Tuesday, April 30, 2013


The weather is gorgeous today! Spring seems to be here - however it looks like it's going to cool off again next week. I'll just enjoy it while it's here, and try to patiently await the arrival of summer. This time of year I tend to get a little restless - and somewhat unhappy. I come out of winter hibernation and want to do things. With that comes the annoyance of living where I do. It's not that it's a bad place, it just doesn't have much to offer - other than the fact that it is close to work.

For the last few years, every time the nice weather hits, so does my desire to get the heck out of here! It seems to be getting harder and harder. Sometimes I think I need a change.  Maybe a small change, maybe a big change... But for various reasons I stay. I guess maybe the "right" time hasn't it yet. Or the "right" opportunity hasn't come up. Part of me wants to move away. The other part, not so much.

I have been thinking about this lately... And I actually cried a bit coming home on Sunday. I don't socialize with anyone in this town. The closest people are a 20-30 minute drive away. I want to be out and doing fun things in this weather. But do I want to be driving that far, every stinkin' day, to do it? Not really. I'm also tired of being "bored" down here. It's not because I don't keep busy, because I do. I think it's the lack of socialization that bothers me the most... I'm bored with being alone all the time. I'm bored of the same ol' running routes. Tonight I would make the drive to run, but I want to do some extra work...

Light bulb!

I was going to do TF after my run.  What's to say I can't run, go for a walk, and then do a little less TF when I get home later? Hmmm... That's a possibility. Run, then walk with someone, then come home and do some core work or something. It will take up a lot more of my evening but that wouldn't be a bad thing.

Maybe once I get out and run I'll feel a little better.... I hope so anyway. I feel like I am stuck in a rut and a bit like I would like to cry, actually. I know exercise will boost my mood, so rather than sit here, ready to cry, dwelling on it, maybe I'll just cut this short and go get started...

Quick update - eating healthy and working out are right on track this week. Now I'm off to exercise, and hopefully feel better!!

Hope you're having a good week!


Monday, April 29, 2013

Loving Ourselves.

Disclaimer: This is long, but I think it's worth a read....

 On Saturday night, as I was changing into my pajamas, I had a bit of an epiphany. I had been wearing a dress and when I took it off I stopped and looked at myself in the mirror. I just looked - without judgement or negative thoughts. And you know what? I felt good about myself. I actually thought, "I do look pretty good."

This is a huge thing for me.

Lately I've struggled with body image. It hasn't been bad to the point that I'm consumed by it or it's interfering with my daily life. It hasn't been good either.

For anyone seeking more information on body image, I like how the simple explanation on the NEDA website.

I have had a tendency to focus on the things I don't like rather than the good things.  Sometimes it's like I don't see how far I've come. I do not still see that (over) 300 pound body (looking in a mirror then was rare). I don't see "fat" anymore. Now the things that I don't like are different...

The loose skin on my stomach.. Even though I had a tummy tuck and a huge amount of skin was removed, I still focus on what's left.  Sometimes I have to tell myself, "you hand an entire skin fold removed. STOP IT. Your stomach IS flat. Yes, there is still some loose skin on there, but you do not need to be perfect." Yes, I can have a revision at some point in time, if I want it... But do I need it? NO. The bulk of the skin is gone. My surgeon took a lot off and because there was so much of it, there's still some left. It's just a little and it's hard to see when covered.

My thighs. Okay, I hated my thighs before because they were so incredibly big and had gross cellulite. Now, like in other areas, the excess skin makes them look horrible...In my opinion. My thighs are probably the area I focus on the most. I can't wear shorts. Well, I can but it damages my self-esteem because, of course, I only see what I perceive as ugly. The thought of wearing a bathing suit makes me nervous - because of my thighs (and hips, which I will get to in a minute). I love dresses but usually wear them with some kind of thighs, which smooth the appearance of my thighs. Now that it's warmer, the days of tights are gone. Now it's just me and my ugly thighs. Sometimes I look in the mirror and they seem to look worse than they do other times. I know that's just my perception of them at the moment.

I'm having more cosmetic surgery with the hope that the appearance of my thighs will be improved. I know that they will look better but I'm not sure how much. I have visions of smooth thighs in my mind, but the truth is that they may not end up as smooth as I see them. I think going to my appointment this week will help me to better visualize what to expect. At this point, any improvement will be a good thing.  I am not expecting that surgery will change me mentally. No amount of surgery will improve how I see myself. That's up to me.

My arms.  I am actually not as disgusted by them as I used to be. There's loose skin on them, which will be removed in just over a month. I still find it gross, but I've become a bit more accepting of it than I was. They really aren't that bad. I will, however, be happy to see my muscles without being distracted by saggy skin. Definitely looking forward to that!

My hips. These rank right up there with my thighs. I don't know if it's skin or fat, or maybe a combination of both but I do not like them. Any type of swim bottom, other than high-waisted, gives me "muffin top." I can't wear lower rise jeans and have to tuck it into my pants. It's basically like my old abdominal fold. I do what I can to conceal it, but it bothers me. I would really love smooth hips. I'm curvy and I'm okay with the fact that they are big/wide. I just would like for them to look a little nicer.

My stretchmarks. Obviously when I gained weight my skin stretched. I've been left with light colored stretch marks on various body parts. The ones I hate the most are on my sides. Mostly because they prevent me from getting a rib tattoo, which I really wanted.

Those are the things I usually focus on when I look in the mirror. They're the things I don't like. On Saturday night I just stopped. I didn't even have to tell myself "quit hating yourself." I looked at my small waist and was happy. It's hard to tell because of the extra skin but I THINK I saw part of an ab muscle line when I looked in the mirror. Instead of focusing on the skin on my arms, I focused on the muscle. Instead of immediately looking at my hips and thighs and thinking of how horrible they were, I focused on how they really aren't insanely large. It really is just the fact that they're not smooth that bothers me.

I looked at myself and for the first time I was accepting of the reflection staring back at me. I finally took a moment and said to myself, "wow, look at all that you've done." I realized that I need to start loving myself for who I am and how much I've accomplished instead of beating myself up over what looks "disgusting."

Some of the negative thoughts comes from other people, but mostly it's come from myself. I often think that others are seeing me and thinking the same things that I am.That they are judging me based on the parts of my body that I don't like. This may or may not be true. Someone might say "she shouldn't be wearing that dress; look at those thighs." I'd guess that the majority of the time that I wear something and am afraid someone is saying that is because I am thinking it. Sometimes we create so much in our minds that we automatically think that others are thinking the same thing. Sometimes they are.

We are so judgemental. How many times do you see someone and think, "wow, she should NOT be wearing that..."? Do you ever see someone overweight and think, "he should go on a diet..." or "she shouldn't be eating that..."? The fact is that we are human. We judge. Some of us are more harsh than others. There are people who will say these things to others. Usually it's done indirectly; loudly enough so that the person can hear. Some of us think things but don't say them. That's the one I'm guilty of. When I do, I remind myself of how mean it is to judge others in that way. Not everyone is able to recognize that what they think (or say) is judgemental and hurtful. Quite frankly, for whatever reason some of them really don't care how they come across.  They like being judgemental and mean. Good for them... I'm sure their lives are just overflowing with happiness (and there I go being judgemental).

I think I have a better ability to see this than some people do because I've lived on the other side of it. I've been subjected to words that haunt me years later. I never said anything... I always walked away quietly and cried when no one would see. And then I'd feed my emotions. Strangers judging me has happened throughout my life. And it will always happen because that is how people are. We SHOULD get to know someone before forming an opinion, but we don't. We judge based on what someone else has said or what we see. We judge without knowing.

I think that a lot of  the time, people who make negative comments are people that have insecurities about themselves or a particular situation. I know that I have improved (and am still working to do better) on that. Now that I'm less insecure about myself, I'm a lot less judgemental toward others. Some say that being so judgmental and insecure stems from jealously, which is definitely true in some cases.

After Saturday night I started seeing my physical self differently; more positively. Even last night, in pajamas, I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror and though, "huh....I almost look thin." I struggle with descriptive words.... Skinny to me is skinnier than I am. Thin is thinner than I am. I just couldn't think of a better word to describe myself at that moment. Healthy is the one I usually go to the most. And it's one that makes me feel the best. But at that moment, I looked acceptable.... Pajama pants and all.

Sometimes it's not just the mirror... Sometimes it's the number I see on the scale. I ALMOST got upset and allowed myself to have a bad day because my weight was up a little from the weekend. Despite tracking and working out, it was up. Um...That's to be expected. I ate some meals out (stayed within calories though!). Restaurant meals are full of sodium (seriously, even healthy ones!). I know how my body reacts to extra sodium. I also need to keep in mind that Monday is not my weigh-in day and that it is earlier in the day than my Saturday weigh-in. I reminded myself of those things and decided that I just need to have a healthy day and forget about that damn scale. I really need to get back on track with limiting my weigh-ins to only once a week. That in itself can be damaging.
I have come to realize that many of us spend far too much time worrying about how we look. We usually see ourselves differently than others. I know that I have avoided situations because I'm not wearing make-up and might look "gross" because I just worked out.  There have been certain times that I don't want someone to see me looking less than (what I feel is) my best. I didn't want someone to think I looked ugly.

I've heard about the new video that Dove created about how women see themselves... It's much different than how we view ourselves.  I would love to do some kind of experiment like this with women (if only I could sketch!). I think it's a good way to illustrate that many of us do not view ourselves as others view us.  I think that something similar could be done with descriptive words. I'm not sure it would have the same impact as seeing the images, but it might cause us to stop and think twice when we are about to engage in negative self-talk.

It doesn't matter how you look now or how you look in the future... What matters is that you embrace your beauty and you love yourself.  I'm not saying that the words of others won't hurt. They will. You just have to be strong enough to defeat them. And you have to be even stronger to defeat the negative words that you say to yourself. You also need to remember that you're probably more beautiful than you realize. Start taking those compliments seriously and appreciate those who give them.

Even if we are working to change and become healthier we need to cut out the negative self-talk. We are worthy of much more love than we give ourselves. I know that I will be working to change my thoughts. Are there things I want to change? Yes. Do I want to lose more weight? Yes. As I continue to work toward my goals, I'm going to do it in a more positive way. Instead of looking at my thighs and thinking about how ugly they are, I'm going to look at my muscle definition and think of how awesome it is that I've worked so hard.

It's so hard to change thought patterns, but it can be done.  The biggest factor in my weight loss was changing my way of thinking. I need to institute this with my body image. I think that Saturday night was that turning point for me. I'm done... That's it... I deserve to feel good about how I look. I can't change what others think about me but I can change how I see myself and feel about myself. For me, my appearance is the area that shakes my confidence. I'm totally confident in other areas of life (intelligence, work, in my relationships with family and friends, etc.).  I need to allow myself to see myself for who I really am.

And I? Am freakin' beautiful.

Go check out your reflection in the mirror and only look at the good things. When those negative thoughts come into your mind, banish them. Just see what happens. It may not "click" for you today, but I hope for you that eventually it will. I hone day you will look in that mirror and see yourself as you really are instead of picking out the things you don't like.  It's okay to not like things; just don't focus on them. Focus on the good.

Have a fantastic week!!!

Fantastic Friday!

**Someone saved her post but never hit "publish" on Friday.**

This was a very nice Friday! The weather was gorgeous (not warm enough for me, but sunny!). I've been working for my Dad on Fridays so I spent some time cleaning his business.... Exciting, right? Hey, at least it was some money in my pocket! I even cleaned the toilet... That alone should mean I earned the cash! I hate cleaning toilets!!

I spent part of the morning with my Mom, babysitting, then I went to his shop and talked with him and started working.  I took a break and had lunch with my cousin, her daughter, and one of our friends. Then I did some birthday gift shopping for my Dad. Then it was back to work for a while, until my Mom got back into town (they were off buying a new truck).  We decided to take advantage of the nice weather and went for a walk. It wasn't quite up to my usual level of intensity but it was nice to spend some time with my Mom, and at least we were active! We waited for my Dad to get back and then she and I took the new truck for a cruise. Luckily I didn't get pulled over when testing it's limits! After that I headed home to workout (TF), have some dinner, do a little laundry and just relax... So here I am.

I've been working hard all week (both exercise and healthy eating) so I'm excited to weigh-in tomorrow. I am hoping to see a decent loss - at least a couple pounds! I finally feel like I have things under control so let's hope....

Other than that I guess I don't have much of an update to post. I'm ready for the weekend, that's for sure. On tomorrow's agenda I have an eight mile run, a baby shower, and a birthday dinner for my Dad. It will be a full day for sure! Sunday I have a walk planned with two of my cousins, and of course the Little Miss. Again, it won't be all that intense, but it's a little exercise and bonding. It's nice to have active rest days, meaning that I was getting exercise at a lower level of intensity. I have recently learned that I prefer active rest days with light/easy activity like walking, biking, or yoga (which I actually strongly dislike but sometimes do anyway) to complete rest days with no activity. I feel better, in general, when I do something rather than nothing.

Do you have active rest days? What types of things do you do? I'm always curious to know what others do - sometimes I get good ideas!

Have a great weekend!!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Yuckies.

I am officially sick... It's either nasty allergy/sinus stuff or a bad cold. I'm treating my symptoms with allergy and cold medicines.  Breathing is a little rough so I haven't done any running, but have been continuing to workout. Normally when I'm sick it's easy to reach for comfort food but I am not doing that. I'm definitely sticking to eating healthy foods and not overeating. THAT feels really good.

Eating has been awesome this week. Because I wasn't losing weight with what I was eating, I decided to decrease my calories again. I'm trying to get about 1200 a day. I'll see how that works. I've also limited my fruit (sugar!) intake. Hopefully that will help too. There are some other things I feel a little out of control about and taking such a strong hold of my eating and exercise makes me feel a little better. I have something, and right now that's what I need.

Emotionally... I'm getting there. I am feeling a bit better today. Being sick doesn't help, but I'm better than I was earlier in the week. I seem to be handling life okay. At the moment anyway. I have my moments of wanting to break. And I am still very tired and would like to sleep. Last night I didn't sleep well...Not as well as I had been other nights (once I fell asleep anyway). I woke up twice during the night and had trouble getting back to sleep. I know I tossed and turned a lot so I was likely awake a little more than that. I had a couple vivid dreams and one wasn't so great. Actually, neither was great but one really bothered me... I think it's because of some anxiety I'm experiencing right now. It made its way into my dream.

I am ready for the weekend. I'm ready for some distraction and some fun. I think that distraction is helping a little more than it did earlier in the week. I am able to keep my mind off of those things that bother me and I've even laughed a little. I'm finding that I'm better able to keep busy with other things, which keep my mind from wandering.  I still feel bummed when I sit down on the couch to relax or lay down to sleep at night.

Other than that I suppose things are good. I feel pretty good - probably because I'm not eating junk! I'm hoping I'm shedding some pounds this week. I FEEL like I should be, so I'm hopeful that when Saturday comes my weight will be less....Working hard and hanging on to hope.  Seems like I'm hanging on to hope a lot these days. But it's when you lose hope that things get worse. So I'm holding on for dear life, and doing what I can to make things good for me.

Oh! I got some good news from my plastic surgeon's office. I'm going in for my next consult a little earlier (two weeks). Surgery won't be any earlier, but just doing the consult will make me feel like it's getting closer. I mean it IS getting closer... I'm excited. Nervous. And ready!

I hope you are having a fantastic week!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Looking Up....?

I feel a bit better, mentally today. Hopefully this means I'm slowly working my way back to "normal." I hope to be there by the weekend. We shall see.  I still have my moments, but things aren't nearly as bad as they were yesterday, Monday, or Sunday evening. Maybe things are starting to look up....

However, now I am sick. It's just a cold and I had a feeling it was coming but thought maybe not. So NOW on top of already being mentally exhausted, I'm feeling physically tired. Seriously, can't a girl catch a break!? I know things aren't that bad and part of it, I should be able to fix with my own thought processes and such. However, the cold is making me even more cranky. Blah.

I did manage to workout yesterday... I did some Turbofire. I know I didn't push as hard as I usually do but at least it was something. I just didn't seem to have the energy to put into it yesterday. It was hard to do anything at all and took a while to get my butt off the couch. But I did it. I burned some calories and got some exercise. That's what counts.

I wasn't in the mood to run on the treadmill and now that I'm sick who knows when I'll run next... Hopefully Saturday, at the latest! I'm secretly hoping tomorrow I will feel a bit better and ready to run. If not, I suppose I can wait. I just want to feel well enough to run...I really don't think that's asking too much. I'm staying positive that this will be a fast cold that will disappear quickly. 

Today I will also be doing TF. I'll be doing the same HIIT workout as yesterday but instead of the sculpting workout, I'll do the toning one. I added extra cardio yesterday and I'm not sure if I will do that today or not. If I don't add that, I'll add the core workout. Either one would be good for me... Not a high burn if I don't add the extra cardio, but that's okay. I probably shouldn't have too high of a burn anyway...

I still don't have much of an appetite and I know I'm not eating enough. It's just SO hard trying to force yourself to eat. I eat because I know I have to but I'm definitely hitting the minimum. It's been a struggle to reach 1200 daily calories. If not for wine on Monday, I would've been really far under. I'm trying... It's just taking time, like everything seems to.

Time..Timing... It's a tricky thing isn't it?  Life revolves around it... Sometimes it's good and sometimes it just plain stinks. Sometimes we want it to pass quickly and it doesn't. Sometimes we need more of it because we seem to run out of it. Sometimes we want things to happen on our time - and they don't. Time, time, time.... Time and I aren't the best of friends right now. There are good things about time, obviously... Free time, time with loved ones... I'm thankful for that. I'm just annoyed with the negative aspects of time at the moment.

I suppose I should get moving. My workout isn't going to do itself!!

Happy Wednesday!!! I for one am glad it is mid-week!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I'm not really in the writing mood today. This doesn't happen often. I don't have anything remarkable to discuss. I'm not inspired to write a post about something else.

I've just been kind of down lately. I'm just not feeling good... I'm tired but can't sleep very well, every now and then I'll feel hungry but don't feel like eating. I have to force myself to eat. I'm stressed out at work. I'm stressed out at home. I'm just not in a good place and in some ways I feel a lack of control, which I really hate. However, I won't let that totally kill my healthy lifestyle. That is one of the few things that's in my hands; in my control.

With that being said, I'm happy to report that it could've been very easy to go on a binge. I didn't. So far I seem to be surviving without emotionally eating. That's a huge step for me. HUGE. It's awesome, that's really not a struggle for me right now...At all.

Yesterday I didn't eat much. I made up for some of the calories I didn't eat by having some wine. I thought it would help me sleep better. It did not.  I did end up going for a walk with my cousin which made me feel better for a little while. Good ol' distraction. We laughed a lot and it was definitely therapeutic.

The rainy weather isn't helping. That's making me feel even more "blah." I'm going to suck it up and workout anyway. I have a three mile run and some TF scheduled. Because I walked yesterday I didn't do the TF workout that was scheduled... Maybe I will do yesterday's today. Or part of it. Or just do today's. I don't know really, it'll be some form of TF after my run though. Also? I'm not at all excited about my run because it will be on the treadmill.

At this point, I'm only working out because I feel like I have to. Working out, that's the hard part. I'm so tired that I have no motivation. Luckily I have dedication. Motivation or no motivation, my dedication is there and that's something that won't change. I may hate every minute of my workout, but I'll get it done.

I really don't like bringing a negative, depressing tone to my blog. I really try to keep it off of here. The thing is, though, that life is full of ups as well as downs. The downs can effect us in ways that effect our health, both physical and emotional/mental. That's why it's better to be honest... Because how we pull through the tough times shows our true strength. And I guess that's why I'm sharing it here. This blog is about my life and even the bad things are a part of me. 

I'm also showing you that it's possible to continue being healthy even when you don't feel your best.

Strength. That's something I've gained in the last few years - definitely.

Hope you've had a good Tuesday!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Striders Classic 5 Miler Race Report

My friend and I took a little road trip for this race, and it was a fun little getaway. Friday night I did an hour on the elliptical because my friend came a little later. I didn't end up getting there in time to hit the mall like I wanted, but I stopped by the two stores I wanted to go to before I left on Saturday.

Saturday was a nice, chilly morning for a run! Luckily the sun was peeking out which made it a little better. I ran a faster pace than normal ("race pace") and kept it steady throughout most of the run. There were a couple times when I sped up, and as usual I ran hard at the end. I PR'd the race and I did not come in last. That was a huge fear going into the race, and even bigger on Saturday morning when I saw that most of the runners were doing the 10 miler, not the five. The number of runners for our race was pretty small. I'd say not coming in last and setting  a PR would make this race a success for me.

The race itself was fairly uneventful. There were a few hills on the course, which I'm not used to running. I really do need to get some more practice running hills. I just hate them so much! The course went through part of a town (we were on the edge of town) and then into the country. We ran on a dirt road at one point. This was also a new experience for me, as I usually stick to paved surfaces. The only trail run I've done was the mud run last summer. I know I slowed down a little when I ran that leg of the race... There was lots of loose gravel and some holes to navigate around. Of course there were potholes on the main roads too!

I didn't experience any issues during the race and it went pretty well. I picked out my "person" and made sure to stick with her. She was doing the run/walk method so we passed each other off and on, but neither was very far away. Then at the last mile I kicked it up a notch and pushed a little harder. I was ahead of her that whole last mile and finished at least 30 seconds in front of her.

As I mentioned my pace was a little faster than the five miler I did in November. I ran at a pace of 11:25, or about 5.25 if you think in treadmill terms. That's a pretty good time for me. I thought my speed had been deteriorating but I guess it's been improving a little! I had been running on the treadmill at 5.0 so my outdoor pace had been comparable to that. I guess the outdoor runs I've been doing are helping.  I'm almost back to where I was when I did my fastest 5K last fall (about an 11:10 or 5.3-almost 5.4 pace average). I think my goal for this year will be to hit the 10 minute mile range. This doesn't mean 10 flat. It just means under 11. I've been stuck in the 11 range for a while (but in the past the much higher 11-range; like 11:50). It doesn't sound like that much of a difference but it really is. I'd love to hit the 10:50 mark this year! I know that surgery will impact on that (downtime means that I decondition). Distances also make a difference. My increased pace is for a 5K distance, then I'll hope to increase it for longer races from there.

The swag was nice; a race t-shirt and what seemed like an endless supply of bagels at the end (plus protein bars, water - although it had sugar so we passed on it, and bananas). My friend won an award; third place in our age group! That was pretty exciting! They also did a raffle by bib number and my friend won a free pair of Asics!! It's a mail in card and she'll get them in like six weeks. I'm sure they're not the best of the best, but free shoes are free shoes!! Even if she can't run in them, it's nice to have a new pair of kicks for everyday wear! I liked that they had the raffle - pretty cool idea!!  For the raffle and winners they gave away the shoes, glasses, sweatshirts, socks, and pop (that one I thought was kind of silly, but Pepsi was a sponsor).

So that was the race!

I'm not going to write much about the rest of the weekend...  My eating was pretty good (although I was under calories yesterday). Oh! And on Saturday I ended up taking the Little Miss for a walk. We did a few miles and it definitely wasn't anything significant - just a walk. I was pretty sore from the race. In fact, my muscles were still sore yesterday! I think the elliptical on Friday night may have played a role in that too.

So that's that... I'm off to meet up with the cousin and Little Miss for a walk. It's a TF day but I need to get out of the house, plus it's warm and sunny.... Who wants to hide in the basement on a day like today!?

Have a great week!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Finally Friday!

I'm so glad that it's Friday! My weekend has started and I am thankful for that! It has been a busy week at work and I'm definitely looking forward to the weekend. I don't have major plans, but I have some fun planned.  This will actually be a short post because of that fun... I'm getting ready for a race that I have early tomorrow morning. I have more than a few things to get done!

I'm pretty excited about my workout tonight... I'm not loving the weather so I am not running outside. I'm also not running on the treadmill. My hotel has an elliptical, which I plan to take advantage of. I thought about taking TF and my laptop but I don't want to drag everything along. The elliptical is definitely my choice over that anyway.

Tomorrow I have a race! My friend and I are running for Boston and have some fun, jazzed up running outfits to wear. Races are so much more fun with fun outfits.

I have to admit I'm a little nervous about the race. It's a five miler which is a distance I am comfortable with. Actually it's around the distance I prefer... So far 10Ks are my favorite (6.2 miles). They're long enough but not too long. I'm not nervous about the distance though. I'm nervous because it's not a very large one. Whenever I'm in a smaller race I worry about being the slowest runner and coming in last. I don't know why but I just can't stand the thought of being last. I really need to get over that. It might do me good to come in last....I just cringed as I wrote that. I've said it before... I'm just comfortable being somewhere in the middle. It's my happy race place!

The fear of being last... That's a new one I need to get over!

Well I suppose that's about it...I need to go make an early dinner and finish packing before I leave. I want to stop by the mall if I have time, and need to pick of a gift for a baby shower....And I really want to be sure I have some time saved for that elliptical! If I'm down that way by 7 and have time to stop by the mall, I'll be happy. I can handle being at the hotel to hit the elliptical by 8. I'll be happy with just half an hour!

I'll post a race report as soon as I can - if not tomorrow, then definitely on Monday!

Have a fabulous weekend!!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Update

That title is so unoriginal, I KNOW.  That's kind of where I'm at right now... Feeling completely unoriginal and honestly a bit uninspired. I think it's the fact that it's Thursday and today was a pretty busy day for me. I'm not complaining; just explaining that I'm feeling a bit drained this afternoon. So much so that I'm not sure if I will do my longer workout (I did a short one this morning). For some reason Thursdays are always rough for me and I'm generally pretty tired by the time the evening rolls around. 

Eating was fairly healthy today.  The choices I made were good (minus one). I ate healthy all day however due to various meetings at work, I did not get lunch.  Luckily it was popcorn day at work so I had some of that for a snack. Lunch ended up being my snack/mini afternoon meal of two clementines and a Greek yogurt.... Shortly after three this afternoon. Lunch at three is a bit too late for me. Also, clementines and yogurt are not satisfying when you have your heart set on leftover spaghetti squash and sauce the previous night's dinner. It's just not the same thing.

They also don't take away the flaky, floaty head feeling. Or so it seems. I'm still feeling like I'm a little "out there," like I did before I ate lunch. I feel pretty tired too... It's normal to feel that way on Thursday but today it's a different kind of tired. I'm not just sleepy-tired, I'm mentally tired. I should clean a little.... Chances are I'll end up relaxing in my comfy clothes instead.... But I will try a little cleaning.

I may just have leftovers for dinner tonight but I was planning on trying a new chicken recipe, provided I can find the recipe. I found it online a while ago and do you think I can remember which site? Nope. I'm sure it was WW, or blog site I follow like Skinny Taste.  I think I may have printed it out but I need to check in my little stack of recipes I've printed out recently. I really hope it's there... Otherwise, it's something I have a recipe for. Or spaghetti squash. 

As I mentioned I got up early this morning, although not early enough. I was going to do TF Fire 55 but by the time I got done letting the dogs out and in, feeding them, and changing, I was running short on time. I did Fire 30 instead, with the intention of doing either Fire 55 or a run this evening. The weather has been yucky so the run would have to be on the treadmill.  Rather than decide this morning I decided to wait and see how I feel this evening. Some days I'm just not in the mood for the treadmill and others it is not as bad. Given the insanity of the day, I'm leaning toward Fire 55 - if I workout again. Tomorrow isn't supposed to be rainy (just windy - blah) so I was thinking of waiting to do my run tomorrow anyway. I have a race on Saturday, but I don't think that it'll make a huge difference... Saturday is a five miler so running four tomorrow morning (okay that is almost laughable because I can't imagine trying to do a treadmill run before six in the morning!)or afternoon shouldn't make much difference.

Speaking of Saturday's race, I'm still trying to figure out what to do... I have a seven mile run scheduled and being that the race is five, I'll be a couple miles short. The point of these longer training runs is to do it all at once. I'm pretty sure that I will not want to run seven more miles Saturday afternoon. I'm thinking of either running two miles in the afternoon, and doing a few miles on Sunday just for a little extra. Or I may just do the five mile race on Saturday and then do my seven miles on Sunday. I haven't decided yet... I guess I'll see what the weekend brings and figure it out then! That's probably the best thing to do anyway.

Well, I suppose I'm going to go look for that recipe and then decide if I want to do another workout or not. If not, I'm going to start prepping dinner and pick up a little. I need to. Tired or not I feel like I should accomplish SOMETHING around here. If not, I may fall asleep on the couch by seven. Then I'll be up super early.... I suppose that would be a good way to accomplish an early morning run!! I'd have lots of time to allow myself to feel awake - and hydrate!

I hope you're all having a good week!!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Running for Boston!

WOW!! It is amazing how many people have done various things to show tribute to Boston. Yesterday people wore race shirts, purple shirts, blue and/or yellow shirts, and ran. Today is another Run for Boston. It is not my regularly scheduled running day but I'm going to log at least a mile on the treadmill anyway. It's raining now, with a storm moving in....With things like lightning and hail expected. It's probably not wise to run in those elements.

Yesterday I ran a few miles for Boston. Today I will run at least one for Boston.

I know my posts this week have been about Boston but I think it's been on the minds of a lot of us. It's been important for me to write about. Monday's post was a bit hard to follow... I actually planned on writing about the Marathon and how inspired I was by the runners. Then the bombings happened and the tone of my post changed.

As far as my life.... I've been working out and as of yesterday I got back completely on track with healthy eating. It was a rough weekend - I had some major junk food cravings and indulged them. I also ate out. Saturday was a busy day so I didn't end up working out (secret project day; can't reveal much about it). Boo! I had been on a roll and Saturday would've been day 13 without a break. The day was great, I loved my time with the Little Miss, and the project will be more than worth it. I managed a run on Sunday (just over five miles; was scheduled for six) but my eating was pretty crappy... Left over "junk" from Saturday was sitting there, too hard to resist. I'm sure the fact that I had a couple weird dreams/nightmares and was tired did not help. At all. 

Monday was going okay in terms of eating until Monday evening. The stress of a rough day and the news of the bombings made me sad. I felt like I was in a daze. I had a chiropractor appointment, then got some groceries, then planned to workout. I didn't get to the workout. I didn't eat a poorly as during the weekend but it wasn't good. I even had a glass of wine. Yesterday I was recharged and got back on track.I got up and worked out and then ran later. I ate healthy all day. I've been doing well at cutting down on the fruits I've eaten and have increased veggie servings. I definitely feel better about that.

I've been following the whole WW plan for a while now and I think that I'm going to be done with it and go back to using MFP and SP. I tracked on WW and MFP one day and my calories were much higher than I like them to be. I imagine that's been the case the whole time I've been doing WW. I've not seen any major loss, despite working hard. On my not so good weekends I work even harder throughou tthe week, which still doesn't help. I also like the fact that MFP and SP show values for everything tracked. Sure WW factors some of them into the points, but still... Also, the whole "free" fruit thing is really bothering me. I was eating far too many carbs (even though they were the "good" carbs) becuase of the concept of free fruit. I like using a tracker where I can better monitor all of my values. I will be dual tracking for a bit but chances are I will say goodbye to WW at some point in the near future.

Anyway it's time to get this workout started!

Hope you're having a great week!!


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Running Community.

In the last (roughly) 24 hours, I've experienced a lot of feelings... Extreme sadness over the news of a tragedy; then anger. Last night as I was reading various posts on Facebook I started to feel strong. Runners from all over the World have been brought together by a tragic event. It's bittersweet... It's awesome knowing how much of a family we really are. I always felt that sense among other runners but wasn't sure if many other people did. The last 24 hours confirmed it... I'm not the only one who feels that bond.

Runners are people who are drawn together over a common interest. It doesn't matter how fast or slow someone is, we're there to help one another by sharing encouragement and motivation. I've seen my share of finishers walk back along race routes to encourage those of us who weren't finished yet.  On out and back runs, I've received high fives from faster runners; and given them to slower runners.  If someone falls, we help them up.

The bond that we share is nothing less than amazing.

Then there's the bond between us (runners) and spectators; the people who were hurt yesterday. Some of them may have been there supporting friends and family. Some may have been there supporting strangers. Or maybe a mix. Spectators are so important to runners... They are the people who carry us through. We read your signs. We feel the warmth of your smiles. We appreciate your cheers. Without spectators, I don't know that I could've finished my first half marathon.

I still remember exactly what the girl holding the sign that said "if it were easy I'd do it." She had reddish hair and wore it in braided pigtails. I don't know if I"ll ever forget her.  I remember running up the last stretch of Monster Dash last fall and reading a sign that said "don't stop, people are watching." These quotes are all over, but when you're running a race they mean a lot more than when you read them on the Internet.

I've thought a lot about how running a race just wouldn't be the same without the spectators. I hope that yesterday's tragedy doesn't stop them from supporting us. We need you.

A friend posted this blog link on Facebook this afternoon. What the writer says, I couldn't have said better myself. I understand and agree with what she writes about... It's the true feelings of someone who is passionate about this sport. I especially like who she describes the behaviors of runners leading up to a race - it is so, so true. Those of you who stand by us throughout it all are simply amazing.

Yesterday I was in a crappy mood. I was upset, annoyed, feeling insecure, depressed, and anxious. I thought I was having a terrible day. Then I heard the news of the bombings and I was sad. My day wasn't so bad anymore. My "stuff" wasn't life threatening. It wasn't even life altering. It was totally insignificant compared to this. Very, very sad. I cried on and off all evening. I cried for runners, spectators, race officials, volunteers, emergency personnel, the city of Boston, runners and spectators everywhere... Those who do 5Ks to those who do Ultras. I cried for anyone that this impacted in some way; no matter how small. 

All day today I've felt a huge connection the the running community. I wore a race t-shirt to support the movement of runners uniting. I printed out a graphic that shows support and pinned it to my running shirt. I ran for myself. I ran for other runners and spectators everywhere. I ran for Boston.

My daily worries didn't stand in my way of having a fairly decent day. They just didn't matter that much. There are people who are living in the aftermath of a tragedy. Instead of feeling stressed, I've decided to feel strong. And proud... Proud of myself, proud of all runners and supporters/spectators, and mostly proud of how the running community came together to share their support. I can't explain the feeling that I get knowing what an awesome community this is... Runners, spectators, and those who put so much work into providing us with race opportunities.

A good friend and I are running a race this weekend. We will be running for Boston.


Monday, April 15, 2013


Today was the Boston Marathon. No, I was not there. I don't run anywhere near fast enough to even dream of qualifying for that race. Boston is a race for the best of the best, in my opinion anyway.  The winners of today's race (and numerous other finishers) finished in the less time than it took me to do a half-marathon... Half the distance... Boston is not something that I foresee happening in my life - EVER. It's reality. I like to run. I like to do races. I am not a fast runner and I'm okay with that. I don't do races to win. I do them because I enjoy them.... As well as the t-shirts, bibs, medals, and other various forms of race swag!

Boston is something amazing to me... People running around 5 minute (or less!) miles for 26.2 miles? Totally awesome. Heck, I think doing a full marathon is something spectacular. This was a day full of triumph, happiness, and satisfaction for so many runners. This was a day that they should remember for those reasons.

Then there was an explosion. And another.

Someone (or a group of someones) decided to cause a tragedy on a day that should've been a day of celebration for so many. I cannot imagine crossing the finish line of what would be the biggest race of my life and seeing something like that happen.... I've read different reports and phrases like "bloody spectators" have been used. People are describing it as two loud noises then a white cloud. I can't imagine the horror of witnessing that. People are dead. Others are injured.

Things like this still shock me. I have been lucky enough to have never been directly involved in any horrific events. I've not known anyone directly involved. My heart has always gone out to those who have been. I've not been able to imagine the horror of what people have seen. 

Today is a little different. As a runner it hit me differently. This could happen at any large race, at any time. It's frightening. I can put myself in the shoes of some of those who witnessed it.... The runners, their families and friends, race officials, and race volunteers. My heart goes out to them all.

To me, runners are like a family... Whether we run fast, slow; we're strangers or friends... I always feel a sense of camaraderie when I run a race. For me there's an unspoken bond that exists between runners. Today I feel like a part of my family was subjected to tragedy. When I heard the news I was immediately grief-stricken and definitely shed a few tears (like with other tragedies). It's just so overwhelming to hear of something like this.

I'm actually having a hard time writing... I feel like I can't really focus. I feel so sad.

Today I wasn't having a good day. I was grumpy and could've cried earlier because I was overwhelmed. I was an emotional mess to begin with... Then this happened. Suddenly my bad day isn't so bad. My emotions have shifted and I'm overcome with such sadness.

I have an appointment to get to, some groceries to pick up, and then it's home to do TF. I don't have a run scheduled today but I do have one scheduled tomorrow. I'll be running for my running family; running for Boston.


Friday, April 12, 2013

If the Shoe Fits

I was browsing on good ol' Facebook a short time ago and found an interesting discussion about shoes and running.  The person who posted was unsure what to do; wear her older shoes or wear a newer pair for an upcoming half marathon. She was concerned about no having worn the new shoes long enough to break them in.

The idea of breaking in shoes is a source of debate in the running world. Some people say you must break them in. They say that at first shoes fight tightly, may cause blisters, or other issues if they're worn before they are broken in.  After talking with different running "experts" and reading articles online, I have come to the conclusion that breaking shoes in is not something that you should have to do.

A new pair of properly fitting shoes will fit.  Some experts say that they should be good to run in, straight from the box. If the shoes fit properly, there is no reason to break them in. Having been fitted for new running shoes and trying on various pairs in the store just a few months ago, I agree with them. It's my opinion, as well as my personal experience. 

A few things about shoes...

If you're able, go to a running store and have your gait evaluated by a pro. They're trained in knowing what to look for as far as pronation or supination. Some may just have you walk as you naturally do and others may have you walk or run on a treadmill. In both cases they'll watch you. Don't worry though, they're just watching your feet. I just want to stress that you will need to go to a store where associates are specifically trained; don't expect your local Wal-mart shoe department associate to do this. I've found that specialized running stores have the most knowledgeable people. They can also have you stand on one of those fun little gadgets that adjusts to your size. Interestingly, you may read one way but when you try the shoe on, it may fit differently. For example, when I got my shoes recently, the gadget read 9 1/2. When I tried them on, my toe was right at the end, uncomfortably so. I went up to a 10 and it was a perfect fit!

While on the subject of special shoe stores... Don't buy your shoes at Wal-mart. Cost does matter when it comes to good quality shoes. I'm not saying go buy some shoes that cost 200 dollars. I'm also not suggesting that you buy a pair that you can find at the dollar store. Shoe design takes so many factors into consideration. There are various features that not all shoes have. You need to try on several good pair and determine what works for you.  Try running in them if the store has a treadmill (or even just a large open space) to see how they feel. Jump around up and down and see how they feel. Do whatever it takes to simulate your activity to know if the shoe will work for you.

If the shoes are tight when you try them on, then they don't fit properly. Don't buy them. Shoes being too tight does not mean that you need to break them in or stretch them out so that they fit properly.

Obviously as you wear them, shoes will stretch a little. Some more than others... Particularly those made of leather. I think people sometimes make the mistake of buying their shoes too tight, intentionally, because they know that the shoes will stretch.  I say buy a pair that fits you at the time.

As much as style and color might be important for those of us who are fashion-oriented, you have to let that go. Seriously. If a shoe fits but is not available in the color you want, they may be able to order something similar to what you had in mind.  If you've found the perfect shoe, don't settle for something that doesn't fit properly because it's in the right color. 

I've always had some shade of pink on my shoes... Pink and black, pink and silver, pink and gray... Whatever. I love pink; it's my favorite color. I like flashy shoes.  The shoes I bought are not pink. They're a gray-silvery color with a little purple and a turquoise color on them. They're mostly the gray-silver color. They're boring, actually.  There is a fun, super wild style available, but to have them ordered would've taken longer and I needed them immediately. Seriously, the tread was gone from the bottom of my other shoes. The rubber was pretty much rubbed off in some places. They were not safe. They were not even in decent enough shape to donate. They went to the trash.

Shoes that don't fit properly can result in blisters. People say that they break in their shoes to avoid this.  Proper fitting shoes should not cause blisters.

I got blisters often in some of my old shoes. Since I got the new shoes, I've gotten blisters once. That was when I did the half-marathon and I'm pretty sure that was because of such a great distance increase between my last run and the half. I've done a 5K, a 10K, and several runs of other distances while wearing those shoes and did not have any issues.  In my old shoes, a toenail or two would lift and pop-off due to the impact of my foot against the shoe.  I've not had this happen at all. I did get one bruised/black toenail after the half-marathon, but it did not lift and pop-off. My feet have been just fine, aside from usual wear and tear like callouses (that have been there for a while, I'm sure).

I also want to be clear... I'm not saying buy a brand new pair of shoes and go run ten miles. Obviously they may feel differently when you run in them than when you're just walking around a store. I wouldn't call this breaking them in though. I'd call this testing them out. You're going to know after a run if they fit properly or not. If they don't? Take them back and try something else. Personally, I would prefer to run in new shoes for at least a few weeks before a long race. This isn't to break them in, but to adjust to them. I was running in shoes that weren't right for me... A change to running in proper shoes could've been an adjustment. I want to make sure they're correct before a long race.

Improper fitting shoes can not only cause things like blisters, but they can also cause more significant issues like shin splints. Have you had those? They hurt! Horribly! Some people get them for other reasons, but the wrong shoes can be a cause. The wrong shoes can cause more severe injuries too. If your foot is striking awkwardly because of the wrong shoes, you could do some damage.  It is amazing how much your shoes can make a difference in your safety as well as your running performance.

The bottom line? Buy shoes that fit properly when you try them on. Make sure they're comfortable. Test them out. Also make sure to buy new shoes when you need them - don't wait too long. Old shoes, even those that fit properly, get worn out and that can also put you at risk for injury!

Have a great weekend!!!


Thursday, April 11, 2013

"Free" Fruit.

As you probably know, I'm doing WW. I started a few months ago and have really not seen a change in my weight.  I had some rough weekends where I was off track and a week that I had to fight just to break even. Needless to say I wasn't perfect. However, I was MOST of the time.  I can't help but wonder if the whole notion of 80/20 (healthy eating 80% of the time and not-so-healthy eating 20% of the time), is total crap. It's weekends that I have trouble with and generally only one day. That's not anywhere near 20% of the time. Yet I'm not losing weight. 

While on the PP WW plan, it is said that you can eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you would like.  They're pretty much all zero points so despite how many you eat, they are "free." WW does not factor calories into their system. At all.  Point values are based on fat, carbs, protein, and fiber. In WW land it is as though "calories in, calories out" does not exist at all. I have a bit of a problem with this....Especially considering that fruit is high in carbs (and sugar).

I decided that I would track on MFP today and just see where I ended up. My opinion? NOT pretty.

I counted up all of the fruits (including a couple servings of frozen unsweetened strawberries, which do have a point value of one per serving) that I ate today.  My totals were surprising and not in a good way. I believe that the "free points" mentality helped me to forget about calories and that even though they are "good" calories, they are still calories and they DO count (no matter what the powers that be at WW happen to think).

Here are my totals from JUST fruit...  Calories 502. Carbohydrates 145 (g). Sugars 98 (g). I had eight servings of fruit alone; five without the frozen fruits included (two servings of strawberries and one of blueberries).

My total daily calories was 1685 (this is just my intake; no working out subtracted). So, 1183 calories were spent on other things (vegetables, meat, bread, protein powder, etc.).  My total daily carbs was a whopping 260 grams; I also ate 193 grams of sugars. So carbs, without fruit were 115 grams and sugars were 95 grams.

I will say that I had a Cliff Bar which really increased my daily totals for all. I don't usually have a Cliff Bar and I'm sure that it influenced at least my calories, carbs, and sugars. I may have had crackers for half the calories,carbs, and sugars.  The bar alone was 240 calories, 40 grams of carbs, and 21 grams of sugar. WOWZA! Without that factored in my totals would still be a bit more sensible.... At 76 grams of carbs and 77 grams of sugar.

I realize that the carbs and sugars in fruit are not the same as those in, say white bread or cake. The carbs in fruits can be described as "good," or "natural."  The same can be said for their sugars. We need a certain amount of these things in our diet, however... There is such thing as too much of a good thing.

WW does address fruit and eating too much of it on the website. However, the rationale that they use has nothing to do with nutritional values. They seem to focus more on the behavior of eating and encourage the user to examine how much fruit they are eating and why. They point out to be mindful of how full you are; don't eat until you're feeling stuffed; be sure to listen to your hunger signals.They also state to be sure you're not grazing all day, causing you to eat a lot of fruit instead of something unhealthy.  I can safely say that I do not graze. I eat frequently, yes, but I have specific portions set for specific times as snacks. I do not sit and mindlessly consume a bag of grapes, for example.  I rinse and measure something like that in the morning and take it to work with me. I am not sitting at my desk with a bag of grapes. I'm sitting there with one cup of grapes.  I also bring a small apple and two clementines. I don't set myself up to eat an entire bag or container of something.  Why do I eat fruit? I like it and it's healthy. It is important to have fruit in my diet.  Another part of that is that it is an easy go-to snack. It's easy to measure and easy to take to work with me. Perhaps that's my behavioral thing with fruit; it's both healthy and easy. Knowing that fruit is a zero point food makes it even easier to have fruit for snacks.

In terms of vegetables, I definitely don't eat as many as fruit.  I believe I will have had three servings by the end of the day. I had spinach in my protein shake, baby carrots at lunch, and will have some steamed veggies with my dinner. Three isn't bad considering the food pyramid says 3-5 of fruits and veggies a day.  It also says to eat six to ten servings of grains a day and I definitely do not do that. Well, that's the OLD food pyramid. I obviously don't pay attention to it so things may have changed.

At any rate, food pyramid and WW aside, I'd say that eight servings of fruit in one day is probably a bit much. Cutting that in half and finding other healthy snacks, like nuts, wouldn't be a bad idea. I also need to increase my veggie intake. Three a day isn't bad but I should eat at least five servings a day. I'm very picky when it comes to vegetables; I think that's my problem. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have two sides of different veggies at dinner. I could (and should) incorporate some more lean meats into my diet.

I definitely need to cut back on the carbs. Sure the majority of mine come from healthy sources but my body doesn't NEED that many carbohydrates. And it certainly doesn't need that much sugar! I'm going to count my carbs now. I don't mean to say that I'm "going low carb." That's not what I'm doing. I'm just decreasing them, to start. I'm also going to learn about how people carb count to control their blood sugar. My Mom did that and just by changing her eating patterns she lost 20 pounds! I don't think she was diagnosed as being diabetic but she definitely controlled it so that she is not.  I can only imagine how high my blood sugar runs thanks to all the fruit I eat.

So that's my new plan...Fewer carbs; more veggies.  I will most likely track a little more often on MFP just to see where I'm at. Hopefully this works. We shall see...

I'm off to do a run (on the treadmill; boo to bad weather!) and then some TF. I'm definitely glad it is Thursday afternoon!

Hope your week is going well!!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Not Much to Report...

Happy Wednesday! I'm glad that the week is half over, but I wish it was one day closer to being over. I've thought that it should be Thursday ALL day. I guess I'm just ready for the weekend and really wish that tomorrow would be Friday. I'm particularly excited for the weekend because I'm babysitting Little Miss and we are working on a surprise Mother's Day present for her Mommy. Unfortunately I can't say what it is (not sure if my cousin reads this or not, but it would be my luck that she'd read this post!).  I'll write about it eventually... Like after Mother's Day; if I remember. Do you have any idea how painful it is to be excited about something and not be able to share it for fear someone will find out? Almost torture. Anyway.... So Saturday will start off with a little bit of shopping and then it will be special project time.  I'm also excited just to see her and can't wait to pick her up on Friday evening! I can't wait for some cuddle time with her!

Eating continues to go well this week... Healthy, staying in my points, and all that good stuff.  It's already Wednesday evening and I still have some of my weekly PP as well as all of my AP (activity points). It's nice not having to workout just to fight to stay afloat. I much prefer being head of the game like I am now.  I haven't really had any big splurges this week. I've just used my weekly points for this or that; if I wanted a small snack, I'd use a couple. Last night I had some wine, so I used a few on that.  I definitely like being back on-track... Not only am I healthy; it's nice to be stress-free!

Today I have a fairly decent workout schedule... About an hour and a half to get to. I was going to do about 40 minutes of it this morning but I didn't sleep well last night so when it was time to get up I didn't get up.  We have had some rainy weather lately and the thunderstorms started up again last night. One of my dogs, Belle, HATES storms.  She, as usual, felt the need to wake me up.  She always freaks out, panting and pacing like crazy. Even when I am awake and hold on to her, she still freaks out a bit.  I did finally get back to sleep... But when the alarm went off, I said "NO."  I'll do this longer workout tonight and hopefully get to bed early. I would like to do part of tomorrow's workout in the morning. I'd also like to get up on Friday morning to get my workout done so that I don't have to worry about it after work. 

We'll see how all of that goes... If tomorrow doesn't happen, that's okay, but I definitely want to get up and get it done on Friday. It will make my afternoon a little less hectic, that's for sure!

Today I plan on running. It's not raining at the moment but has been off and on all day. I'm torn between putting in time on the treadmill or chancing it and running outside. I was thinking that if I go outside, I'll take my dogs with so that they can get a little exercise. However, they hate the rain. It won't be so bad if I'm outside and get caught in it, but they will not be happy with me if they do. Plus, they're not good runners so it'll be a slow jog with some walking mixed in if they go with me. I definitely need to run outside though. I have a race a week from Saturday so I really need to get out as much as I can. So...Outside it is... I'm just not sure if it's solo or with the fur babies.... Unless it starts to rain again while I change; then there's my answer.

I also hope that by the time I am ready to get outside I will have made a decision.... :)

Hope you're having a fantastic week!!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Another Small Victory!

Man, I feel like I am on a roll lately! This week is turning out to be great!

My eating has been wonderful and I haven't craved anything sweet or unhealthy. I've eaten plenty of fruits and veggies and I'm definitely getting in my water (but that's usually not an issue). I can tell I'm eating well because I'm feeling great!

Exercise has not been a problem, although it usually isn't. Every now and then my motivation to do it lacks, but I generally end up exercising anyway.  There are days that it is definitely more of an effort. I've not had any of those days this week.  I'm on day nine without a "rest" day. No worries - I vary my workouts so I'm not doing the same thing or putting too much stress on my body. Did I mention, I feel great?!

Today was the mark of another small victory. I get a little excited each time this happens because it is rare.  I got up to exercise this morning. It was a shorter workout but it was a workout! In the morning!! If you've read previous posts, you KNOW how much I suck at getting up early to workout. I'm definitely more of an afternoon workout person.

I have felt so good all day about getting up to do that workout. My goal is to do it on Friday too. I should make it a goal of once a week (for now, and then up it to twice) just because. This will help on days I have things going on and end up missing workouts or I'm pressed for time. I wish I felt as good about my afternoon workout as I do for completing the morning workout. 

I have to run today. It's just three miles but... It's raining pretty hard. And thundering. I possibly saw a flash of lightning too.  Outdoor running conditions? Not so great. BLAH! That means that my three miles will be done on the treadmill, which isn't horrible... It's just not what I want to do. I need to pick up the house a bit when I get done though, so maybe that will motivate me to push through and get done faster... Although I don't see that happening. Most likely I'll do my three miles and then continue to the next ten minute mark. Or maybe I'll just go to the next five minute mile mark and stop around 35 minutes.  That five minutes sounds a lot better than 40 minutes... Probably because it's the treadmill. I'm so over that thing! I just want to run outside!! I don't see that happening until the weekend though; looks like rain until then. I suppose I just need to suck it up and spend some quality time with the treadmill.... As horrendous as it will be!

Other than dreading the torturemill, I'm really happy and positive today! I am so thankful that last week I said "enough is enough" and pulled myself out of my funk. As soon as I woke up on Saturday and said "it's a new week; change your thinking," I did. And I've stuck with it since. I realize that's only a matter of days but so much can happen that can derail your positivity. I've dealt with a bit of it, but I'm not hanging on to it. I'll deal with it and move on. The negativity or ridiculous behavior of someone else is not going to bring me down. I've chosen to be healthy. I've chosen to be happy. I've decided that I need to drop a few pounds and look like I did (actually better thanks to my tummy tuck!) two summers ago. My next surgery is two months away. I'm going to work hard so that I can be my absolute best when that time comes. Do I expect to lose 20 pounds by then? Of  course not. As long as I work hard and stay healthy, I'll be happy. Although, in all honesty 10 pounds lost would be great!

Well, it's time to get that run done - hope your week is going well!


Monday, April 8, 2013

Safety First!

I realized that I've never posted anything about being safe when you run. I found a list on the RRCA website and thought I'd share it with you. Much of what is on their list (follow that link) is what I do. This can go for any outdoor activity - walking, biking, skating... Anything! I think we all just need to be reminded to take the time to protect ourselves. 

Things that I do...

When I run, I need music. I wear either one ear bud or keep my music on low so that I can still hear what is going on around me (traffic, footsteps, voices, etc.).

I watch my surroundings.

I always tell someone when I'm going out and when I'm expected to be back; generally I let them know my route too.

I wear at least one brightly colored piece of clothing (usually it's my top), even when it's bright out. I prefer to be seen from a distance away, so I like color! Plus color is a fun addition to any run.

I carry my cell phone in my hand so it is easily accessible.

I pay attention to others but do not engage in contact with them. I may smile or nod at another athlete but that's it. If someone looks shady or creeps me out (intuition, not judgement), I go out of my way to avoid them if possible.  If I can't avoid them, I take that as an opportunity to sprint away!

I run against traffic and obey traffic laws. When a car is present, I do not go unless the driver waves me on.

I'm courteous of other runners. I make sure I don't cut them off, pass carefully - even in races because that's just good running etiquette!

My latest addition? Pepper spray. There are companies that make it for people who do things like walk, run, or bike. It fits right onto your hand so you have it near and ready to use.

What I'm doing next to further my safety... Self-defense. I've learned some skills from Turbofire but I think a self-defense class is a good idea. I also remember two techniques from a class in college that will surely drop a man to the ground.

I've had safety on my mind and thought that since the weather is getting nicer for many of us, it would be a good time to remind you to be safe!!



I am thrilled that I got to a place where my mental health is back in check! I knew Friday when I went to bed that my bad week was over. That was it - no more self-esteem issues or feeling like I was fighting a losing battle. The day was going to be the first (of many) good days to come. And? It was.

I weighed-in and managed to maintain my weight. I'm not surprised since I had to work all week just to balance out my points plus. I'm pretty happy that I didn't show a gain! I was honestly unsure this week. I knew I'd worked hard but with the points extravaganza it was "iffy."

I decided to have a little breakfast (woke up starving for some reason) and then relax a bit before I worked out. I had planned on a two-a-day but that changed since it was raining. I ended up doing some TF in the morning and also did a bonus burn circuit on one of the DVDs, which is actually from Chalean Extreme. It was a good workout and the bonus was incredible.  Despite using resistance bands, I felt the burn. Of course, I was using free weights for different moves, so I'm sure that had some impact on that. I was actually still a bit sore in a few places when I woke up this morning! I will definitely be finding a place for that in my workouts - at least once a week! After my workout I was starving (again!), so I showered and then had some lunch. After that I headed out for some grocery shopping. I had planned on going to church that evening but those plans changed and I went on Sunday morning instead. I also went out for a delicious dinner on Saturday evening.  I had a couple martinis with dinner so despite eating pretty healthy (spinach dip and some pita bread for a shared appetizer, and whitefish with rice and veggies for dinner - ate about half), I knew I'd be using some of my weekly points allowance, which I was okay with. Just the martinis were six PP each! Later, I decided to have a little wine. Did I use some of my weeklies? Yup. However, I still have a lot left which is much better than last weekend. AND, that's what the weeklies are there for - little splurges here and there!

Sunday was pretty laid back. I went to church and then out for brunch. After that, I relaxed for a little bit then got ready for a jog/walk. My Mom decided to go with me so I knew I had to figure out a plan. I didn't want to walk the whole five miles, especially since I have a five mile race coming up in a couple weeks. I decided to start out at a slow jog, so that I wasn't too far ahead of her. That didn't work. I got farther ahead than I wanted. So then I decided to practice my backward jogging skills, which would mean I'd go slower. That was great for a couple minutes here and there, but I had to keep looking over my shoulder to make sure I wouldn't trip over anything.  I thought about running a head and then stopping and doing some crunches, push-ups, jacks, or something while she caught up, and then I'd run again. I decided I didn't want to do that on the dirty, hard ground. Or in front of the general public.

Finally I settled on running ahead (like to the end of two blocks), turning around and running back to where ever my Mom was, then I would walk with her to the point where I had stopped running. When I reached that point, I started running again and repeated that process throughout. Basically? There were some areas that between running and walking, I covered three times. Although it was a five mile route, I'm pretty sure that I got an extra couple miles with all of my back and forth jogs and walks. This was definitely a good method of jogging and still being able to spend time together.  It was pretty fun to have her with me and be able to enjoy part of the route with her. I'm sure I ran at a slower pace but I'm okay with that. It was a nice time.

After that I headed home to shower, do some laundry and cleaning, and some relaxation and reading. It was definitely a good weekend. It was nice to be around home and not be committed to running here or there for a specific reason. I actually felt pretty energized after the weekend, despite all of the activity. I earned 15 activity points over the weekend, so that was nice!

I generally do not weigh-in on days other than Saturdays. If I allow myself too, I get too obsessive. So with WW, I've really been trying to stick to that weekly weight.  This morning, though, I wanted to see what kind of damage the weekend caused.  The results? Nothing. I weighed exactly the same as I did on Saturday morning. I was nervous that eating out twice, and enjoying a few drinks, was going to have some horrible effect, but it didn't.  My points usage reflects that. Now I can ease into the week knowing that every minute of hard work that I do isn't going to be to fight off the weekend. Maybe I'll be back on the losing track again!! Now that I'm stocked up on groceries I'll definitely be eating healthy, and I'm obviously going to continue working out.... So I'm hoping for a loss this week. I'm actually hoping for a "big" loss. At this point a "big" loss would be a couple pounds.  If I can lose two this week, I will be happy. In my mind I would LOVE to lose just over three, but I'm realistic and know that it may not happen. With my hard work and healthy habits, a two pound loss seems realistic for me. At least I hope it is!!

I'm so happy to be back on-track.... In all ways. Even though I was eating healthy most of the time (minus those couple weekends) and continuing to workout, my mindset wasn't on-track. Thoughts and feelings can have so much impact on your health and well-being. I'm feeling happy and positive now. I'm trying hard to not compare myself to anyone else and to just keep pushing forward for ME. It's nice! I am trying not to stress about things (honestly, not blowing my points helped with that - as well as seeing that my weight was stable). I'm filtering negativity out of my life. I have no room for it. I do not need to be surrounded by negative energy. The words of people who really do not matter are not something to worry about. They will have their opinions and thoughts about me. I cannot change them. I also won't be around it. I'm strong and I'm happy. Maybe others aren't. That's not for me to worry about. We all have our own insecurities and issues... Clearly those who have negative responses to me or my life are dealing with some of their own. That's sad for them and I hope that they can learn to be happy in their own lives so that they're not getting involved too much in the lives of others!

I have to say that I don't have to deal with many of these people. Most of the people I allow into my life are positive, happy, supportive people. They're family and good friends. I simply don't need to be around those who are not. Sometimes it can be bothersome or even hurtful to have to let go of people or situations in life, but it's worth it.  My belief is that it's worth letting things (or people) that drag you down go. Your own happiness in life is what matters. I want to be surrounded by people who bring out the positive, happy side of me. I'm happy on my own, but there is a huge difference between people who suck the life out of you and those who lift you up.  I want the latter in my life; and that's how I want to be in the lives of my friends and family. 

Happy Monday!! Have a great week!!!



Just a quick post (from my phone; hopefully this means no typos!)....

If you get dual replies from me, I'm sorry! I was informed once that when I reply on the posts, if the person hasn't clicked "subscribe" they don't get the reply. I've been trying to reply in the notification e-mails that I get. I appreciate your feedback and want to make sure that you get it.  :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Oh Friday...

I am so glad that it's Friday - for multiple reasons. The largest being that it's the weekend, and I'm ready for it! I love my two days off and I always try to make the most of them - in whatever way makes me happy at the time. I'm excited to be home this weekend... It's been a month. I have big cleaning/organizing plans but we'll see how that works.... Hopefully well!!

I'm also excited because tomorrow begins a new week for me as far as WW. I'm ready. I need to get this week behind me and start over with a new, healthy week. A week that will not be one that is spent working hard just to break even regarding the points I used. I should be working hard and having those activity points left over. I feel like all the hard work I did in terms of my workouts was almost for nothing... I know that's not true, but it sure can seem like it at times!

I'm ready to go grocery shopping and stock the fridge full of healthy, wonderful foods. Colorful fruits and vegetables, lean meats, protein powder (oh how I miss my shakes in the morning), and other fantastic things. I am so ready to re-stock! I am also ready to try some new things.

I had a ton of fun last weekend, and the weekend before, and the weekend before that.... I stuck to being healthy most of the time, but obviously there were some indulgences that probably outweighed them. The good thing? I didn't indulge in everything. I made choices regarding which indulgences and stuck to those. All weekends could have been a lot worse, that's for sure!

I'm ready for a new week... It's always a good thing, especially after a week like I have had.  It's like a new beginning. The fight for this week is over and I can start a new week with a fresh, positive outlook. I will, most definitely, not eat out or drink like I did last weekend. Limits.  That's where I've gone off-track, I think, and that's what I'm going to be more disciplined about.

Last night I looked at pictures from a couple summers ago...This was also 20 (less) pounds ago. It's time to get back on-track and get there again. Looking back, I LIKE how I looked. I was still struggling with the thoughts that I needed to lose 20 more pounds at that time...You know what? I was okay where I was. I looked healthy. I looked good. Was a I supermodel? Nope, not even close. Looking back made me realize that I should've been okay with where I was instead of getting so frustrated all the time.  In reality, it could be those thoughts of not getting where I wanted to and letting the scale stress me out that lead me to gain 20 pounds. I'm sure some of it was a less restrictive lifestyle, but I really think attitude plays a huge role in weight loss.

So... I have a goal in mind. And I have a positive outlook. When I lose those 20 pounds I WILL be happy with how I look. That's my new final goal. If I lose more from that point, okay, but I'm not going to stress out. I looked good... I felt good... I was healthy... I was happy.... Those are the things that matter. Those are the things that I want to achieve again.

As of today (well the day is almost over so technically tomorrow) I'm re-committing myself to living like I did back then. I want to be just as happy and as healthy. I'm on track and focused to lose 20 pounds and I'm going to do it.... Only weighing once a week, still following WW, and of course still exercising...But above all, I'm going to take the time to celebrate every little achievement along the way. I am going to stop beating myself up over perceived failures. It's time I get back to treating myself like I actually love myself. It's a key to happiness in my life.

This is also a good thing about a new week... All of the bad feelings I've had about myself this week need to go. After today they're gone.  No more allowing myself to feel like a tank.  My self-esteem was NOT good this week. At all. I don't think that the eating and drinking situation helped any but I've also felt BIG all week. Not just fat (although I do feel like my thighs are HUGE today - maybe I'm holding onto some fluid?), but big in general... Even just having my extra skin there made me feel big. I don't know... Just a bad week I guess. I honestly have just felt like a disgusting, big blob for days.

Those feelings are gone after today. If I catch myself doing any self-loathing starting tomorrow I'm punishing myself by... I don't know yet, I'll figure it out tonight. Maybe 10 burpees for each negative thought I have? THAT will teach me. Friggin' burpees... At the same time that I'll be training myself to STOP thinking that way, I'll actually be doing something good for my body. As much as burpees suck, they are good exercise. They're also not something I want to have to do outside of a regular workout that includes them... So the trade off for a bad thought is a good burpee.

Basically? I'm conditioning myself to be less of an ass to myself... The consequence of my bad thought is a burpee. The reward for not having them? Better self-esteem.

Are any of you struggling with things that might be impacting on your weight/health despite eating healthy and exercising? Mental stress can really play a role in your success! That's why journaling is SUCH a good tool... I need to start doing better at that too! I've gotten away from it and definitely need to start up again!

Friday, I'm glad you're here and I'm glad you're going to be leaving soon. I'm ready for the freshness of a new week. I'm ending the week on a positive note - it's time to turbo!

Have a great weekend!!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Small Victories.

Do you ever ask yourself, "what is wrong with me today?" That's been the question in my head today. Well, all week actually. I've been craving sweet things like crazy. I wonder if that's because I had some sweet things last week, and then over the weekend... And earlier in the week. Once you get sugar, your body wants it. There's a lot of research that shows various reasons for which the body craves sugar; one of those being consumption.

Sugary crap (candy) is readily available at work. If it were only in the vending machine upstairs, I'd avoid it completely. Taking that extra time to go get something I know is bad for me makes me reconsider. This is also the reason I try not to keep things at home. If it's there, I will eat it. Having it around also makes it easier to binge... Not necessarily for an emotional reason, but sometimes just because it's there. For me, it is best to just keep it out of the house.

Anyway, the problem with the sweets at work is that our recreation therapy staff sells it to raise money for a fund so that we can buy residents Christmas gifts.  That room is just through an inconvenient door that someone decided needed to be there. The door has really not served any good purpose. People used to use it to cut through from one office to another (pretty sure that wasn't the intended purpose; and talk about annoying!), but now there's an area blocked off and they cannot get through (ha!). I suppose it was there for convenience between the two departments. However, it's really not that hard to go to the hallway and then to the next door. Okay, I'm off-track ranting about the door. The door DOES have its place in this little explanation though.

Do you know how easy it is to walk a few feet to the Land of Treats?  It's easy. Very easy. Too easy.  I was fighting it this afternoon. I had one of those self-talks (just in my head!) about how I shouldn't do it. I was trying to tell myself that I have the points left for it, and already decided I don't want any wine tonight (WHAT?!). The only "treat" type thing I have at home is a Cliff Bar. High on calories, carbs, and such, but it would be an okay snack since it has a good amount of protein in it. Despite that, I'm trying to avoid those. It's six or seven points for one. Sure, it's slightly cookie-like but that's a lot of points. Just like that's a lot of points for some kind of candy coated chocolate pure-evil-goodness.

Fortunately for me the voice in my head that said things "you don't need that," "you're trying to get away from that junk," "that is NOT going to do you any good," is the voice that won. Thank goodness. I think this is the first time all week that the good voice won. Sure, yesterday it was a matter of a Cliff Bar, but STILL. It took a lot of talking because something sweet was sounding like such a great idea.... The kind of great idea I'd be upset about later.  In addition to the self-talk, I ate some almonds and drank a glass of water. This seemed to help curb the craving. By the time I saw something sweet a little while later, I didn't want it anymore.

Another thing that's helped? Knowing that I had no weekly points left after last weekend. There's debate about eating your activity points or not... I try not to. I prefer not to. This week? I've been working my ass off just to break even. I used my weekly points allowance plus my activity points. That's a lot of points. I feel good from all the working out I've done, however it sucks to know that I ate back every single point that I earned. If I'm putting in this work I'd rather see my activity points pile up, and if I happen to use a few then okay.

Beating a craving like that is NOT easy. For a while when I was super regimented with my eating, it was easy. I went "cold turkey" from all things bad and didn't miss it. That was at the start of this journey and lasted for quite a while.  When I started allowing little treats into my diet (still not at home), I noticed it was harder for me to avoid them.  Honestly there are times when I'm out with others and they get some awesome fried appetizer that I feel a little bummed that I don't indulge. Sometimes I will, but if I know I'm eating out twice in a day or will be having cocktails too, I try not to give in. I allow little indulgences but too many is bad news.

It's a small victory, and for me (because of how well I know I can do), it doesn't even seem worth celebrating. BUT I know I need to be happy with myself for avoiding it. With all of my running around, I'm feeling so off-track (because I AM), and even a small victory like this one feels good.

Part of my recent desire to be home is eating-related. I hate getting away from my usual schedule. It's so much easier to indulge when I'm not home, and in some situations I cannot cook and am forced to eat out. I get tired of it. I feel yucky when I eat out too much and would just rather avoid it if at all possible. I do go for healthier options when I can but sometimes it is hard. And sometimes there really are no good options. There are options disguised as good, that really aren't so great. It's like if something is lower in fat or calories, it's higher in sodium. It is a very hard game to win. About the only way to win the eating out game is by avoiding it, or really limiting it.  With all I've been doing lately, I've not been good about that. I seem to go in streaks... When I'm on the go, I'm not so good. When I'm home a little more, I'm great.

I'm trying to focus on healthy eating more than I have lately, which is why I'm pretty excited about just staying home for a while. I'm also interested in cooking new things again. I tried a new recipe the other night (from WW!) the other night, unsure of how it would be and... It was wonderful. I will definitely make that dinner again. When I have a success like that (and the time!) I enjoy cooking. I've gotten into a routine again and definitely need to get back to trying to mix it up more.

I need groceries.  I plan to sit down and write out a list of different meal ideas and what I need. I also need to stock up on things like fruits and veggies... Other than clementines I'm out of fruit. The veggie situation isn't much better. Another perk to being home - a full grocery shopping trip on Sunday! Yay! I'm seriously excited about that.

On a non-food related note...That exercise I've been doing? Has made me feel pretty good. I've been tired a lot but the workouts make me feel better and make my mood better. I can feel the work today - woohoo! I hadn't done the TF Tone workout in a few weeks (only getting in one ST session using the Sculpt workout) and I can feel it today.  In addition to tone, I did a core workout so I feel it in my core too. I'm pretty sure I'm a little sore just about everywhere.... Glutes, thighs, arms, abs, back... All of it; sore. I love it. I especially love it because I worked at a harder level than the last time I did each of those workouts. Obviously I have improved and got to a point where I am pushing hard enough I feel it again. 

Today is just a cardio day; three mile run followed by TF Fire 55. I'm thinking I should do my run outside... I'm not in the treadmill mood and it's soooo easy to get distracted when I'm on it and in that mood. If I run outside, I can't stop and goof around or text or whatever. I tend to push harder outside and since it's finally getting warmer, I really should get out there. I'll be done earlier if I do it outside too.... Leaving time to pick up the house a little; especially to finish cleaning my room (why do I have SO many clothes!?).

I've been in a bit of a funk lately so working out a lot has helped a lot...Getting back on track with eating will help too.  I think getting outside will help even more because I won't be dreading my run. I like to run, but I really am not enjoying being stuck inside anymore. I know I CHOOSE to run inside when it's cold and I could run outside but I don't like it. At all. I've given it a couple good chances and I'm not a fan.

I suppose I should get to work on that run....

Make time to celebrate your own small victories!!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Do you ever just get tired of being on the go? Not in terms of exercise but in terms of doing things...I feel like I am on the go A LOT. Sometimes I just need a break. And by a break I mean time to stay home and clean my house.  I know I've written about the organizing I want to do. I have not had much time to do it. I think the last weekend I had at home was nearly a month ago. And I'm pretty sure I was babysitting. I just want to stay home and clean/organize. And, of course, workout. I'm really hoping that it's nice enough to do my long run outside on Saturday. I'm getting really tired of the treadmill too. I'm just tired of staying inside to run because it's too cold out. I'm past the point of being ready for warmer temperatures. I'm so over the cold. SO over it. I think that plays a part in feeling like I do too. Warmer weather will definitely perk me up a little.

I love socialization. I love visiting the people I love, spending time with friends, and just having a good time. It's great...Definitely one of my favorite things. But sometimes the running wears on me. I'm at that point again. I feel overwhelmed in some areas and way behind and out of control in others.  I can't stand feeling out of control.

The two things I have been in control of this week have been my workouts and healthy eating. Yay! However, everything else is suffering. I'm tired. I'm getting kinda cranky and emotional because of it. I'm starting to feel like I have all of these demands on me outside of home and it's getting to be too much.  Most of what I do is by choice, but sometimes even those things by choice feel like they come with a certain amount of pressure.  I guess I just don't want to let people down and it's hard for me to know I may do that.  I'm starting to feel like I'm going to crack under the pressure.I have a lump in my throat and tears wanting to escape just writing about it! Feeling like this is no way to be around others, so in the end they'd probably be happy if I said no and didn't get cranky!

I'm glad that I'm going to workout soon. I definitely need it! I'm hoping that it will make me feel a little less stressed. As much as I hate it, my afternoon workout is one of my favorite parts of the day; most days it IS my favorite part of the day. I may dread it at times, but when I'm done I feel so good. I'm also looking forward to dinner - spaghetti squash and sauce - tonight. Healthy and delicious; my favorite! 

I take time for me pretty much everyday.  Usually that's in the form of working out. I enjoy it (even when I hate it) and after I feel good. I feel like I need to start taking a little more time for me in other ways. I have so many things I want to do around home and I'm not doing them because I'm so busy with other things. I wish I had more energy during the week but I'm so worn out that after I workout, shower, eat, and clean up the kitchen...I'm done.  Generally it's like eight by then, so that's probably why. Who wants to start a project at that time? Not I!

As much as it sounds like I'm complaining/venting, I'm not. Writing out all of this stuff is a reminder to myself to take the time to slow down. Hopefully it's made someone else realize that maybe they take on too much sometimes and that they should slow down a little. After all, stress and feeling overwhelmed can impact on your health just as much as what you eat or how much you exercise.

With that, I'm off to go enjoy my workout - it's a TF day today. My schedule originally called for HIIT 15 and Tone 30. I'm pretty sure I'll be adding Fire 30 and maybe Core 20. 45 minutes just wasn't enough so I thought I'd make it 75 or possibly 95 (at most, with core).  Core will depend on how hungry I am at the time. If I can actually feel hunger I'm going to stop and eat because if I keep going and eat later then I'll be hungrier and will most likely eat a little too much. Luckily spaghetti squash is healthy, but still, I don't want to eat an entire squash all by myself! :)

Happy Wednesday!!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Feeling Strong

After my workout last night, I was feeling pretty good. I've noticed that the last couple times I've done one of my TF resistance band workouts, I haven't felt quite as sore. This is a sign of improvement. I decided that I'd put more effort into my workout so that I would get more benefit from it. I did the moves at the more advanced level, doing what I could to make the bands tighter and the workout harder. During the exercises, I felt sore at times and definitely had to push to finish a couple of them.

Today? I don't feel as sore as I had been after doing this workout. I can feel a little bit when I move the right way, but not like I had been. Although I'm still pushing to work the muscles, I think my body is adjusting to the moves. The movements aren't so different anymore. I have to admit that I do miss that soreness after the workout. When I feel sore the next day, I know I've worked hard. However, feeling sore as you work (and getting to that point of becoming shaky) is probably more important. During a workout, the soreness tells me I am working.

Despite not feeling the same degree of soreness, I felt strong today.... Because I didn't feel that soreness. I haven't had this feeling in a while which is why it seems a bit different. Not feeling that way today means that my performance is improving. Finally! I have not done ST consistently enough to feel this way in a long time. I will most definitely be keeping it up! As much as I like feeling sore the next day, I like knowing that I'm getting better - and stronger!

I'm ready for today's workout, which I will be starting shortly... I have a two mile run with striders during the second mile (basically intervals) on the agenda, plus a TF workout. I think I will do the run first because intervals can become tiring. I don't want to be worn out before I tackle them. I haven't done running intervals in a while. I'll be on the treadmill today, which is why my striders are going to be done as time intervals instead. I'm really not sure the equivalent of 10-15 yards (although I could figure it out) and don't want to have to try to keep such a close eye on distance anyway. I'll just do regular running intervals....Jog for a minute, then sprint for 30 seconds. It's not the same as doing striders, but overall I think it's similar. I'll continue a slower jog to cool down after that second mile. I'll extend my time to hit 30 minutes... At least that's what I'm planning. Hopefully the intervals will help the treadmill time go by faster. I'll have to keep an eye on my speed, which is always a pain, but that's okay!

I have a healthy dinner to cook after the workout, and then plan to enjoy my evening! I suppose I should go get started.  I had to stop at the store after work so I'm a little bit behind schedule already - so easy for that to happen!!

Hope you're having a healthy week!