Friday, March 8, 2013

Small Accomplishments

I'm starting to learn that small accomplishments are acceptable. It is okay to take time to reach a goal.  I've been aware of this in terms of weight loss and fitness.... I've set small goals on the way to a larger goal. It's worked. That whole idea of looking at where you've come from and how much you've done rather than how far you have to go has really helped me. 

I've been like that in terms of career too... Of course that's a matter of steps anyway; education/training, new job, furthered education, etc..

It wasn't until recently that I realized it is okay in other areas of life too.

Like cleaning.

I started cleaning out my craft room/office last night. Yay! Did I finish? Nope. But I did a little. Truth be told, I found my license (right where I thought it would be) and then didn't do much else. I did a few more things but then I decided it was time to make dinner.  After dinner I cleaned up the kitchen. And did laundry. And then I sat down and relaxed...I just didn't feel up to doing more cleaning out (this includes going through things and throwing some things away so that I can re-organize). Instead  I had a small glass of wine. Then I got up and did a few other things; more laundry. After that, I had a cup of tea (hoping that it would help me sleep better) and then let my dogs out and started getting ready for bed. 

So... I did not finish cleaning out that room. But I started. And that's important, right? I try to think of it like weight loss.  You have to start somewhere. Are you going to reach your goal super fast? No, not if you're doing it the healthy way. It takes time. Sure, organizing a room is a little different and could easily be done in a couple hours. If I had more time (i.e: hadn't worked out) I could've finished it. But I wanted to work out. No, actually, I didn't. I ended up with a headache and working out did not sound fun. I needed to workout. I wasn't motivated but I knew I had a two mile easy run scheduled.  I told myself I'd at least do that. That became telling myself that I'd do at least 30 minutes. I did a little over 30 and then stopped. I didn't end up doing anything else....But if I had, I wouldn't have had that time to start cleaning out the office.

Weight loss and organizing are clearly two different things that take very different lengths of time. But accepting that it is okay to start something and not finish it immediately is okay... I've never been like that. If I wanted to do something, I wanted to do it right away. Say, painting a room. I'd want to buy the paint and have it done in the same day.  Obviously I'm letting go of that, as evidenced by (ahhhh - work mode just snuck in!) the length of time it has taken to finish the bathroom. I'm finally starting to realize that I don't have to do something all at once.  The fact is that I'm doing things like this alone.  A few years ago? My Mom would help me with these times of major cleaning/organization. Home improvement things, like painting a bathroom? My Dad would help with. Or my Mom, but she's a messy painter (worse than me!).  Sure there are still some things I can't do totally by myself, or things I just don't know how to do (as far as home improvement), but I'm determined to learn. Sometimes it will take time to do things, and that's okay.  Did I really expect to complete something that will take a few hours on a Thursday evening at 6:00? That's unrealistic for me...On a Thursday anyway.

I'm babysitting tomorrow so I won't be doing anything around the house... Actually, my Mom and I are taking her shopping with us, so I won't even be home. But Sunday? I have all day Sunday.... It's a "rest" day from training (well, there's an optional easy one mile run that I'll probably do; that's not much!). I will most likely do something more than a mile run but if I don't, that's okay. Sunday is going to be my day to work around the house. I'll have all afternoon to finish off the bathroom (which really won't take long; and yes I'm still not done). I just have some areas to touch up (where I dripped on color paint onto the other), and then clean.  After that I can put all the new accessories up and I'll be done. Mission accomplished.  I should be able to get, at least, that done. After that I should be able to get most of the office done, if not all of it. I do need to do regular house cleaning too, but that generally doesn't take long...Plus I'll have the bathroom done so that's a time saver. Kitchen and living room? Easy!

 As for sleeping last night... The tea seemed to help.  I was up like an hour after going to bed to pee (AGAIN) though. Of course that's been the pattern all week. Last night, though, I didn't wake up super early.  I actually slept until my alarm went off. I think.... I don't remember waking up so if I did, it wasn't long enough to remember! I feel more rested today than I did yesterday...Finally!! Tonight will be a bit different (sleeping with a two year-old in a small bed; at my parents' house) but hopefully I feel rested enough. I'm sure I'll sleep well tomorrow night after babysitting and shopping all day, so I should be ready to tackle the house on Sunday.

An extra funny.... Not only did I find my old license last night, the one I lost at Disney came in the mail today!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!


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