Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Change of Scenery

This afternoon instead of going home, procrastinating, and then finally running I decided I was going to do something different. I have (FREE!) access to the gym at work. I don't use it because I haven't needed or wanted to. I also forget to get to "training" on the equipment. I talked to one of therapy staff yesterday and she said that if all I wanted to do was use the treadmill I didn't need to go through the other training. Awesome!

Here were my thoughts on working out at work this morning...

I'm hoping that running at work will inspire a more successful run than at home.This will mean that I will start running a little earlier; no sitting down to blog first. I'll be done working out a little earlier (doing about an hour of TF when I get home too), so I'll be able to eat a little earlier. Waiting to workout has caused me to eat later and that's just not the best/healthiest idea ever. Not to mention I'll be done working out, showered, and have had dinner before BBT starts so I can watch my beloved nerds without worrying about anything else. Getting done sooner than later will be good. I'll also have to be mindful of other people being around.... So I won't be tempted to slow down or decide that I need a bathroom break when in reality I could wait.  It's funny, I don't mind running outside but there's something about that treadmill.  I guess I've finally become an outdoor runner.

I mentioned before how I don't really run in a straight line. I thought that maybe trying a treadmill with a wider belt/larger area for running might be helpful. Don't get me wrong, I do love my treadmill. It's served me well. However, after so much outdoor running, running without the freedom of having extra room isn't my favorite thing. The verdict? Success.  The treadmill was a little wider which was nice. I think I did better with the area. Of course the fact that people could see me may have also caused me to run a little better. I think that I will be able to do a good job on my longer runs by using a different treadmill. If I can't be outside, a change of scenery (no more basement wall) was the next best thing.

My run was a success. I guess. I ran mh slowest and my heart rate was really high. And i was hot. I left my hoodie on beause i wasn't sure if i could wear a tank top. It's a work gym... at a nursing home. I didn't know if that would've been appropriate. I think I was nervous being around other people, especially co-workers. Oh and the housekeeper cleaned and used this awful cleaner that makes my allergies go crazy. I still have a headache from it.

But... I will more than likely do my long run there this weekend. The treadmill was good. And there will be less pressure on a weekend morning... No co-workers anyway.

The downfall about running in a gym setting... When I run, my production of gas increases. I fart. A lot. Sometimes they're noisy. Sometimes they stink. Sometimes it's neither, but often it's one or the other. I'm not sure what's worse in a public indoor setting. Stink or noise. At home I can fart without regard for anyone else. When I run outside; it's outside! There's fresh air and I'm moving away from the scene of the crime. But farting in a gym... That's a whole new experience. Luckily I didn't experience it today.

Farting during exercise is normal. It's healthy. Your body is functioning appropriately. Everyone farts. But for some reason it's still embarrassing to fart in public. I can see it being true in the case of stench. I mean, no one wants to go around smelling bad or causing others to gag. Seriously, farts can be that bad... And I've been eating egg whites a lot lately. Just saying... I currently stink when I'm gassy. I think the only reason noisy farts are embarrassing is because they're noisy and people know that you've farted. Given the choice, I suppose I'd prefer to have the louder farts and crack some joke about them than the stinky ones.

So, there you have it. I fart when I run. Sometimes a lot.

After I got home I did an hour of TF. My arms were so sore from yesterday, but today called for the toning workout (yesterday was sculpt), so I did it.  I can definitely feel the tightness in my arms and I'm pretty happy with it. Yay for ST!!

Other than that, WW is going well. I finally got some groceries yesterday after work so that makes a difference. Fruits and veggies are zero PP so I'm back to filling up on those again. Being zero PP definitely makes it much easier to get my servings in every day (when I have groceries, that is).

I'm working at my regular job tomorrow for a little bit, then it's off to work for my Dad for the rest of the day. I'm sure he'll have more than enough to keep me busy! I will probably wait to workout until tomorrow evening and do my TF workout that's scheduled.

I'm having a pretty good week.... I hope that you are as well!!


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  1. You crack me up. Whenever Eliana is farting my mom tells her, "Throw them out if they don't pay the rent!"