Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Do you ever just get tired of being on the go? Not in terms of exercise but in terms of doing things...I feel like I am on the go A LOT. Sometimes I just need a break. And by a break I mean time to stay home and clean my house.  I know I've written about the organizing I want to do. I have not had much time to do it. I think the last weekend I had at home was nearly a month ago. And I'm pretty sure I was babysitting. I just want to stay home and clean/organize. And, of course, workout. I'm really hoping that it's nice enough to do my long run outside on Saturday. I'm getting really tired of the treadmill too. I'm just tired of staying inside to run because it's too cold out. I'm past the point of being ready for warmer temperatures. I'm so over the cold. SO over it. I think that plays a part in feeling like I do too. Warmer weather will definitely perk me up a little.

I love socialization. I love visiting the people I love, spending time with friends, and just having a good time. It's great...Definitely one of my favorite things. But sometimes the running wears on me. I'm at that point again. I feel overwhelmed in some areas and way behind and out of control in others.  I can't stand feeling out of control.

The two things I have been in control of this week have been my workouts and healthy eating. Yay! However, everything else is suffering. I'm tired. I'm getting kinda cranky and emotional because of it. I'm starting to feel like I have all of these demands on me outside of home and it's getting to be too much.  Most of what I do is by choice, but sometimes even those things by choice feel like they come with a certain amount of pressure.  I guess I just don't want to let people down and it's hard for me to know I may do that.  I'm starting to feel like I'm going to crack under the pressure.I have a lump in my throat and tears wanting to escape just writing about it! Feeling like this is no way to be around others, so in the end they'd probably be happy if I said no and didn't get cranky!

I'm glad that I'm going to workout soon. I definitely need it! I'm hoping that it will make me feel a little less stressed. As much as I hate it, my afternoon workout is one of my favorite parts of the day; most days it IS my favorite part of the day. I may dread it at times, but when I'm done I feel so good. I'm also looking forward to dinner - spaghetti squash and sauce - tonight. Healthy and delicious; my favorite! 

I take time for me pretty much everyday.  Usually that's in the form of working out. I enjoy it (even when I hate it) and after I feel good. I feel like I need to start taking a little more time for me in other ways. I have so many things I want to do around home and I'm not doing them because I'm so busy with other things. I wish I had more energy during the week but I'm so worn out that after I workout, shower, eat, and clean up the kitchen...I'm done.  Generally it's like eight by then, so that's probably why. Who wants to start a project at that time? Not I!

As much as it sounds like I'm complaining/venting, I'm not. Writing out all of this stuff is a reminder to myself to take the time to slow down. Hopefully it's made someone else realize that maybe they take on too much sometimes and that they should slow down a little. After all, stress and feeling overwhelmed can impact on your health just as much as what you eat or how much you exercise.

With that, I'm off to go enjoy my workout - it's a TF day today. My schedule originally called for HIIT 15 and Tone 30. I'm pretty sure I'll be adding Fire 30 and maybe Core 20. 45 minutes just wasn't enough so I thought I'd make it 75 or possibly 95 (at most, with core).  Core will depend on how hungry I am at the time. If I can actually feel hunger I'm going to stop and eat because if I keep going and eat later then I'll be hungrier and will most likely eat a little too much. Luckily spaghetti squash is healthy, but still, I don't want to eat an entire squash all by myself! :)

Happy Wednesday!!


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