Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Get Lucky 7K Race Re-Cap

I'm a little late in posting (I've been busy and then a little tired last night!), but here's my race report from Saturday's Get Lucky race.

I was not expecting the weather to be like it was. I remember last year at this time, it was warm - probably unseasonably warm. I do believe I wore capris and a sleeveless shirt on my St. Pat's outing last year. This year? Not so much.  I wasn't prepared for as cold as it was going to be. I knew it wouldn't be as nice as last year but I was hoping for at least 40 degrees and some sunshine. HA!

I was definitely dreading the race.  I had planned on wearing running tights, a running skirt over them, a long sleeve running shirt, a t-shirt over that, and a fun little shamrock headband. I wore all of the clothing items, plus my puffy North Face (which means WARM) vest. I was still cold. My toes were freezing and I was thinking "HOW am I going to do this?! I avoid this!!" I didn't wear the headband because it was really windy and I thought it might just blow off anyway. 

Walking around before the race, I noticed that it was pretty wet and muddy. And the grass was pretty squishy. I KNOW shoes are to be worn outside and will end up getting dirty, but I was pretty annoyed that my shoes were all muddy. I mean, I just got them a few months ago. Now they look gross. I was pretty cranky before the race started and had I not paid for it, I may have let myself skip it based on the weather.


Once I got started and warmed up a little it wasn't so bad.  The path was a little congested for a while but eventually the crowd thinned out and it was a little easier. I had to jump a couple puddles and run off the nice paved pathway to pass people, but eventually it was a nicer run. I ran around my usual pace for the first mile. I, apparently, picked up the pace after that and from mile one to three I ran faster. Then, after the turn around mile three (it was an out-and-back course), I slowed down. I maintained a jog but it was definitely a slow jog; slower than normal.  The wind was blowing in my face and then it started snowing a little. As light and fluffy as snowflakes look, they sure do hurt when they pelt you in the eyes. I picked up my pace at mile four and ran the last little bit a little faster than I had been... I didn't hit quite the same sprint speed that I usually do, but I kept it at a good pace.

You know it's funny, I always sprint when I'm in that finish zone... Why? Something JM said on one of her DVDs about how you don't slow down; you sprint toward the finish. So I sprint.

Anyway... I finished at a pace that was at the higher end of my usual race pace.  The nice thing? After my last race being a half marathon, just over four miles didn't seem bad at all. The time passed quickly, despite the rotten weather... Although it did seem to take a while after mile three.

Overall? The race itself was great. It was my first race of that distance, making it a PR so that's always a bonus.  I enjoyed the course, which is similar to other races in this series that I've done. I still have a hard time knowing that I when I ran in January the weather was nicer than this weekend... Crazy (yet typical) weather changes!!

Of course I got warm and a little sweaty even though it was cold (it happens when your body heats up...So after I ended up getting really cold.  I couldn't check into my next hotel until three that afternoon, so I had to wait all day to shower (agony when it's cold). I ended up changing my top in the backseat of my car. And luckily there were lots of places to get out of the cold (shopping, eating, drinking). But that hot shower (when I finally got it) felt amazing!

The rest of the weekend was awesome. I'm sure I ate and drank back the calories I burned (plus) but that's okay.  It was a weekend for celebrating and one that won't happen again for a while. I did alright with my WW points tracking but not the best. I feel pretty good though and I guess that's what's important.

Hope you're all having a fantastic week!


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