Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Running for Boston!

WOW!! It is amazing how many people have done various things to show tribute to Boston. Yesterday people wore race shirts, purple shirts, blue and/or yellow shirts, and ran. Today is another Run for Boston. It is not my regularly scheduled running day but I'm going to log at least a mile on the treadmill anyway. It's raining now, with a storm moving in....With things like lightning and hail expected. It's probably not wise to run in those elements.

Yesterday I ran a few miles for Boston. Today I will run at least one for Boston.

I know my posts this week have been about Boston but I think it's been on the minds of a lot of us. It's been important for me to write about. Monday's post was a bit hard to follow... I actually planned on writing about the Marathon and how inspired I was by the runners. Then the bombings happened and the tone of my post changed.

As far as my life.... I've been working out and as of yesterday I got back completely on track with healthy eating. It was a rough weekend - I had some major junk food cravings and indulged them. I also ate out. Saturday was a busy day so I didn't end up working out (secret project day; can't reveal much about it). Boo! I had been on a roll and Saturday would've been day 13 without a break. The day was great, I loved my time with the Little Miss, and the project will be more than worth it. I managed a run on Sunday (just over five miles; was scheduled for six) but my eating was pretty crappy... Left over "junk" from Saturday was sitting there, too hard to resist. I'm sure the fact that I had a couple weird dreams/nightmares and was tired did not help. At all. 

Monday was going okay in terms of eating until Monday evening. The stress of a rough day and the news of the bombings made me sad. I felt like I was in a daze. I had a chiropractor appointment, then got some groceries, then planned to workout. I didn't get to the workout. I didn't eat a poorly as during the weekend but it wasn't good. I even had a glass of wine. Yesterday I was recharged and got back on track.I got up and worked out and then ran later. I ate healthy all day. I've been doing well at cutting down on the fruits I've eaten and have increased veggie servings. I definitely feel better about that.

I've been following the whole WW plan for a while now and I think that I'm going to be done with it and go back to using MFP and SP. I tracked on WW and MFP one day and my calories were much higher than I like them to be. I imagine that's been the case the whole time I've been doing WW. I've not seen any major loss, despite working hard. On my not so good weekends I work even harder throughou tthe week, which still doesn't help. I also like the fact that MFP and SP show values for everything tracked. Sure WW factors some of them into the points, but still... Also, the whole "free" fruit thing is really bothering me. I was eating far too many carbs (even though they were the "good" carbs) becuase of the concept of free fruit. I like using a tracker where I can better monitor all of my values. I will be dual tracking for a bit but chances are I will say goodbye to WW at some point in the near future.

Anyway it's time to get this workout started!

Hope you're having a great week!!


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