Wednesday, February 6, 2013

When Weight Loss Slows

No matter how much I know about weight loss, I still get frustrated. Who doesn't? We all have our moments. I recently experienced a gain followed by a plateau. I need to lose again. I've been working on that. I know that everyone is different. Our bodies are different. But sometimes I still get frustrated when I see someone else dropping pounds like crazy. It's even more difficult when they're "catching up" to where I am. It's not really them that I'm concerned about... It's me. I let those negative "what's wrong with me?" thoughts creep into my mind.  If someone else is dropping weight quickly, I should be too.  Bottom line? When your own loss has stalled, it can be hard to see someone else having what appears to be such quick success.

When these moments hit, I need to remind myself of a few things. 

1. They are not me. I am not them. My body is going to function and respond in different ways. I need to concern myself with myself; not anyone else.
2. I started this lifestyle three years ago. While I'm not at my idea weight, I have maintained a healthy lifestyle. I've kept (most of) the weight off... Minus those few (ten) pounds I gained.
3. I was originally over 300 pounds. I lost 55 that I kept off for several years before changing my lifestyle.
4. When I started this piece of my journey I weighed 285 pounds. This is a weight that's often 50-70 pounds higher than where other people are starting.
5. When I started this journey, I lost weight quickly too... Changes in lifestyle will do that. I dropped between eight and 10 pounds a month for the first several months. It's normal to lose quickly at first. Just like it's normal for weight loss to slow as you get closer to your goal.
6. I read somewhere that one percent of your body weight is the recommended max loss a week. At this point, losing at a little slower rate perfectly coincides with that. I could lose a little bit more, but I honestly don't figure my percentages that closely.
7. A loss is a loss.

I think my largest problem, overall, is with that last one.  I feel like a loss of a pound isn't enough.  It's like I want to see huge amounts of loss every week. That is not a realistic way of thinking. A loss is good; a loss means that I'm losing. A loss means that I am not at a plateau. For some reason my brain refuses to accept this.

Since starting WW, I have lost two pounds.  That's two pounds in two weeks... I'm hoping to see a loss of another pound this week. I'm on the track to losing what I gained. I should be happy with this instead of looking at it and thinking "ugh, only a pound" or "my goal seems so far away."  The most difficult one I've had to deal with lately has been "it's going to take me ten weeks to lose the ten pounds that I gained. That's like FOREVER." Over a ten week period, I'd like to lose more like 20 pounds instead of 10.  I've got the notion in my head that 10 pounds isn't good enough.

I need to change that thinking. I need to embrace any loss because it's a loss... No matter how slowly, I'm working toward my goal.  Looking at it the way I have makes it seem like a process that will take too long. To try to realize how much a pound will be, I counted it out. If I continue with a pound per week loss, I'll lose 20 pounds by June 8th.  If I want to lose 30 pounds, it will be August 17th. Granted, I'll have another surgery in there and due to swelling my weight will be a little wonky in June and July, but if I really only have a gain because of fluid... I'll lose it. The key will be to continue being healthy and working on losing despite it. My downfall last year was surgery... Being pretty much inactive for a couple weeks combined with not tracking my food (and kind of eating whatever) was not a good idea. It opened the door for other bad habits like eating out more often and having drinks. My next surgery will be a definite test for me.

Success! Instead of looking at a pound a week as a slow, horrible process that's not good enough, I've decided to be more positive and look at it from a different perspective. My goal now has a time constraint, which I kind of ignored before. Well... I looked it it in too short of a time frame. I feel like I should lose 20 pounds in three months, which isn't all that realistic for me at this point in time.

Here's my new thing... My goal is to lose 20 pounds by June 8th.... Although surgery is June 5th so that will throw me off. So maybe I should say 19 pounds by June 1st, which then makes me want to round it up to 20. ANYWAY.... In order to get there my goal is to lose a pound a week. I have done that my first two weeks on WW. I think that a pound is an acceptable rate of loss. If I lose more, cool... That probably means that I was a little bit more regimented that week. I think that any extra loss will probably motivate me to continue doing well.

So... After two weeks, WW is working. It has helped me to lose a pound a week; two pounds overall. I'm finally over the plateau that I reached after I gained. I'm losing again.... I'm losing one awesome pound (that's 3500 calories!) a week. And I will be happy with that.

Now for update time...

I did a short run and part of the SP DVD yesterday. I didn't do the entire thing because I didn't want to workout for two hours. I did the 30 minute toning part of the DVD as well as the 12 minute cardio-sculpt mix. My arms feel it today, so that's good. I definitely need to increase my strength training.  Adding it in is wonderful, and so far I've done it at once a week (with weights).  My TF schedule will now include either the toning or sculpting workout at least once a week. So, combined, I'm up to ST twice a week... Once with weights and once with bands.

I just bought a couple new DVDs and I think I'll throw them into the mix at some point.  I may hold off until after the half marathon because I really want my current focus to be on training. I don't want to work my legs too hard before a training run and then have a bad run. While I want to do other exercises and work on my strength, right now it's all about the run.

I bought the Biggest Loser cardio DVD, hoping that it will be a good cardio workout.  They seem to work people hard on the show, soooo hopefully. I want to add something new into the mix to keep my body guessing. I also bought one a new JM DVD, Kickbox Fast Kick. It's probably going to be similar to TF but we'll see. If I feel like it's too much the same, I'll save it for when I'm done with TF and do something else now. I don't want to get too many programs going. My little workout calendar already has a ton of things changed on it. I won't know what workout I'm doing!

Tonight I'm going to do some biking (I may or may not be doing that right now), the TF for an hour - 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of either sculpting or toning. I'll end the day with about 90 minutes of activity.  I'm anxious to try the new cardio DVD but I really wanted to do some biking today. I know that I'll be worn out after TF and will definitely be ready for dinner.

I'm going to look at my schedule and revise it a little. I NEED to figure out a way to get my lazy butt out of bed in the morning to do, at least, half an hour of something then.  Maybe the Biggest Loser DVD will be a good morning activity for me to do.  Now...To make myself get up early enough to do it... That's the real challenge.

I've gone to bed earlier but still haven't crawled out of bed on time. Yesterday I just didn't want to. I was warm, cozy, and still sleepy. This morning I was really tired. I had some trouble sleeping last night so the last thing I wanted to do was get up earlier than I had to. I figure I needed the sleep.  I will try again tomorrow... Hopefully I sleep well and don't wake up in the middle of the night!

I know I can get up early to do it. I've done it before. I've just got to get that motivation back and make myself.

Well, it's about time to go start TF!

Happy Wednesday!


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