Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Things

First an update...

I ran yesterday and didn't do anything else. NOT because I was tired. It was because I decided to run outside.  It wouldn't be classified as an "easy" run. I pushed a little harder and ran at a faster pace than what I'd consider an easy pace. Definitely a little faster than I've been doing on the treadmill.

Did I mention I did this outside? And it was like 30 degrees.  That would be the reason I didn't do anything else. Naturally, as with any movement like that, I was sweating. Between the cold and sweating, when I finished and my body temperature returned to normal...I was freaking freezing! I was feeling too cold to start something else. So I decided that a hot shower was the better option.

I may have to see if I can get in to see my chiropractor tomorrow. My knee was starting to hurt on the run. Sooo... I'll see how it is on today's run. It made me walk a little more than usual yesterday, so hopefully it's better today.  If not, I'm definitely seeing if I can get an appointment. I don't want to have to walk during the race on Saturday - at least not that much. And not because my knee is in pain.

Today's plan is to do some strengthening (that I missed yesterday), see how much packing I get done, and then do a run. I SHOULD be able to accomplish all of that. I hope. I really want to get my run in and am in the process of packing soooo as of now it's not looking good for turbofire. Oh well.... A run is priority today. No sense in stressing about the other!

I decided that I need to start trying some new things... I was good at it for a while but not as much lately. I've been in a bit of a rut.  So I'm taking this weekend in the city as an opportunity to start that again. I've decided that anytime I'm somewhere I'm usually not, I'm trying something new...A food or a restaurant. Maybe an activity depending on where I am. I'm making it healthy too.  Like this weekend, the city is full of new and different restaurants. I can find some kind of different restaurants or foods.  I'll try these new things and, obviously, include them in my blog.

First on my list is trying a place called Protein Bar. I'd like to get a post-race breakfast or lunch there. They have some pretty tasty looking (and healthy!) things on the menu.  I'm drawn more to the lunch options than the breakfast, but I'd try breakfast. Of course, due to time and showering and all that kind of stuff, it'll probably be more like lunchtime anyway. I'm definitely looking forward to it!  There are a few different locations downtown so I shouldn't have a problem finding one (especially since there are a near where I'm staying). I honestly can't believe I haven't been there before!

So that's my plan...Something new, something healthy.

I think that trying new things is important. It helps us to be open-minded. We may find that we like things we never thought we would.  Or they may be awful and we may decide that we will definitely NOT be eating/doing that again. Whatever the outcome, I think that we should all take time to try new things (not just food; activities and such too). I believe life is about living... For me part of living is trying new things. Why be afraid of something when it could turn out to be something great?

I will try to blog tomorrow... I have to get some thing done and want to get to the city at a decent hour (and traffic can be a nightmare...Friday rush hour? YIKES).

Hope you're having a good week!


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  1. You know I love a good plan. Good luck. Have a good weekend.