Monday, April 8, 2013


I am thrilled that I got to a place where my mental health is back in check! I knew Friday when I went to bed that my bad week was over. That was it - no more self-esteem issues or feeling like I was fighting a losing battle. The day was going to be the first (of many) good days to come. And? It was.

I weighed-in and managed to maintain my weight. I'm not surprised since I had to work all week just to balance out my points plus. I'm pretty happy that I didn't show a gain! I was honestly unsure this week. I knew I'd worked hard but with the points extravaganza it was "iffy."

I decided to have a little breakfast (woke up starving for some reason) and then relax a bit before I worked out. I had planned on a two-a-day but that changed since it was raining. I ended up doing some TF in the morning and also did a bonus burn circuit on one of the DVDs, which is actually from Chalean Extreme. It was a good workout and the bonus was incredible.  Despite using resistance bands, I felt the burn. Of course, I was using free weights for different moves, so I'm sure that had some impact on that. I was actually still a bit sore in a few places when I woke up this morning! I will definitely be finding a place for that in my workouts - at least once a week! After my workout I was starving (again!), so I showered and then had some lunch. After that I headed out for some grocery shopping. I had planned on going to church that evening but those plans changed and I went on Sunday morning instead. I also went out for a delicious dinner on Saturday evening.  I had a couple martinis with dinner so despite eating pretty healthy (spinach dip and some pita bread for a shared appetizer, and whitefish with rice and veggies for dinner - ate about half), I knew I'd be using some of my weekly points allowance, which I was okay with. Just the martinis were six PP each! Later, I decided to have a little wine. Did I use some of my weeklies? Yup. However, I still have a lot left which is much better than last weekend. AND, that's what the weeklies are there for - little splurges here and there!

Sunday was pretty laid back. I went to church and then out for brunch. After that, I relaxed for a little bit then got ready for a jog/walk. My Mom decided to go with me so I knew I had to figure out a plan. I didn't want to walk the whole five miles, especially since I have a five mile race coming up in a couple weeks. I decided to start out at a slow jog, so that I wasn't too far ahead of her. That didn't work. I got farther ahead than I wanted. So then I decided to practice my backward jogging skills, which would mean I'd go slower. That was great for a couple minutes here and there, but I had to keep looking over my shoulder to make sure I wouldn't trip over anything.  I thought about running a head and then stopping and doing some crunches, push-ups, jacks, or something while she caught up, and then I'd run again. I decided I didn't want to do that on the dirty, hard ground. Or in front of the general public.

Finally I settled on running ahead (like to the end of two blocks), turning around and running back to where ever my Mom was, then I would walk with her to the point where I had stopped running. When I reached that point, I started running again and repeated that process throughout. Basically? There were some areas that between running and walking, I covered three times. Although it was a five mile route, I'm pretty sure that I got an extra couple miles with all of my back and forth jogs and walks. This was definitely a good method of jogging and still being able to spend time together.  It was pretty fun to have her with me and be able to enjoy part of the route with her. I'm sure I ran at a slower pace but I'm okay with that. It was a nice time.

After that I headed home to shower, do some laundry and cleaning, and some relaxation and reading. It was definitely a good weekend. It was nice to be around home and not be committed to running here or there for a specific reason. I actually felt pretty energized after the weekend, despite all of the activity. I earned 15 activity points over the weekend, so that was nice!

I generally do not weigh-in on days other than Saturdays. If I allow myself too, I get too obsessive. So with WW, I've really been trying to stick to that weekly weight.  This morning, though, I wanted to see what kind of damage the weekend caused.  The results? Nothing. I weighed exactly the same as I did on Saturday morning. I was nervous that eating out twice, and enjoying a few drinks, was going to have some horrible effect, but it didn't.  My points usage reflects that. Now I can ease into the week knowing that every minute of hard work that I do isn't going to be to fight off the weekend. Maybe I'll be back on the losing track again!! Now that I'm stocked up on groceries I'll definitely be eating healthy, and I'm obviously going to continue working out.... So I'm hoping for a loss this week. I'm actually hoping for a "big" loss. At this point a "big" loss would be a couple pounds.  If I can lose two this week, I will be happy. In my mind I would LOVE to lose just over three, but I'm realistic and know that it may not happen. With my hard work and healthy habits, a two pound loss seems realistic for me. At least I hope it is!!

I'm so happy to be back on-track.... In all ways. Even though I was eating healthy most of the time (minus those couple weekends) and continuing to workout, my mindset wasn't on-track. Thoughts and feelings can have so much impact on your health and well-being. I'm feeling happy and positive now. I'm trying hard to not compare myself to anyone else and to just keep pushing forward for ME. It's nice! I am trying not to stress about things (honestly, not blowing my points helped with that - as well as seeing that my weight was stable). I'm filtering negativity out of my life. I have no room for it. I do not need to be surrounded by negative energy. The words of people who really do not matter are not something to worry about. They will have their opinions and thoughts about me. I cannot change them. I also won't be around it. I'm strong and I'm happy. Maybe others aren't. That's not for me to worry about. We all have our own insecurities and issues... Clearly those who have negative responses to me or my life are dealing with some of their own. That's sad for them and I hope that they can learn to be happy in their own lives so that they're not getting involved too much in the lives of others!

I have to say that I don't have to deal with many of these people. Most of the people I allow into my life are positive, happy, supportive people. They're family and good friends. I simply don't need to be around those who are not. Sometimes it can be bothersome or even hurtful to have to let go of people or situations in life, but it's worth it.  My belief is that it's worth letting things (or people) that drag you down go. Your own happiness in life is what matters. I want to be surrounded by people who bring out the positive, happy side of me. I'm happy on my own, but there is a huge difference between people who suck the life out of you and those who lift you up.  I want the latter in my life; and that's how I want to be in the lives of my friends and family. 

Happy Monday!! Have a great week!!!


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