Friday, February 8, 2013

Finally Friday

I'm pretty happy that it's Friday... Minus the snow. That makes driving about 100% less fun and more annoying for me. I'm an awful winter driver... Well, maybe not awful so much as I am a nervous winter driver. I have a major fear of getting into an accident, rolling down a hill, or some other terrible driving-associated thing. Sometimes when I'm nervous my anxiety level goes really... This is particularly on "back roads," roads with hills, or driving on hills with no safety rails next to them. I'm totally fine driving on city streets, though... Probably because I can drive slower and no jerks can go flying past me, causing me to be even more nervous.

I may have "cheated" (did cheat) and looked at the scale this morning. At first I was excited that it read a pound less than last week - and one day before my official weigh-in day! Then I got on and it was a pound higher. Then it was two pounds lower. Maybe it was me and the way I was standing on it. Usually my scale is right on. So I guess tomorrow will be more of a surprise. I'm hoping that the pound loss was accurate; otherwise at worst I'll have a "no loss" week and will have maintained. I'd be okay with that I guess, but would really like to see that pound loss show up.

I spent part of my time, before lunch, looking for something that wouldn't be high in sodium. The last thing I want to do is eat a high sodium meal the day before I weigh-in. Sodium really effects me, so I try to watch it all the time... But I'd be super annoyed to show a gain or no loss because I ate too much sodium. When I work for my Dad I get lunch out. I decided that a salad would be good today. Sometimes I get a turkey sub from Subway or go out to a sit-down restaurant and get something healthy. I looked at Subway and did the meal builder... The salad I wanted was 460 mg of sodium, without the dressing. I felt like that was a little high. With turkey and cheese I'm not surprised since they're processed and have a higher sodium content. I decided it would be wise to compare with another restaurant. I checked McDonald's. I was pretty surprised that some of their salads had much less sodium! I decided to go with a lower sodium salad from McDonald's.

The highest amount of sodium (of the salads I looked at; others were higher) was in the Bacon Ranch salad which was 300 mg; the lowest was in the side salad with 10 mg. I also looked at the Caesar; 180 mg, and the Southwest; 150 mg. I opted to go for the side salad and a fruit and walnut salad (60 mg)...So for both it was only 70 mg of sodium. Not bad!! I knew that dressing would be the tough part. McDonald's dressings were high so I decided not to use their dressing and instead got dressing that was lower in sodium.  By using a dressing from the store, it was only 270 mg of sodium. My total meal, came to 340 mg of sodium.... 120 less than the Subway salad without dressing!

As far as points, the fruit and walnut salad was six PP.... Probably due to the carbs in both the fruit and the nuts. The side salad was zero though, so my entire lunch was only the six PP. I am planning on left over cauliflower crust pizza for dinner, but that will be fairly high in sodium... The sauce, and especially the cheese and pepperoni will the the culprits. So I'm not sure what I'll do. I may have something else instead, or just go with it.

After tracking everything else, I still have nine PP left for the day, so PP-wise I could do that and still have PP leftover for some diet hot chocolate or something. I guess we'll see what I feel up to doing after my workout. I only have TF on the agenda today so I'll be done in just over an hour. If I'm feeling on the tired side I may have the left over pizza. Considering the rest of what I ate today I'd probably be okay if I had that for dinner. I snacked on an apple, almond butter, fruit, baby carrots, hummus, and Greek yogurt with wheat germ. Breakfast was egg whites, a protein shake with a banana, almond milk, and wheat germ. None of that is super high in sodium. I'd say of all of it the almond butter would be the worst.

Chances are I'll end up eating the pizza, but who knows. Maybe by the time I'm done working out I'll be hungry enough that I'll know what I want. Or maybe something else will sound good.

Tomorrow will be a busy day for me, so although it's Friday I'll be sticking to an early bedtime. I'd like to be up early enough to eat a little something before I go to the gym to do my long run. I want to give myself time to process what I eat (probably oatmeal with some fruit for some good energy) before I start. I think I'll have better luck focusing at the gym than I will at home. I'm planning on a good couple hours for that... Two-and-a-half to do the run and get to/from the gym (it's all of three minutes away, maybe).  Then I'll have to go home and get ready for a funeral, so including the drive I'll need a good two hours for that. The funeral is at two, with visitation for a couple hours before. I figure if I am able to be there around one, I'll be good..... So.... In order to to all of this I will need to be up by six to eat and give myself at least an hour to let my breakfast settle. I'd start by 7:30 and then I could be home shortly after 10. PHEW! BUSY morning. I'm not exactly thrilled about getting up that early, but I'm thinking it has to be done.  I could sleep until seven but then I won't start until later and by the time I get done and home it would be about 11. I'd be a little more rushed to get ready and leave on time. So.... I guess tomorrow is an early morning for this girl. I'm most definitely looking forward to sleeping in a little on Sunday!!

Getting up early will also mess up my weigh-in. I normally weigh-in a little later on Saturdays, after I've slept in a little and used the bathroom. It's usually sometime between 8:30 and 9.  I'm not thrilled about weighing-in at an earlier time than my usual weigh-in. Believe it or not, even that can cause a difference.... Sometimes as much as a couple pounds! Oh well... I guess. If I see a loss of a pound, I'll be happy. I suppose with the earlier time even maintaining would make me happy.

I suppose I could wait and do it later in the day, but I think it would be much easier to get caught up in things and miss it if I wait. So, it's better to do it early and get it out of the way! I'm sure the whole funeral process will take a while and then I'll more than likely go to church with the family it would be later by the time I get home, around seven, and who wants to do a long run then...?! NOT this girl. I have things to do on Sunday too, so I think it's best to suck it up and get up early.

I guess I should wrap this up so I that I can go do TF and have dinner at a decent time. I'm home a little bit later than usual since I worked part of the day for my Dad and had a drive to get home. I need to relax and then get to bed and get my rest so I can power through that long run tomorrow.

I hope you all have a great weekend!!!


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