Monday, March 11, 2013

I'm Going to go BROKE!

Or at least it seems that way... I keep finding races that I want to do. And I register for them.  I'm already up to 13 and still have to find races for November and December. Clearly my 13 in 13 goal will be reached. In addition to the Sunburst half in June, I added another 5K (Color Me Rad) in July, and a 10K (Women Rock) in September.

I think that it's possible that I have a new addiction... At least it's healthier than an eating addiction. And a little less expensive than shopping all the time. Yes, it can be costly (registration fees and often travel expenses like hotels), but not as costly as one of my past shopping trips (even at outlets; and with coupons). These races are also keeping me going... Knowing that I have something coming up (that I paid to do!) keeps me on track with exercise and with eating healthy (mostly, anyway). I have a goal every month. Some months are larger than others (half marathons!). Some of them won't be as physically demanding and I won't be pushing my body as hard. Some I'm running with others so at times I will (possibly) ease up on my pace, or try to run a little faster and keep pace with my friend (doing two races with her and she's at the very least a minute faster than I am).

Luckily these race expenses are mostly monthly...And those are just the associated costs for travel and whatever else. Registrations are paid in advance and I pay all of those with my Debit card. That's the nice part... They're taken care of well before the races. Luckily hotels can be booked ahead of time so I also know how much money to save/set aside.

I'm pretty sure that I'm spending less a month on race costs than I was on a monthly shopping trip in the past. I could throw down some serious cash in a matter of hours! I still love clothes... To me fashion is an art. I love putting outfits together and creating different looks. It's still a passion of mine, but it's not something that I'm spending as much money on anymore. Honestly I have not had the desire to shop like I used to. I find myself spending a lot less on clothes.  I expect that to continue into the summer... I'm having more surgery and I know what I'll be able to wear and not wear thanks to factors like swelling and compression garments.  Why buy new shorts and such if I'm pretty much going to have a month or two of wear out of them? Seems silly... So... I won't be buying much for this Summer.

Also? I'd rather spend money on races.  Races are more beneficial than new clothes. Each races offers an opportunity for a new goal... A new possible PR. Another medal awarded, another race shirt that I've earned the honor of wearing. Even though I get race gear ahead of time sometimes, I won't wear it until after I race. It's like a badge of honor to me... I've gotta finish before I can claim that I did it!

Races also offer the obvious health benefits... Continued cardio during training as well as the races. Striving for new times gives me the opportunity to work on running faster and stronger. They also keep me focused on healthy eating. It's much harder to run when you're carrying more weight. I could, most definitely, race at a higher weight but I don't want to. It's harder. I'd be slower. Gaining weight would hinder my progress... Actually, I'd more than likely go backward! I don't want to do that. Definitely not.

The expenses can be high at times, but races are something that keep me on track. Naturally I don't NEED races to help me out, but they make it more fun. They do get me through on days I don't feel like running. I tell myself "you have a race coming up; you have to." I guess it's easier to stay dedicated to my routine if I know that an event is coming up where I will want to do my best.

Sometimes I still can't believe that I'm such a lover of races... Of running, in general. I cannot remember a time when I actually enjoyed it. I hated it in gym class (even a mile).  Previous attempts at weight loss never included running...Walking, yes. Biking, sure. Weights, yup.  But running... Oh hell no. Now I enjoy it. Now I try to do better each time I'm out. It really is amazing how much a person can change, when they want to.

On another note.. I had a good weekend.  Saturday was spent babysitting and shopping (with Little Miss and my Mom). I picked up a jogging stroller on sale at Target. I lucked out - I got the last one left... Well, on the shelf anyway. I suppose there could've been more in back.  The sale ended on Saturday though so I'm sure more than a few people were out shopping for them.  Why did I buy a stroller? Because now when I'm babysitting, I won't have a reason to miss a run. Saturdays are typically days that I have Little Miss and those are also my longer run days.  Will I be able to take her on 10 milers? Probably not, just due to the time factor. But I can definitely do shorter runs. I sense that I will get good use out of that stroller. I picked up a workout outfit (on sale!), a dress for post-op, some fabric and craft materials, and a few things for the house. Shopping also meant eating out which, as usual, wasn't the greatest for my healthy eating plan.  Oh well.. It forces me to really behave for the rest of the week (don't have many weekly PP left now!). It was a fun day - I always love spending time with my Mom! And Little Miss too.

AND - I completely finished my bathroom. Finally!! And I love off! My office/craft area? Nope.  The bathroom took me much longer than anticipated.  In fact, other than some other usual cleaning and laundry, that was my Sunday.

I hope your weekend was great and that you have a fantastic week!


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  1. Those are a ton of races! Go you! That is awesome. I remember when I was really into running and just loving to run all the time. I wish my area of the world had had more races at that time!