Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Getting Up Early = FAIL.

Why is it that when I want to go to bed early so that I can get up early to workout I fail miserably? Why is it that those are the nights I just lay there, unable to fall asleep. Those are also the nights that I toss and turn for what seems like an eternity before I manage to fall asleep. It doesn't matter if I'm tired and want to fall asleep early. I can't.  It doesn't matter if I was drifting off on the couch around 9:00 and am obviously tired. I still can't sleep.

Last night was one of those nights. Of. Course. That means that I did not get up to run this morning.  My alarm went off and I thought, "no" and hit snooze a few times. Despite last night being the first night that I wasn't awake at least twice I still felt tired and like I wasn't well-rested.  In fact, I am tired this afternoon. It's one of those days where I'd like to go home, put on comfy clothes, and just hang out.

Well, that's not happening. I didn't workout yesterday and won't on Friday so I most definitely need to workout today... Tired or not.

I have a meeting shortly, which will most likely last about an hour. Then I have to pick up a couple things at the store.  I should be home by 6:00.  At that time I will do my three mile easy run (which will most likely take a little longer than normal since it's at an easy pace). Then I'll do 50 minutes of Turbofire... The toning and care DVDs.  I was scheduled for a 30 minute cardio TF workout too but if I do all of that, I won't be done until almost 8:00.  I really don't want to wait that long to have dinner and such. I'm so tired that the thought of not doing any TF is actually something I'm considering... Or maybe just the core DVD (that's only 20 minutes).  I can always fit the toning in at another time.

To be perfectly honest the idea of only doing the TF workouts sounds a heck of a lot more appealing than running. THAT is just how tired I am. I usually love my runs. Today is one of those days where I'm not into anything, so the intensity of a run, even an easy (SLOW) three miles, seems like torture.

Hopefully I'll perk up before then.  I know I'll burn at least 100 more calories running than doing the TF cardio DVD so that's an incentive to do the run.  I love the burn after the core DVD, so I'll do that just to get that little dose of soreness.  The toning DVD? That might be reserved for tomorrow or even Friday morning (nothing scheduled in the afternoon as I am going to the city). Saturday is my 7K and Sunday is meant to be a rest day, or an "optional" one mile easy run....We'll see what that brings. I can, at least, run a mile.

In other news... I contact RunDisney about my missing time, they referred me to someone else, and I received a response today. They are working on trying to figure out my time. The woman who e-mailed me back noted that my b-tag didn't register when I crossed the finish line (yet they called my name... How could that come up but not my time...Unless they had a camera or something there getting names. Or another Rebecca crossed when I did. I'm not really sure how they did that, but I thought it was probably with the b-tag. Maybe not.

I must've injured my b-tag along the way. It wouldn't surprise me with all the sweating I was doing. And the fact that my hydration belt was over part of it. This makes sense since my Dad didn't get any text updates after my 5K split (should've gotten more of them, I think). All I know is I crossed that stinkin' finish line and I just want to know a time!

I answered some questions that she had and provided her with a little extra info (like the time on the clock at mile 12, which was clock time -from the start). With my corral number and that info, I figured out what my time was and my calculation is a little faster than what I originally thought. It'll be interesting to see what they come up with. At this point even an estimate would be nice... All I know is I high-fived Minnie Mouse as a Princess before I hit that finish line and I want credit for that! 

On yet another note.... I have an idea for a November race but need to figure out some details before I register.  I'll be sure to add it to my list if I decide to do this one! It will be another half-marathon. I've also looked at the possibility of a 10 Miler in October (which is a little cheaper - a nice feature!), however I'd like the extra month of training since I am having surgery in June. I'll be running again by early July at the latest so I will have four months to train for a November race, or three for an October race. Most training plans are about four months long.

This is completely separate and not something I usually post on the blog but I'm going to do a little self-advertising.  I've decided to start selling my running tutus (as well as other tutus for girls of all ages) on-line, as well as some running skirts that I'm starting to make.  This is new so I have not yet posted anything, but be on the look out for samples to be posted very soon!  I will be selling these through my etsy store and also have a FB page to promote them.  The FB page has a couple examples (recent running tutus that I wore) and more information about the specifics of the tutus.

If you're interested, please contact me at:  or visit:

My Etsy Store
My Facebook Page

I hope you're having a great week!


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  1. That was totally me last night and the night before. So frustrating! hurumph!