Monday, April 15, 2013


Today was the Boston Marathon. No, I was not there. I don't run anywhere near fast enough to even dream of qualifying for that race. Boston is a race for the best of the best, in my opinion anyway.  The winners of today's race (and numerous other finishers) finished in the less time than it took me to do a half-marathon... Half the distance... Boston is not something that I foresee happening in my life - EVER. It's reality. I like to run. I like to do races. I am not a fast runner and I'm okay with that. I don't do races to win. I do them because I enjoy them.... As well as the t-shirts, bibs, medals, and other various forms of race swag!

Boston is something amazing to me... People running around 5 minute (or less!) miles for 26.2 miles? Totally awesome. Heck, I think doing a full marathon is something spectacular. This was a day full of triumph, happiness, and satisfaction for so many runners. This was a day that they should remember for those reasons.

Then there was an explosion. And another.

Someone (or a group of someones) decided to cause a tragedy on a day that should've been a day of celebration for so many. I cannot imagine crossing the finish line of what would be the biggest race of my life and seeing something like that happen.... I've read different reports and phrases like "bloody spectators" have been used. People are describing it as two loud noises then a white cloud. I can't imagine the horror of witnessing that. People are dead. Others are injured.

Things like this still shock me. I have been lucky enough to have never been directly involved in any horrific events. I've not known anyone directly involved. My heart has always gone out to those who have been. I've not been able to imagine the horror of what people have seen. 

Today is a little different. As a runner it hit me differently. This could happen at any large race, at any time. It's frightening. I can put myself in the shoes of some of those who witnessed it.... The runners, their families and friends, race officials, and race volunteers. My heart goes out to them all.

To me, runners are like a family... Whether we run fast, slow; we're strangers or friends... I always feel a sense of camaraderie when I run a race. For me there's an unspoken bond that exists between runners. Today I feel like a part of my family was subjected to tragedy. When I heard the news I was immediately grief-stricken and definitely shed a few tears (like with other tragedies). It's just so overwhelming to hear of something like this.

I'm actually having a hard time writing... I feel like I can't really focus. I feel so sad.

Today I wasn't having a good day. I was grumpy and could've cried earlier because I was overwhelmed. I was an emotional mess to begin with... Then this happened. Suddenly my bad day isn't so bad. My emotions have shifted and I'm overcome with such sadness.

I have an appointment to get to, some groceries to pick up, and then it's home to do TF. I don't have a run scheduled today but I do have one scheduled tomorrow. I'll be running for my running family; running for Boston.


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