Thursday, February 14, 2013

Quick Little Post

Today's post will not be very long, as I have lots to get done! I'm heading out of town tomorrow for the weekend so I have a few things that I have to get done tonight.  I have to work for a bit in the morning, then it's off to do some work for my Dad before I head out of town. Luckily I don't have to be to my destination until a little later tomorrow evening, but would like to get there before dark. I'd also like to get there early enough to do a workout. And if the weather is yucky, I'll be leaving a little earlier than planned... I have a few things to pick up along the way. Friday evening will be fairly relaxing. But in order to get the things done that I need, and want, to get done, I need to get stuff done at home tonight (packing!).

I'm excited for the weekend for numerous reasons but the main reason for the trip is to go to a Luke Bryan concert! So excited!  Florida Georgia Line and Thompson Square will be opening for him. Yup, I'm gettin' my country on! Saturday will be spent doing some shopping (a little extra special shopping too!), dinner, and then the concert.  Sounds like a full day! I most likely will not work out on Saturday but will be home early enough on Sunday to workout then instead.  Since Monday is President's Day, I'm off work so between Sunday and Monday I will pack for Florida. I'm hoping that I will have time to work a little for my Dad on Sunday or Monday since I likely won't work enough hours for him to make up what I'm missing at work. Then again, if the weather isn't bad, I should be able to. So... I guess we'll see what happens. It would be nice to make up some of that time and get a little extra cash, especially before my trip! But working out and packing most definitely need to come first.

Today was a good day... Pretty busy at work, but that was okay. I didn't drink quite as much water throughout the day as I usually do since I was out of my office a lot, but that's okay. I also didn't eat quite as much as I usually do. Luckily all that I "missed" were a couple pieces of fruit and my egg whites (which I made up for by snacking on some popcorn).  I think I should be able to eat the rest of my daily points, but honestly if I am a little under I'm okay with that. I know I'm supposed to eat all my points but if I don't, oh well. I actually haven't felt hungry today (odd, especially compared to the last two days). Between that and being busy I just haven't eaten much. Lunch was fairly light and dinner will be too, but that's because I'm eating left overs. I don't want to cook something and then be gone all weekend. I wanted spaghetti squash this evening but I might as well eat what I have so it doesn't go to waste.

Anyway... Eating has been good today! I definitely don't feel bad about myself like I did earlier in the week. I'm also feeling more awake today so hopefully my workout will go well.  Yesterday's was good, and I felt more tired than I do right now...soooo... That should be a good thing right?  I may not have time for core and abs, but we'll see. I want to get my treadmill time done, then do the things I need to get done. If I have time after that, I'll do some core and arm work. And if not... That's okay.

I suppose I should go hit the treadmill before it gets too late. I definitely need my time this evening.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!