Saturday, February 2, 2013

Quick Update

I went to the chiropractor yesterday and told him about the leg pain. It turns out that my bone has rotated back a little.... Just enough to cause discomfort. My doc said this happens when someone puts more weight on one side than the other. He has seen it happen when people run on treadmills too. He adjusted it so hopefully that helps!

I started not feeling well yesterday.... Same thing I had earlier in the week. I still felt yucky last night and my stomach isn't feeling quite right this morning. Yuck. I may do a TF workout today and do my long run tomorrow afternoon. Or maybe TF this morning and a run later today. Ill see how the day goes. I certainly hope that my stomach feels better so that I can run. Two workouts won't be bad today.... Especially since I'd like to treat myself to some pizza and wine this evening. A workout will make me feel a little less guilty. Two, especially if one is a long run/walk, and I won't think anything of a couple slices and a couple glasses!

Other than workouts, the rest of my agenda includes laundry, cleaning, and maybe some organizing... Just some stuff around the house. It actually sounds like a great weekend to me!!

Hope your weekend is great!


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