Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Time Is Coming

The major countdown is on!!

One week from tomorrow I will be hitting the road for Walt Disney World for the Princess Half Marathon. Excited?! You have no idea. I'm already looking at the weather (unfortunately the forecast only goes up to ten days!) and planning outfits. I'm pulling out a few summery things here and there and getting ready to pack. Luckily we're driving so I don't need to worry so much about over-packing. I like to be prepared and with plane trips it's hard to do that sometimes. The lows for the end of next week are in the 50s and the highs are in the high 70s.  I certainly do not wear the same clothes in 60 degree weather as I do 79 degrees. I think it's funny that the very first thing that comes to my mind is "what to wear." I can't help it... I like my fashion.

A few nights ago I had an interesting dream about the half marathon. Kasey (friend I'm running with) and I were doing the race but we kept stopping for all these crazy reasons. An old friend of mine was there with her daughters and we stopped in a store to help them pick out Mickey Mouse ears. We were running through some sort of shopping complex that looked a bit like the mall. We were getting distracted by people and little boutiques. Then the crowd got really thick and we were having a hard time getting to the exit. By the time we did, it was like we had just gotten off of a ride, exiting through those people counter turnstiles. Then we found ourselves on a ride. The ride that has individual "cars" that all look like Dumbo. It goes up and down while going around in a circle. Slowly. It's a ride for little kids.

So, here were hare doing this half marathon and encountering all of these random obstacles along the way. Kasey seemed fine with it, but I was in a panic, totally freaking out. I was anxious that we would get "swept" so that we wouldn't be able to finish. I remember being on the verge of tears and yelling at people who were in my way.

I think that this dream means that I'm getting nervous about the upcoming race! It's my first half marathon.... I'd say that's pretty normal.  Somewhere in my mind I must be worried about being swept, which is silly because I walk faster than the maximum pace allowed (a 16 minute mile). Maybe I'm having some anxiety about finishing within a good goal time. I decided that under three hours will be just fine with me. I was aiming for about two-and-a-half but I really want to take time to enjoy the race. I want to take advantage of some of the character photo ops and I want to take-in the scenery around me. This is my first half and it's at Disney....Why not enjoy it?! I can always run it again and worry about improving my time. I've also read not to try to PR in this race because a lot of people walk it and it can become crowded at certain points. And, it being my first race... I just want to finish. I have no doubts that I can finish, but that's my goal... To do a half marathon. I'm not going to push myself to exhaustion my first time out. I'm going to savor the experience. I'll worry about improving my time for the next one!

Don't get me wrong... I'm going to do my best and try hard. I'm just not going to drive myself crazy worrying about it. I don't want to miss the fun stuff! I'm looking at this as an entire experience, not just a race. I've never been to WDW before so I want to take it all in. I'm spending two days before the race there, and then will have the rest of race day to enjoy the parks. We'll leave to head home on Monday morning and get home sometime Tuesday afternoon/evening. 

I'm looking over what I want to do and I'm glad I got the park hopper passes. I was thinking a pre-race dinner in Epcot would be good; in "Italy." Pasta is always a good food for carbs the night before a race. I would also like to go back to Epcot after the race on Sunday...Because I want to drink my way around the world.  I don't want to get drunk in celebration of completing my first half. I just want to sample different beers or drinks from around the world.... And what a great time to do it! I do not want to do this on Friday or Saturday... Alcohol BEFORE a race does not sound like a good idea. In fact it sounds like a very, very bad idea.

There are also 12 areas (the US, Canada, the UK, Mexico, Africa - although some say that one doesn't count, France, Italy, Germany, Norway, China, Japan, and Morocco) in which to get drinks in Epcot. That's 12 drinks. That's A LOT of drinks. I'm not sure I can handle that, but maybe I can share with one of my companions.  Maybe one of us can get a drink and the others can sample. I'm sure I can twist my Dad's arm and get him to share a beer with me in each country. And my Mom would share a glass of wine with me. Or something. If I have 12 drinks I will most definitely be drunk.

Drunk at Disney.

Yes, that's exactly what I want to do (written with sarcasm).

It really seems odd to be writing about going to do a half marathon and then writing about drinking my way through Epcot. Running and beverages are two things in life I enjoy. This entire experience is full of firsts for me, so I'm enjoying it. In all ways. Granted, eating will be healthy because who wants to feel bloated and bogged down for race? Not this girl.  That's why I'm waiting until after the race to drink.

My eating this week has been going well as usual... I'm actually really hungry for dinner tonight and it sounds amazing. I'm trying a WW recipe for Parmesan chicken cutlets, with some veggies.... Definitely asparagus and maybe some broccoli too.

That will be my reward after my workout today.... It's a training run day and while I'm only scheduled for 30 minutes, I'll most likely do an hour.  I've decided to put TF on hold, except for the core workout, in order to focus on running and hopefully keep my legs from getting too sore. I'm hoping that this plan works for me!

Hope you're having a great week!


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