Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Feeling Strong

After my workout last night, I was feeling pretty good. I've noticed that the last couple times I've done one of my TF resistance band workouts, I haven't felt quite as sore. This is a sign of improvement. I decided that I'd put more effort into my workout so that I would get more benefit from it. I did the moves at the more advanced level, doing what I could to make the bands tighter and the workout harder. During the exercises, I felt sore at times and definitely had to push to finish a couple of them.

Today? I don't feel as sore as I had been after doing this workout. I can feel a little bit when I move the right way, but not like I had been. Although I'm still pushing to work the muscles, I think my body is adjusting to the moves. The movements aren't so different anymore. I have to admit that I do miss that soreness after the workout. When I feel sore the next day, I know I've worked hard. However, feeling sore as you work (and getting to that point of becoming shaky) is probably more important. During a workout, the soreness tells me I am working.

Despite not feeling the same degree of soreness, I felt strong today.... Because I didn't feel that soreness. I haven't had this feeling in a while which is why it seems a bit different. Not feeling that way today means that my performance is improving. Finally! I have not done ST consistently enough to feel this way in a long time. I will most definitely be keeping it up! As much as I like feeling sore the next day, I like knowing that I'm getting better - and stronger!

I'm ready for today's workout, which I will be starting shortly... I have a two mile run with striders during the second mile (basically intervals) on the agenda, plus a TF workout. I think I will do the run first because intervals can become tiring. I don't want to be worn out before I tackle them. I haven't done running intervals in a while. I'll be on the treadmill today, which is why my striders are going to be done as time intervals instead. I'm really not sure the equivalent of 10-15 yards (although I could figure it out) and don't want to have to try to keep such a close eye on distance anyway. I'll just do regular running intervals....Jog for a minute, then sprint for 30 seconds. It's not the same as doing striders, but overall I think it's similar. I'll continue a slower jog to cool down after that second mile. I'll extend my time to hit 30 minutes... At least that's what I'm planning. Hopefully the intervals will help the treadmill time go by faster. I'll have to keep an eye on my speed, which is always a pain, but that's okay!

I have a healthy dinner to cook after the workout, and then plan to enjoy my evening! I suppose I should go get started.  I had to stop at the store after work so I'm a little bit behind schedule already - so easy for that to happen!!

Hope you're having a healthy week!


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