Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Not Much to Report...

Happy Wednesday! I'm glad that the week is half over, but I wish it was one day closer to being over. I've thought that it should be Thursday ALL day. I guess I'm just ready for the weekend and really wish that tomorrow would be Friday. I'm particularly excited for the weekend because I'm babysitting Little Miss and we are working on a surprise Mother's Day present for her Mommy. Unfortunately I can't say what it is (not sure if my cousin reads this or not, but it would be my luck that she'd read this post!).  I'll write about it eventually... Like after Mother's Day; if I remember. Do you have any idea how painful it is to be excited about something and not be able to share it for fear someone will find out? Almost torture. Anyway.... So Saturday will start off with a little bit of shopping and then it will be special project time.  I'm also excited just to see her and can't wait to pick her up on Friday evening! I can't wait for some cuddle time with her!

Eating continues to go well this week... Healthy, staying in my points, and all that good stuff.  It's already Wednesday evening and I still have some of my weekly PP as well as all of my AP (activity points). It's nice not having to workout just to fight to stay afloat. I much prefer being head of the game like I am now.  I haven't really had any big splurges this week. I've just used my weekly points for this or that; if I wanted a small snack, I'd use a couple. Last night I had some wine, so I used a few on that.  I definitely like being back on-track... Not only am I healthy; it's nice to be stress-free!

Today I have a fairly decent workout schedule... About an hour and a half to get to. I was going to do about 40 minutes of it this morning but I didn't sleep well last night so when it was time to get up I didn't get up.  We have had some rainy weather lately and the thunderstorms started up again last night. One of my dogs, Belle, HATES storms.  She, as usual, felt the need to wake me up.  She always freaks out, panting and pacing like crazy. Even when I am awake and hold on to her, she still freaks out a bit.  I did finally get back to sleep... But when the alarm went off, I said "NO."  I'll do this longer workout tonight and hopefully get to bed early. I would like to do part of tomorrow's workout in the morning. I'd also like to get up on Friday morning to get my workout done so that I don't have to worry about it after work. 

We'll see how all of that goes... If tomorrow doesn't happen, that's okay, but I definitely want to get up and get it done on Friday. It will make my afternoon a little less hectic, that's for sure!

Today I plan on running. It's not raining at the moment but has been off and on all day. I'm torn between putting in time on the treadmill or chancing it and running outside. I was thinking that if I go outside, I'll take my dogs with so that they can get a little exercise. However, they hate the rain. It won't be so bad if I'm outside and get caught in it, but they will not be happy with me if they do. Plus, they're not good runners so it'll be a slow jog with some walking mixed in if they go with me. I definitely need to run outside though. I have a race a week from Saturday so I really need to get out as much as I can. So...Outside it is... I'm just not sure if it's solo or with the fur babies.... Unless it starts to rain again while I change; then there's my answer.

I also hope that by the time I am ready to get outside I will have made a decision.... :)

Hope you're having a fantastic week!!


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