Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hello, Lent. Goodbye Cookies, Cupcakes, Candy...And Such.

Wow - I can't believe today is Ash Wednesday!  Didn't we just have Christmas? And now the countdown to Easter is on?  Time flies!! Because it is Ash Wednesday, that means no meat for me today (just like on Fridays). I actually remembered that today, but forgot that it's "What I Ate Wednesday" and did not take any pictures.  My food has been less than impressive anyway....

Breakfast  - protein shake with vanilla whey, unsweetened almond milk, fresh strawberries, and wheat germ.  Egg whites.

Snacks - peach, banana, a few mini pretzel rods

Lunch - Tortilla and cheese roll-up with taco sauce and some left over asparagus - NOT together; gross! I ate the asparagus and had the roll-up later.

Snack - Chobani lemon yogurt with wheat germ, blueberries.

Dinner - will be baked tilapia and broccoli with cheese sauce... Both WW recipes. I might remember to take a picture of that. If so, I'll post it.

The last two days were not the best in terms of eating. No matter how "light" the desserts (looking at you, angel food cupcakes), I somehow manage to over do it. I'm doing some baking this week and last night I got into the chocolate chips. And the peanut butter chips.  In fact those may or may not have been (WERE) my dinner.  Followed by a little air popped popcorn.  I also didn't end up working out because shortly after I wrote my post and was getting ready to workout, I got a terrible headache. This wasn't a dull, work through it type of headache. It was the kind that felt like someone was stabbing my brain. Repeatedly. I also didn't sleep well the night before and was tired. That plus feeling as though I was being stabbed made for a bad combo. So I relaxed and worked on some crafty type projects all evening.

In terms of health and fitness I felt like yesterday was a major fail.

I realized why... It's that time again... That time when this PMS/PMDD beast invades my life. That would explain not only the insane craving for sweets, lack of sleep, and fatigue, but also why I was feeling a little crabby. I knew I couldn't undo the damage but I thought maybe I'd get up early today and do an extra half hour on the treadmill, plus my workout tonight, just to make up for a little bit of it.

That? Was also a fail.

Last night I slept even worse than the night before. I was up to pee three times. Then I started having a crazy dream (nightmare; typical with my other symptoms) and woke abruptly.  Crazy things happen every month in my dreams and this month was no different. Last night I dreamt that I was turning on a street in my parents' town and some guy shot me....Through the windshield of my car, and in the chest, near my right shoulder. I woke right up when I was shot. Naturally I tried to get back to sleep and my mind wandered back to that dream... First I remember playing dead and slumping over my steering wheel while letting my car go off to the sidewalk. I know I was partially awake because I decided that wasn't a good idea because the guy could shoot me again, this time in the head, so instead I veered off the other way and hit a parked car so that he'd think I was dead and so I'd get someone's attention to get help.  Then help came, and the guy who shot me was hanging around. I woke up and told the police that it was him and he was arrested... I kind of saved the day...No one else could be harmed by him.

Here's the thing... I have these nightmares every month. I have at last one or two.  I always wake up when the bad thing happens (either to me or someone else) and then when I fall back asleep and I'm in that half-awake/half-asleep state of mind I change the ending. It's weird. This awful thing happens then as I drift back to sleep I save the day. Clearly because I've woken up, I'm leading the better part of the dream. It always happens that way.

I do not recall these symptoms being so bad a few years ago. It seems like they've been more noticeable as I've gotten older..... Or as I lost weight. I guess when I was fat I didn't notice the water retention as much. I also didn't notice the increased appetite or cravings. I'm guessing that's because I ate poorly anyway. Now I can see and feel a huge difference. I don't remember nightmares as often, but who knows.

I'm wondering if I need to add some Melatonin to my monthly relief list (along with Diurex). Maybe it'll help me sleep. Then again I don't want to sleep so hard that I can't wake up from a nightmare!

Despite being super tired, I'm feeling okay today. I've had a couple cravings but haven't given-in to them. First, it's because I need the rest of my supplies for baking so I couldn't eat them.

Second...It's Lent now.

I decided to give up things like that for Lent... No cookies, cupcakes, or candy... Brownies and such too. It was between that and coffee. I think coffee would've been the easier option so I went with the harder one. And after getting very little sleep last night I wanted the dang coffee this morning. Part of me thinks I'm crazy for choosing to give up the goodies right now. NOT a good time. But luckily that time doesn't last for long so I'll keep fighting the cravings when they occur and try not to injure anyone in the process.  At worst I imagine I'll get frustrated (another symptom) and cry out my frustration (yup, that one too).

I suppose before I get more relaxed or sit here and think "I'll start in half an hour," and then get started on a project... I'll go change and get ready to workout. I revamped my schedule so I'm just doing running, walking, and some ab and arm work until after the half. My legs don't feel as sore in general so hopefully this is what I've needed. That and to get outside, but ughhh... Winter.

 I'm glad the week seems to be going by quickly! I have some super fun plans this weekend (cannot wait; the whole thing will be awesome) and then lots to get done before vacation starts -- in a week!!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. I am giving up sweets as well, and I am already struggling. I just needed an extra bit of motivation to clean up my diet a bit more. I just want to lean up before my marathon and summer vacation. Good luck!

  2. I'm not catholic but I like the idea of fasting from things. I may do some fasting as well!