Tuesday, March 5, 2013

One Half + One Half Does Not Equal a Full

First, I need to get this part out of the way because I am overdue... My weight. As I mentioned it went up, and up, and up on vacation. When I weighed myself the Thursday after I got back (last Thursday), I was ten pounds heavier than the Saturday before I left (about a week and a half). TEN pounds. In a week and a half. What in the world? I wasn't good but I wasn't horrible either! There's no way I could've eaten enough additional calories to gain that much weight. Craziness!  I can only imagine that factor like sodium and not as much exercise played a part in that.

I weighed again on Saturday, my usual weigh-in day and had already lost half of that....Yes, five pounds. In two days.  Was I holding some water? I'd say yes.

So I'm not that worried... I won't weigh again until Saturday and I'm pretty sure that I'll be down a little more. I'm not doubting that I gained some weight on vacation. I'm sure a couple pounds is possible. I'm not stressing about a couple pounds though. The ten pounds, of course. But a couple? Nope.  I can accept that because I know what I did (and didn't do) and the consequence is that it could've resulted in a gain. I'm okay with it. I've moved on. 

Am I disappointed in myself? A little. I should've been losing. Not only is that a few pounds less that I will have lost, but it is also more to lose. But it's nothing to dwell on. It happened. It's done. It's time to move on and get back to normal (which I already have).

Now, the topic at hand...

My first half marathon has come and gone. I did it!

Now what...?

That was my big goal. Sure, I have the goal to complete 13 races this year, but I'm confident that I will do that without difficulty. I have other little goals too; weight loss goals, improving times, the usual... But my big goal can be checked off my list.

I can't help but feel a little lost. What do I do next? I need something to strive for...

Before anyone dare suggest it... I have no desire to train for a full marathon. Get that idea out of your head now! As the saying goes, "I'm only half crazy!" Plus, I'm in no way ready for that. I keep hearing that after I have a couple more half marathons under my belt, I'll want to go for the full.  I keep telling people that they're crazy.  I've found a few others who are totally pleased with doing half marathons. 13.1 is enough. At this point in time I really have no desire to go for 26.2

26.2...Do you have any idea how FAR that is!? I was thinking "wow this is a long way" during my half. I can't imagine what I'd think during a full marathon. I will admit, though, that the thought of accomplishing that is an awesome idea. Part of me thinks, "just once..." and then the other voice in my head retaliates by reminding me how freakin' crazy I would be.

26.2? A full marathon?

I guess I can't totally rule it out (even if right now I have no desire). Maybe at some point in my life I'll do one. There is a small (very small; tiny, almost microscopic, I'd guess) part of me that's curious but then I think of how far 26.2 miles is...

I decided that I should probably do another half marathon. It will be another big event and I'll be aiming to set a new PR. I'm thinking of doing the one that I briefly mentioned before. It's on June first in South Bend, IN, with the finish line in Notre Dame stadium! According to the website it's just over 87 days away. Awesome....Lots of training time and most of that will be in good weather.  I printed off the beginer training plan because I'm still a beginner. It may not be my first half, but it is only my second. I'm definitely not advanced. The training plan had week one as last week.  Looking at it, I can easily jump into week two.

I will most likely register for that half marathon this evening. I was pretty certain that I'd do it before the Princess race, as long as it went well. It did. I didn't die. I didn't get swept. Other than a couple physical issues I was totally fine. After that first one is done it doesn't seem like as big of a deal doing another one.  I'm not gonna lie... I already miss that feeling of completing the first one. I felt special for a minute; like a real athlete. The afterglow was awesome! The feeling of camaraderie with other runners was amazing... Totally different than anything I've felt before. And something I can't explain. It's something you have to experience.

Now it's all gone.

I have to strive toward something so why not make it another half? It'll be a great thing to do just before having surgery and being restricted for a couple weeks.

There's another half that I'd love to do at the end of August in Baroda, Michigan. It's called the Michigan Wine Trail Half Marathon.  It's actually a street race and after this year they'll be changing the name to... Wait for it...It's cute.... 13.Wine! I think it's adorable. And it involves wine... What's not to love?! I'll probably look at doing that next year. I'd love to do it this year but with surgery in June training would be difficult.  I'd really only have July and most of August to push hard, with light activity the last couple weeks of June.  I just don't think that it will be possible this year. Insert sad face here.

So that's that. I'm most likely registering for another half this evening. For now, I have some Turbofire to do and a two mile easy run according to the schedule. Maybe I'll run first. The roads are fairly clear so I could get outside. Then again it's cold and really does not sound appealing. It's only two miles... The lesser of two evils (treadmill or the cold) will win.

I hope you're having a great week! Spring will be here soon - are you working toward any goals?


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  1. You're right, a couple pounds isn't going to completely derail you. I'm in the same boat. Now it's time to kick it into high gear and do what we know works.