Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend Recap and Upcoming Plans

The weekend was awesome!!

Not knowing how the weather might be I made sure to leave before dark on Friday. I got to Grand Rapids in plenty of time (with dry roads the entire trip), and lots of time to spare before the train came in. I did some shopping at two of my favorite craft stores; Hobby Lobby and Joann's. I picked up supplies for my race tutus at Hobby Lobby as well as a few fun little Valentines things that were on sale. At Joann's I got some sparkle fabric for sparkle skirts. One green for the Get Lucky 7K in March and one pink for... No specific reason. I picked up a few sale items there too.  Then I moved on to Ulta to look at make-up and give my sniffer a workout. 

Side note: I sprayed on the new Coach scent (Love) and ohmygosh I love it! I must have gotten some on my coat sleeve because I could smell it the rest of the evening. And the next day.  I didn't put any perfume on this morning yet my wrist smells pretty- it's that perfume. I didn't buy it because I wanted to see if it was a good scent for me. I love it!! That's on my list for my next trip to Ulta or Sephora, or some other place that sells it.

After shopping, I checked into the hotel with some time to spare. I decided to workout. I was going to run, but I running solo around people. Especially when I feel as though I'm in a fishbowl. The fitness center was in a room inside the pool area. There were windows on two walls and mirrors on another. I felt like I was on display! I decided that I'd try out the elliptical. This was an adventure in itself because all those people could see me. But it was better than running with an audience.  I LOVED that elliptical! I got a great workout in, and burned more calories in 30 minutes on it than during running (because it was new? and uses arms too?). I tried to get lost in my music and ignore the people but it was hard. That pool was packed!!! A few kids were staring at me like I was crazy. I'm sure I looked pretty interesting. The room was super hot so I was sweating a lot more than I would have in a room with a lower temp. Extra sweating is good though right?

After that, I showered and drove over to the train station to pick up my Guest of Honor. Hmmm... That's not a good nickname. I need to figure out one; kinda like when I refer to my cousin's daughter as Little Miss. Oh well.. For this post I'm going with GH. Anyway, we went to Meijer (got a workout outfit for $5 - shorts and a tank- both on clearance) for a while then back to the hotel to relax, and sleep.

The next day was spent shopping... Yay! We went to the mall, the running store, and Target. I picked up some Spring clothing items and a few things for my trip (hydration belt, GU packs, new tank tops, and other assorted things). And drooled over some pretty bling. That was fun!

We got lunch (brunch, I guess since we didn't have breakfast) at a Mexican place called On the Border, right outside of the mall we were at. OHHHH so delicious. We split appetizers and drank margaritas (buh-bye points) thinking that we'd be hungry for dinner before the concert. We weren't. However, we were super hungry after the concert so we ate a really late dinner... Like 11 PM. As hungry as I was I didn't eat much, probably because it was so late. I had some of the dill pickle chips and then a quarter of my burger. It was good, but I just couldn't eat it. I was stuffed.  I also had two margaritas with dinner (I love those things, but man do they eat up points!!).

The concert itself was awesome!! All three groups (Florida Georgia Line, Thompson Square, and Luke Bryan) were amazing. Seats went super fast so we weren't as close as I prefer to be, but the energy in that place was crazy awesome. It was definitely one of the better concerts I have been to...Such a great show!

We were up early to get back to the train station; then I headed for home. I went directly to my cousin's to spend the day watching Little Miss. My other cousin (cousin's younger sister) was there, so we wait for her to get picked up for church then we started our adventure. I brought her home with me so that I could try to get some stuff done around the house, which I kind of did. I managed to get my stuff from the weekend carried in and put away, which was a task in itself.  I did a little picking up of things here and there then started to work on a tutu.

I finished the first tutu (for the half-marathon) and started on the second (for the 5K the day before).  I ended up falling asleep on the couch, watching TV, at some point, and when I woke up I went to bed. Yesterday was President's Day so I didn't have to work. I spent the morning finishing the tutu and starting on some laundry and things. Then I had a chiropractor appointment and ran a couple errands. I came home to finish laundry, clean, pack, and workout (since I didn't on Saturday or Sunday). I ended up with another horrible pre-TOM headache and there went my workout. It was the kind that made me sick to my stomach. Yuck. That will kill a workout real quick! By the time I got done packing it was getting a little too late to workout anyway.

This morning I woke up feeling fat. I think the sodium from Saturday and two days of not working out, plus pre-TOM fluid retention caught up with me. I felt super puffy in the fingers. And my thighs feel giant. Yuck. I'm sure that will resolve in a couple days, but it's annoying. I am trying to flush it out today.  I plan on working out this evening so that will help too.  I have workout clothes packed for the trip (other than for the races) so I plan on getting a little extra activity in this week too. I have a short run on Thursday (on my race plan). I'm not sure if there's a fitness center at our hotel but I know there are some in other hotels. I need to check and see if I can use them if I'm not staying in that specific hotel. I think I remember that there's a fee for other resort guests.

 I know that there's a jogging trail at our hotel so  maybe I'll do a little extra walking/jogging on that. Luckily we will be on our feet walking around the parks too, so that will help me get some exercise... But it really isn't the same as a good sweat! I need to earn a few activity points so I can enjoy some foods a little. Those margaritas and eating out over the weekend made a big dent in my weekly PP allowance!! I'll get new PP on Saturday, so I will have to be sure to be diligent this week!

That's my goal for the week... To stay on track even though I'm on vacation. Luckily because of the races I won't be drinking any alcohol until Sunday. And because of Lent, no sweets until Sunday. I guess I won't really need those PP until Sunday! And then they'll probably be gone...Or close to it. But that's okay, using them quickly is a good way to keep me on track the rest of the week.

I suppose I need to go get a workout in so that I can help my Mom get things ready for the trip. I'm excited!!

All of tomorrow will be spent in the car, so I'm pretty sure I won't have much to blog about. I will be taking my ipad with me, so I will try to blog when I get a chance. My posts might be short and if they are I will be sure to post a longer update or two when I return. I plan to dedicate at least one full post to my half-marathon experience. I'll also be sure to take lots of pictures!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!


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  1. What a great trip! I LOVE margaritas too! You should do a wardrobe post where you take pics of outfits you buy so that newbies like me can learn how to put looks together!ha