Thursday, February 28, 2013

Disney Part One: Trip Re-Cap

I have decided that I will most likely post about my trip in multiple posts. Otherwise it would just be too long! I'm thinking I can probably wrap it up in two or three posts, which I will try to do over the next three days.

We left last Wednesday morning and drove to just south of Atlanta. Not much interesting to report there. Obviously I didn't workout since I spent so much time in the car! Eating was alright. I tracked breakfast (oatmeal and a fruit/yogurt parfait from McDonald's, on the road). Lunch was basically just snacks like Chex Mix in the car.  Dinner was at Cracker Barrel and I had chicken and dumplings sooo... I'm sure that was off the charts bad for me!

The next day we had hotel breakfast (bagel, fruit, light yogurt for me) and headed out for day two of the drive. We did the same thing for lunch as the day before; snacks in the car. Although I did pick up an awesome fruit smoothie at one point on the trip. Dinner was at a yummy Irish place in Downtown Disney, called Raglan Road. I had fish and chips. And beer. Other than walking around at Downtown Disney.... Not much exercise.

Our first full day at Disney was on Friday. After breakfast, the first thing on my agenda was going to the Princess Expo. This took up a few hours, between transportation and waiting in various lines. We went back to the resort/hotel and had lunch there... Where I discovered I had lost my drivers license somewhere at the expo.  I checked frequently but no one had turned it in to the other resort's lost and found (where the expo was).  My friend Kasey went to the expo later in the evening and checked at runner relations and no one had turned it in. I spent the rest of the trip without ID. After lunch (a yummy but huge salad), we headed over to the Magic Kingdom for the rest of the day. I splurged on a Dole Whip (loved it!) as a snack. After we left the park, we got ready for dinner and headed back to Downtown Disney. We had dinner (and drinks) at the House of Blues. We took our left overs back to the hotel, and never ate them. They were actually still in the refrigerator when we left (forgot all about them).

We were up early on Saturday for the Royal Family 5K. I planned to walk it with my parents, but walked a bit faster than them. Then by the time I got to mile one I decided I had enough walking and ran the last two miles. It was a nice run. Because I walked the first mile my time was slower than normal, but I was okay with that. After that, we had breakfast at the hotel, showered, and then spent the day at Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. We were pretty tired that afternoon so we went back to the resort and had a couple drinks poolside. We decided to stay there for dinner before getting to bed early.

I had to be up super early on Sunday (about three in the morning!) to get ready to head over to the half marathon area.  I was up and ready to go shortly after three, and then road the bus over. I went to my corral and waited for my turn to go and then... I was off! I was slower than normal but that's because I had to walk a little more than I had planned.  I'm saving the details of the race for another post though...I  could definitely write an entire post on just my half marathon experience. Stay tuned!

After the half marathon, we went back to the hotel so I could shower. We ate lunch and then headed over to Epcot for most of the day. I did not drink my way around the world like I had planned. After running a half marathon (and getting up so early!) I just was not in the mood.  I had a cider and black at lunch (in an English pub) and a margarita in Mexico, but that was it. I guess I'll have to try that idea on another visit, when I'm not so drained! After Epcot we stopped back at the hotel and decided out what to do for dinner.  My Dad went to the concierge and made a reservation for Wolfgang Puck's at seven that evening. So we killed some time and then went back to Downtown Disney for dinner. We walked around for a while before and after...Then headed back to the hotel. My Mom and I packed everything so that it was ready for my Dad to load in the car in the morning.

Monday morning we were up and in the car by six and headed out. We stopped at Cracker Barrel for breakfast and basically did the same thing for lunch that we did on the way down - snacks in the car. We stopped to see family in Kentucky on the way home, so we had dinner there (steaks, fries, salad, and mini pies) and spent the night.

On Tuesday....We finally got to sleep in a little (until around seven for me!) and were headed home by eight. We, again, stopped for breakfast at Cracker Barrel (had something different) on the way home. We then stopped for a late lunch/early dinner at Culver's. On the way back to my parents' house we dropped my stuff off at my house (and pretty much emptied the car!). I decided to stay at their house on Tuesday might.

Yesterday I got some groceries and headed home later in the afternoon. I did some unpacking and a little laundry but that was about all I did. I had some salad (pre-made from the grocery store) for dinner last night.

Today I was back to work, and my normal routine.  I'm glad to be back to my usual eating habits (but that's about it!). While I did not eat a lot of food when I was at Disney, I ate differently than usual and I know I ate more calories. I did balance a lot of that out with walking throughout the parks, and then 16 miles of running/walking in addition to days at the parks. However, all of that did not seem to balance me out as much as I thought it might... I weighed myself this morning and it wasn't pretty. That's what I get for not tracking.  The only thing I tracked during that entire time was my breakfast the morning we left. I know I didn't drink nearly enough water throughout most of the trip. I think my best days for drinking enough were the day before and the day of the half marathon. I also had TOM creep in, so I've had fluid retention from that. I didn't drink a lot of alcohol but had more than usual so that may be a factor in bloating/retention too.

My official weigh-in is on Saturday so we'll see how beneficial the next two days of my usual eating, exercise, and water drinking are. I know two days isn't a lot but if some of the crazy gain is related to water retention, I should know by then. I'll write more of a weight-related update after I see what I'm doing. At any rate, I was disappointed and definitely did not expect to see what I saw. I don't feel as bad as what I saw, which makes it even worse. I honestly expected to see a couple pounds but not as many as I did. Hopefully things look better on Saturday!

The vacation was awesome - too short though! I had a great time at all the parks. As a first time visitor of WDW there was a lot to see and do so we spent most of our time learning about the parks, going on some rides but not a lot because we wanted to see and do as much as possible. I bought some souvenirs for me and some gifts for others.

Tomorrow I'll write about the half marathon experience itself!

For now, I'm off to do a workout and then make dinner. I have another run in two weeks and definitely didn't work out enough on vacation! I plan on doing a half hour run and then maybe some Turbofire. It's been a while since I've done Turbofire and I think it'll be good to get back into it. Dinner will be some lean pork loin chops and some potatoes...Maybe a side of a veggie or some more salad too.

Hope you're having a fantastic week!


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