a way to get my lazy butt out of bed in the morning to do, at least, half an hour of something then.  Maybe the Biggest Loser DVD will be a good morning activity for me to do.  Now...To make myself get up early enough to do it... That's the real challenge.

I've gone to bed earlier but still haven't crawled out of bed on time. Yesterday I just didn't want to. I was warm, cozy, and still sleepy. This morning I was really tired. I had some trouble sleeping last night so the last thing I wanted to do was get up earlier than I had to. I figure I needed the sleep.  I will try again tomorrow... Hopefully I sleep well and don't wake up in the middle of the night!

I know I can get up early to do it. I've done it before. I've just got to get that motivation back and make myself.

Well, it's about time to go start TF!

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Angel Food Cupcakes

I made some angel food cupcakes last night. That was a bad idea. They are way too delicious! I guess the good thing is that they are only one PP each.... So eating, you know like six, isn't so bad! Ha!

I find it funny that despite never having been a huge fan of sweets, I can't have them around. Because I will eat them. All. Quickly. No one needs to guess what my PP are being used on this week!!

Other than that I have been eating fine... Healthy; no major problems. There are some m&ms and pretzels at work that keep calling my name. I've bad a bit but nothing extreme. We all need a little treat now and then. Right? Yes that's what I thought.

Exercise has been good.. Ran and did TF last night. Today is my actual running day so I'm going to so a short run and then my SP boot camp DVD. I plan on cutting the DVD short. I'm planning on skipping the cardio part. The entire DVD is about 90 minutes and I'm planning on doing 30 on the treadmill.... And don't really wan to work out for two hours tonight. Plus the cardio doesn't do much for me.

I was planning to get up an run or so part of the DVD this morning but that didn't happen. I even went to bed a little earlier than normal and still felt tired. And I feel tired this afternoon. Maybe I'm still a bit run down from being sick...? Or maybe it's in my head.

I'm going to try again tomorrow. I only have an hour of TF and biking on the schedule but maybe I can get the biking or cardio part of TF out of the way. Either way it's only 30 minutes.... I can handle that. I think that if I ease my way back into into morning workouts.

I suppose that's it for now... It's time to workout and try to plan out my meals for tomorrow. I need to get groceries soon so my options are limited this week. I should figure out what I need and head to the store after worn tomorrow.

I hope your week is going well!


Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Re-Cap

I was sick AGAIN this weekend. I'm thinking that whatever I had last week hadn't fully gone away.  Luckily I was not so sick that I couldn't do anything at all. I knew that a long run wasn't going to on Saturday happen though. I was definitely feeling a little tired and was sick anytime I ate or drank. High impact activity didn't sound like the best idea in the world. I did manage to get some stuff done around the house and did some TF on Saturday so that was a good!

Other than my routine cleaning I completely cleaned out my food cupboards. I threw quite a bit of expired stuff away and organized what was left. I moved some stuff around, giving myself more space and better organization. It felt good to complete that task! I think I'll clean out my cupboards once every six months or so. Of course, now I'm good until the end of the year as far as expiration dates go. Cleaning out my cupboards was one of the things on my list of things to organize, so I'm happy to have finished that part of it. I still need to clean out my dish cupboards, but I didn't feel like doing that on Saturday. I was a little tired by the time I did that, cleaned, did laundry, and wanted to be sure to get a workout done. I don't think it'll take very long to do that anyway.

Yesterday I was pretty worn out. I'm not really sure why; maybe being sick caught up with me. I woke up sick and didn't feel great the rest of the day. I had a hard time doing anything yesterday and spent a good part of the day on the couch. I did some more laundry but not much else throughout the day. I was hoping to feel well enough by afternoon to do my long run but that didn't happen.  My Dad actually had to bring me some things that I needed...Meds, ginger ale.

I started feeling better toward evening but then got awful stomach pains again. I remembered reading some where that peppermint helps soothe an upset stomach. I had some peppermints left from Christmas so I started sucking on those. I'm not sure if it was the peppermints or not, but it helped. By the time I went to bed the pain had decreased dramatically. 

I woke up this morning feeling better. My stomach was still a little "blah" and I'm tired but much better than the weekend. I had a protein shake this morning, some egg whites, and then an apple and almond butter for a snack.  I tolerated all of those things well, so I knew I was pretty much back to normal. No problems with lunch, either. I didn't make it out to get any groceries this weekend so I'm a little limited on dinner options. I have another small spaghetti squash so I think I will make that.... I have everything to make those boats that I made last week, or I could just eat it with sauce over it. I guess I'll decide on that later.

I've decided that at the end of the year I'm going to treat myself to a reward for doing 13 races in 13.  Not long ago I discovered Mile 22 Bags.  They take race bibs (and shirts!) and can make them into a bag. Such an awesome idea!! I think it will be a great way to save, and showcase, my bibs. I could put them in a scrapbook like my others, but then they won't really be displayed.  I've seen lots of other ideas and may invest, or make, something else in the future for other bibs. I think that a bag is a good reward for meeting my goal. I will only get the bag if I complete at least 13 races this year.  I'm already committed to several, since I've registered for most of my races already. I still need to find races for June, November (probably the Turkey Trot again, depending on travel) and December. I've completed one race and am registered for a race every month, except those listed above.  I'm definitely excited!! Once I pay for a race, there's no way I'm not going to do it.... Unless of course some physical thing happens, but I'll do my best to stay healthy and not get an injuries!

I've been looking at two different bag designs, both can showcase up to 12 bibs... I'm thinking that they might be able to squeeze in one or two more. As it stands now I'll be at 14 races for the year.  I am hopeful that they can find a way to squeeze two more bibs on there. If I do more races, I know I won't be able to add the bibs to the bag so I'll add them to my scrapbook with my others.

I like the Race Day Tote the best, which is probably the one I'll get.  My second choice/option is the Finish Line Tote.  Since both can display up to 12 bibs, I'll probably go with the Race Day Tote.  It's a little smaller and I think I would use it more often.  The other tote is pretty large and I'm not sure I would get as much use out of it. The Race Day Tote also happens to be about 20 dollars cheaper, at 95 dollars. This is why it's a reward. I'd never spend that much on a tote, but this is a special thing so I'm willing to do it.  115 dollars seems a bit much though, especially if it is a size that I wouldn't use very often. 

I forgot to mention that I'm going to be doing some updates to the blog... I'll probably remove pages that are older and start new ones. The pages I'll be updating are those that are training for older races and a challenge from last Winter.  It's time to get rid of the old and update the new! I've actually already started, so you'll notice that you can no longer see some pages. I'll add new ones as the time comes!

I suppose it's time to start my run. I usually don't do a run on Mondays but I'm going to attempt a long run. Then I'll just do my Monday TF workout on Wednesday.  Unless of course I don't get very far in the run today.... Then I'll do TF too. I don't usually do well with long runs in the evening. My perfect run time is mid-morning.... After I've had an energy-packed breakfast, and time to hydrate, and at a time where I am not tired (like the end of the day).  I'm not set on doing a long run today, but I'd like to start with that goal. I'll go based on how I feel. If I am tired or start feeling "yucky" then I'll stop and decrease my level.

Have a great week!!!


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Quick Update

I went to the chiropractor yesterday and told him about the leg pain. It turns out that my bone has rotated back a little.... Just enough to cause discomfort. My doc said this happens when someone puts more weight on one side than the other. He has seen it happen when people run on treadmills too. He adjusted it so hopefully that helps!

I started not feeling well yesterday.... Same thing I had earlier in the week. I still felt yucky last night and my stomach isn't feeling quite right this morning. Yuck. I may do a TF workout today and do my long run tomorrow afternoon. Or maybe TF this morning and a run later today. Ill see how the day goes. I certainly hope that my stomach feels better so that I can run. Two workouts won't be bad today.... Especially since I'd like to treat myself to some pizza and wine this evening. A workout will make me feel a little less guilty. Two, especially if one is a long run/walk, and I won't think anything of a couple slices and a couple glasses!

Other than workouts, the rest of my agenda includes laundry, cleaning, and maybe some organizing... Just some stuff around the house. It actually sounds like a great weekend to me!!

Hope your weekend is great!