Friday, March 22, 2013

My Miracle Knee Cure (Do Not Try This At Home)

As I mentioned yesterday, my knee has been bothering me all week. I worked out; just did TF for a little over an hour.  It seemed just fine during the workout.  When I got to the stretching part I tried to do one of the stretches and couldn't. My knee did not want to bend and it hurt so bad I felt like it was going to snap when I bent too far. I guess then pain made me lose my balance because I feel and felt like crying. 

The stretch is some martial arts stretch.  I'm probably no good at describing it.  Basically you crouch way down (like say you're squatting to pee in the woods - GROSS!, by the way). You leave one leg bent and then stretch the other out to the side, supporting yourself with your hands.  I couldn't do that. I actually put my leg out to the side as I was crouching down and then started to bend my knee. That stretch? Did not happen.  My knee had been fine until I tried to put too much pressure on it.

Last night I thought it looked swollen so I texted some pictures to my Mom (she's a nurse). She confirmed what I knew was there and told me to rest, ice it, elevate it and take some Motrin.

I followed some of that.

I have to clean my house and wanted to get a little bit of it done since I'll be gone all weekend (again - no wonder it gets messy!). So I did a little cleaning. I also wanted to get some packing done and in order to do so I had to try some stuff on, which of course takes a bit of time.  I managed to get all of my outfits ready but am definitely not done packing... I need to throw in a couple more clothing items and all of my beauty stuff. I'm sure I have at least another 30 minutes to do. Anyway... So I did rest for a few minutes, but not long. I also did not ice while I rested.

I took Motrin though! So, yay, I followed that! I also had some Flexeril left from something else and decided that I'd take one of those too, in case there was a muscle issue that causing pressure on the knee. Did I mention that I splurged and made it a wine night. In fact, I had two small glasses. By the time I was getting ready for bed, I wasn't even thinking about the fact that I drank wine and I took both of the meds.

Let me just say... I slept like a rock last night! I didn't get up once. I even drank quite a bit of water before bed and didn't even wake up. I had a hard time getting up this morning because I had been sleeping so well. I thought about doing two workouts today so my alarm was set to go off early but I was still so drowsy that I didn't think twice about resetting it.  Usually I have a little guilt and try to talk myself out of sleeping longer. Not today. I was back out for another hour.

This morning I woke up and my knee was fine. I was happy but I also know that as the day goes on it worsens, so I wasn't totally convinced.  Now that it's late afternoon, I'm convinced that it's better. It's been a little sore today but nothing like it was the rest of the week. I tried that stretch again and my knee resisted. So there's obviously still something going on with it, but not nearly as bad. I didn't push it and got back up as soon as I felt it resisting. 

So my miracle cure... Two glasses of wine, 800 milligrams of Motrin, and 10 (I think) milligrams of Flexeril.  It's not totally normal, but it is definitely better!!

I do not recommend doing this.  The wine plus meds thing was a complete accident that came from me just not thinking about the fact that I had a little wine. It's not a good idea to mix meds and alcohol. It's definitely not something I am going to plan on doing.  I'll also have to make sure to ask myself if I've had something to drink when I'm going to take a med....Which isn't often. I think that's why I forgot - I don't take pills much. I really only take them if I have to, or if I'm really concerned about something like I was last night.

I feel like I should run today since I feel a little better. I'll admit I'm thinking of skipping it and doing something else instead. I'll burn more and sweat more (I can feel I'm a little puffy), which would both be good before the weekend. However, I am a little worried about that knee. And I'm feeling pretty worn out this afternoon and running just does not sound like fun. I should rephrase that. Running on the treadmill does not sound like fun. Not for four miles. I can handle like two on it but I'd much rather be outside!! I hope this weather improves fast because I am totally burnt out on treadmill running. I'd have no problem with motivation if I was running outside. I'd be ready to go as soon as possible...Even if it's a little chilly. If it weren't for the snow and ice, I'd be outside already. Running inside has worn on me though. The thought of spending more than 30 minutes on the treadmill, staring at the basement wall is bumming me out. Even music doesn't help.

I really just need for the weather to realize that it is Spring now. .. I'm tired of the cold, in general. I want to get outside for runs.

I guess instead of whining I should go workout. I'm trying to psych myself into a run but so far it's not working.  It's easy to tell myself to take another day off because of the knee, but I feel like I should at least try it. If I can get myself to do two miles, it'll be a lot easier to do four. Once I get started I can say "you're half done" and that will keep me going, even if I don't want to. Anyway, I think I've almost talked myself into running (despite the fact that I'd much rather do TF instead).

I hope you all have a great weekend! I'm excited about an outing with some ladies and then some quality time with my Mom! It should be a good weekend!!


Update, even at a slow pace my knee is a little sore. Very light jog and lots of walking today. I guess I'll extend my one!

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  1. I don't know about using your remedy for an injury but I'd sure use it as a sleep aid!ol