Friday, March 22, 2013

Not Running.

**This post is from Thursday. I managed to hit "save" instead of "publish." Oops.


All week I have been dealing with this weird knee pain. It seems to get worse over the course of the day and is only with movement.  My knee is swollen and sore. It feels tight or like something in there needs to pop or crack. I hate missing workouts so I have still been working out. I ran on Tuesday (yes, I had it then too - I know that's a bad idea) and it was okay. Actually... It seemed as though it wasn't as bad running than it is when walking. I think all the sitting at my desk at work all day makes it worse.

Today I decided I'm going to miss my run.  I am scheduled for a four mile training run but I really don't want to push it. I decided that I'll just do some TF - cardio and some core work.  It's not a run, which isn't great for training but it's better than nothing at all. Yesterday my knee seemed to feel a little better after TF so maybe it's like therapy for my knee.  Maybe it's getting stiff from all the sitting. Who knows!

Unless I get up super early, I'll be missing my run on Saturday too. I'm headed out of town in the morning for a ladies day/night. We're doing some shopping, lunching, wine tasting, dinner, and some relaxing. Two meals out is a little scary but I'll try to find something healthy. I'm also going to be eating out on Sunday too. I'm glad I don't weigh until Saturday because this weekend is going to be filled with nasty restaurant sodium. Siiiggghhh... This is why I cut back on my social life so much.  The sodium, the calories, the fat (it's all there even when you pick the healthiest things possible)... It makes me feel like I'm erasing all of my hard work from the week.  I know my weight goes up and then I have to fight all week for it to go back to where it was, and hopefully down al ittle more. 

It's frustrating.

It's also a difficult position to be in... I don't want to skip all these fun events with friends. I did that for at least a year. But at the same time it is SO difficult to lose weight when you're eating out. I know it's usually sodium which goes away within a few days, but even just feeling myself get puffy is enough to drive me nuts!  I love to socialize but, as I mentioned yesterday, almost everything revolves around food or drinks - or both! Luckily my next planned outing is an overnight with a friend for a run toward the end of April. We won't have dinner out that night (thank goodness!). Then we will get up in the morning and run.  I'm definitely looking forward to a run that's close enough to home that I don't have to worry about the food part of it.  I'm trying to do more things like that, but I didn't want to miss this trip either.

I'll be as "good" as possible and try to stick to my plan. And tracking - I definitely need to remember to track, no matter what. Even if I use all of my extra weekly points this weekend, I need to track. That is such a HUGE part of losing weight. It's also a good idea for living a healthy lifestyle.... If we are not aware of what's going into our bodies, then it's a lot easier to put unhealthy things in them. I'm hoping that my whole "eat to live" plan will help me through the weekend. I've just gotta keep that in mind!!

Anyway... If I am not up early enough on Saturday I'll be missing that run too. I'm hoping to get up early enough to do it, or at least do short DVD before I head out. I definitely will not have time for both. I think I should be able to block out an hour for a run and whatever else I may decide to do... That just means I have to get up early on a Saturday.  It'll be worth it though... I just need to remember that!!

Sunday is a "rest" day (or an optional one mile run day) so in terms of exercise, I'm good there. 

It really all comes down to the food... Mindful, healthy eating. I have to do it.

Speaking of eating... After having a disturbing dream on Sunday night, I have not eaten meat all week. I'm not actively trying to become a vegetarian but the idea of it has been revolting. My dream involved piglets, but I'm currently disgusted by any meat. Weird.  I don't anticipate this lasting forever...Just until the disgust fades.

I suppose that's about it - I'll most likely write a short post tomorrow. I have to work, then get home toworkout and finish packing (hopefully I get a lot done tonight), and if possible I'll be heading up to my parents' house. It's a shorter drive to where I'm going with the girls and I'll get a little extra sleep that way. I won't have to worry about getting the dogs ready to go/dropping them off in the morning. The only bad thing is that I'm less likely to get up and run on Saturday morning if I stay there. I have no idea why... I guess I'd just rather run on my treadmill than theirs (it's identical).  It must be about being in the comfort of my own home or something. 

Hope your week is going well!


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