Monday, April 8, 2013

Safety First!

I realized that I've never posted anything about being safe when you run. I found a list on the RRCA website and thought I'd share it with you. Much of what is on their list (follow that link) is what I do. This can go for any outdoor activity - walking, biking, skating... Anything! I think we all just need to be reminded to take the time to protect ourselves. 

Things that I do...

When I run, I need music. I wear either one ear bud or keep my music on low so that I can still hear what is going on around me (traffic, footsteps, voices, etc.).

I watch my surroundings.

I always tell someone when I'm going out and when I'm expected to be back; generally I let them know my route too.

I wear at least one brightly colored piece of clothing (usually it's my top), even when it's bright out. I prefer to be seen from a distance away, so I like color! Plus color is a fun addition to any run.

I carry my cell phone in my hand so it is easily accessible.

I pay attention to others but do not engage in contact with them. I may smile or nod at another athlete but that's it. If someone looks shady or creeps me out (intuition, not judgement), I go out of my way to avoid them if possible.  If I can't avoid them, I take that as an opportunity to sprint away!

I run against traffic and obey traffic laws. When a car is present, I do not go unless the driver waves me on.

I'm courteous of other runners. I make sure I don't cut them off, pass carefully - even in races because that's just good running etiquette!

My latest addition? Pepper spray. There are companies that make it for people who do things like walk, run, or bike. It fits right onto your hand so you have it near and ready to use.

What I'm doing next to further my safety... Self-defense. I've learned some skills from Turbofire but I think a self-defense class is a good idea. I also remember two techniques from a class in college that will surely drop a man to the ground.

I've had safety on my mind and thought that since the weather is getting nicer for many of us, it would be a good time to remind you to be safe!!


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