Monday, April 29, 2013

Fantastic Friday!

**Someone saved her post but never hit "publish" on Friday.**

This was a very nice Friday! The weather was gorgeous (not warm enough for me, but sunny!). I've been working for my Dad on Fridays so I spent some time cleaning his business.... Exciting, right? Hey, at least it was some money in my pocket! I even cleaned the toilet... That alone should mean I earned the cash! I hate cleaning toilets!!

I spent part of the morning with my Mom, babysitting, then I went to his shop and talked with him and started working.  I took a break and had lunch with my cousin, her daughter, and one of our friends. Then I did some birthday gift shopping for my Dad. Then it was back to work for a while, until my Mom got back into town (they were off buying a new truck).  We decided to take advantage of the nice weather and went for a walk. It wasn't quite up to my usual level of intensity but it was nice to spend some time with my Mom, and at least we were active! We waited for my Dad to get back and then she and I took the new truck for a cruise. Luckily I didn't get pulled over when testing it's limits! After that I headed home to workout (TF), have some dinner, do a little laundry and just relax... So here I am.

I've been working hard all week (both exercise and healthy eating) so I'm excited to weigh-in tomorrow. I am hoping to see a decent loss - at least a couple pounds! I finally feel like I have things under control so let's hope....

Other than that I guess I don't have much of an update to post. I'm ready for the weekend, that's for sure. On tomorrow's agenda I have an eight mile run, a baby shower, and a birthday dinner for my Dad. It will be a full day for sure! Sunday I have a walk planned with two of my cousins, and of course the Little Miss. Again, it won't be all that intense, but it's a little exercise and bonding. It's nice to have active rest days, meaning that I was getting exercise at a lower level of intensity. I have recently learned that I prefer active rest days with light/easy activity like walking, biking, or yoga (which I actually strongly dislike but sometimes do anyway) to complete rest days with no activity. I feel better, in general, when I do something rather than nothing.

Do you have active rest days? What types of things do you do? I'm always curious to know what others do - sometimes I get good ideas!

Have a great weekend!!


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