Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Another Small Victory!

Man, I feel like I am on a roll lately! This week is turning out to be great!

My eating has been wonderful and I haven't craved anything sweet or unhealthy. I've eaten plenty of fruits and veggies and I'm definitely getting in my water (but that's usually not an issue). I can tell I'm eating well because I'm feeling great!

Exercise has not been a problem, although it usually isn't. Every now and then my motivation to do it lacks, but I generally end up exercising anyway.  There are days that it is definitely more of an effort. I've not had any of those days this week.  I'm on day nine without a "rest" day. No worries - I vary my workouts so I'm not doing the same thing or putting too much stress on my body. Did I mention, I feel great?!

Today was the mark of another small victory. I get a little excited each time this happens because it is rare.  I got up to exercise this morning. It was a shorter workout but it was a workout! In the morning!! If you've read previous posts, you KNOW how much I suck at getting up early to workout. I'm definitely more of an afternoon workout person.

I have felt so good all day about getting up to do that workout. My goal is to do it on Friday too. I should make it a goal of once a week (for now, and then up it to twice) just because. This will help on days I have things going on and end up missing workouts or I'm pressed for time. I wish I felt as good about my afternoon workout as I do for completing the morning workout. 

I have to run today. It's just three miles but... It's raining pretty hard. And thundering. I possibly saw a flash of lightning too.  Outdoor running conditions? Not so great. BLAH! That means that my three miles will be done on the treadmill, which isn't horrible... It's just not what I want to do. I need to pick up the house a bit when I get done though, so maybe that will motivate me to push through and get done faster... Although I don't see that happening. Most likely I'll do my three miles and then continue to the next ten minute mark. Or maybe I'll just go to the next five minute mile mark and stop around 35 minutes.  That five minutes sounds a lot better than 40 minutes... Probably because it's the treadmill. I'm so over that thing! I just want to run outside!! I don't see that happening until the weekend though; looks like rain until then. I suppose I just need to suck it up and spend some quality time with the treadmill.... As horrendous as it will be!

Other than dreading the torturemill, I'm really happy and positive today! I am so thankful that last week I said "enough is enough" and pulled myself out of my funk. As soon as I woke up on Saturday and said "it's a new week; change your thinking," I did. And I've stuck with it since. I realize that's only a matter of days but so much can happen that can derail your positivity. I've dealt with a bit of it, but I'm not hanging on to it. I'll deal with it and move on. The negativity or ridiculous behavior of someone else is not going to bring me down. I've chosen to be healthy. I've chosen to be happy. I've decided that I need to drop a few pounds and look like I did (actually better thanks to my tummy tuck!) two summers ago. My next surgery is two months away. I'm going to work hard so that I can be my absolute best when that time comes. Do I expect to lose 20 pounds by then? Of  course not. As long as I work hard and stay healthy, I'll be happy. Although, in all honesty 10 pounds lost would be great!

Well, it's time to get that run done - hope your week is going well!


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