Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sweet Soreness!

The last couple days I've changed part of my workout. I've been doing ST and just did a few tweaks. First, on Tuesday I did a DVD I had been doing, but I increased my weights for as many of the exercises as I could. That felt awesome. I could feel a little soreness and was pleased with that.  Then yesterday I decided to do something different. I ended up doing the first workout of Jillian Michaels' Ripped in 30.  Um... Hellllloooo soreness!! I can definitely feel it today! My quads are sore, my abs are sore, and my arms are sore. I'm pretty sure that's from the change in my ST the last couple days.  I love it!! I find myself moving just so that I can feel that soreness a little more.

I know I've mentioned it before, but feeling sore after a workout makes me feel strong and accomplished. I've been doing more ST the last few weeks and I feel like my body is changing a little. I can see small differences in my muscles and I swear my abdomen area looked a little tighter yesterday.

I'm not sure what today's exact plan will be. I was going to run for about an hour but it is super hot and humid. And windy (which really isn't that bad). The heat and the humidity are what kill me. I cannot stand running when I feel like I can't breathe properly. It looks like it really is summer...Time to change my running plan. I think I will have to stick to early morning or late evening runs. I'm not fond of either for various reasons, but I can't run at 5:00 in the afternoon when it is so hot.  I think I'm going to aim for morning runs a couple times a week. I will most likely be up and running around 6:00 or 6:30 on the mornings that I run. It's cool then, and it's light outside. This really isn't going to take place until toward the end of June... I might try next Monday and Tuesday mornings, and then it's no running for a couple weeks...

My next surgery is next week! It's crazy how fast time has gone by. I'm most definitely starting to get that nervous-excited feeling.  I'm the first surgery that morning, with a time of 8:00 so I should be done by noon. I'll try to post within a few days of surgery, although it might be a shorter post than usual.

Back to today's workout plan...  I'll likely do some TF or some other cardio in my cool basement. I'm on the fence about doing Ripped in 30 again... I want to but with the half marathon on Saturday, I don't want to make myself too sore...Decisions, decisions!!

Speaking of the half marathon, I'm in "wait and see' mode right now.  There's some nasty weather headed for South Bend tomorrow night and it's supposed to last through Saturday.  If it's just rainy, I can handle the race. It will super suck but if I have to do it, I will.  What concerns me is the fact that there will be lightning and hail. I might be able to handle the hail, depending on how severe it is. But I draw the line at lightning.... I love running but I really want to live to be able to run! Chances of being struck by lightning aren't that high, but I don't like to take chances like that!

So we shall see... I guess I won't know if I'm running until Saturday morning arrives, unless there's an official word by tomorrow sometime. As of now, the race officials are in the "wait and see" mode too. It'll depend on what's happening at the time, so we shall see. I hate to make that trip for nothing, but I also don't want to decide to skip the race and have it end up being nice.... Again, decisions, decisions!!

Well, I need to get moving! Hope you are having an excellent week!


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Another Week...

It appears that my once-daily posts are becoming weekly posts. I really thought I would be better about that last week, but apparently not. I guess I've just been so busy that blogging has slipped away from me a bit. I'm really going to try to post more this week! I think that I'm going to continue to be busy (in a good way) so I'll just have to try to squeeze in a little more blogging time.

My update...

Eating has been fair. Not great, but not terrible...Mostly healthy with a few splurges. I continue to drink my water too.

Exercise has been good. I have missed a couple days (in a row) now but that's okay. Last week I got some form of exercise done every day, so that was good. Some of it was walking, some of it was strength, and some was heavier cardio. The important thing is that I was still moving, no matter how intense it was.

I have a half marathon coming up this weekend and I feel like I've not been great with my running the last few weeks. Between other things going on and crazy weather (combined with my treadmill hatred), I just haven't been out there. I was hoping to go out for a run today but it's raining. And it's supposed to rain all week. I cannot do more than a few miles on the treadmill without losing my mind. But I really need to get some running done this week. I suppose shorter runs on the torturemill are better than no runs.

I ran on Saturday and it felt so good! A friend and I traveled up north, to Traverse City, Michigan, to participate in the Bayshore race. They offered a full marathon, a half marathon, and a 10K. We opted for the 10K, which was good. It was a very chilly (and early) morning - the temperature was only in the low 40s! The race started at 7:30 so we got up at 5:30 to give ourselves time to get ready and get to the race area early enough to find a good place to park. Luckily we had no trouble getting in or out.

I had brought a tank top with, but decided to pick up a t-shirt the night before. I'm glad that I did! I got one of those Under Armor Heat Gear t-shirts, which worked out well. The sun came out and despite it being chilly, once I got running I felt okay. I still prefer temps in the 50s or 60s for running (especially in short sleeves!) but it ended up being alright. I didn't feel too bad during or after. My thighs were a little sore when I got out of the car at home, and for the rest of the day. I think that's because we ran and after a short drive to the hotel wegot ready to head home, and than sat in the car for the drive home. I think all that sitting, after having ran 6.2 miles, caused it. My legs were sore the rest of the day and that night but felt better by Sunday.

My race performance was good. I was happy with it; comfortably near the middle of the pack, as I like. As far as time, I did about the same as my last 10K race, Polar Dash, in January. I think I would've been a bit faster but I had to stop to tie my shoe three different times. In guessing how much time it took to do that, I probably would've PR'd by several seconds. However, I had to tie those shoes and ended up being about thismuch slower than my last 10K. I guess that's not bad for having not run in a while! Knowing that I did 6.2 without difficulty, and have done other longer runs without difficulty in recent weeks, I'm confident that I can complete my second half marathon, and hopefully in a faster time than I did my last half marathon.

This Saturday morning is the Sunburst half marathon in South Bend, Indiana. This one will pretty much be a solo trip. My Mom is going to ride down with me but she's not participating in the race. I  have a friend who will be there walking it with a group of her friends. Other than that, I don't know anyone else who will be there. I'll just join the group and settle into my pace and enjoy those 13.1 glorious miles. I'm sure I will have quite a bit of time to think or whatever else. I'm a casual runner and my run pace is more of a jog, so I plan on a few hours (the same time it takes fast people to do a full marathon!), just for good measure. If I can keep a consistent pace, I'll be done in about two-and-a-half hours, but given that distance, I'll likely slow down. I will also most likely walk part of it, but that's typical for me anyway. Or maybe I'll vary my speed and just do a slower jog, who knows...

I'll see what the day brings (you know, other than a possible black toe nail that will eventually fall off, blisters, chaffing, and muscle soreness). I think I'm better prepared for this half than my last. I hadn't done as many consistent long runs before that one so hopefully because I have this time I won't be so sore. I definitely didn't think about getting things like an anti-chaffing agent. I picked that up the other night - Body Glide. It helps with blisters too. I'm also making sure to wear my running compression capris. I think those will help with the chaffing too. I'd prefer to take a shower and not have tears come to my eyes just because water hits my inner-thighs.

I'm going to continue my workouts this week (strength, too) and I plan to have a good race on Saturday! I'm thinking positively about it so hopefully attitude counts for something!

I suppose I should go do some kind of a workout. I know I'm doing the burn circuit DVD that came with TF but I'm not sure what else. I might do a TF cardio workout (like Fire 30) and try to get a little running done. I don't really want to run in the rain, but I need to do something...Even if it's just half an hour. If I don't run, I'll do a longer TF workout. If I run longer than planned, I may not do TF at all. I guess this will all depend on how I feel after I change my clothes....

Hope you have a great week! I will post again soon!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Workin' It!

First I want to say how sadden I am by the recent tragedy in Oklahoma. I cannot imagine the horror that those involved are going through. I'm definitely keeping them in mind and heart.  I may dislike the winters where I live, but I'm glad that the worst weather I've seen is a blizzard.

On to business...

My workout yesterday was awesome! I forgot that it was Monday and there was a hockey game on, so I did not run. I did some TF and really pushed myself. I burned more calories during the Fire 30 workout than I have doing that workout in ages. I also really worked my muscles hard during my ST (TF Sculpt 30  followed by Core 20). I squeezed my muscles harder and tried to take myself to the next level. I'm sore today, which tells me that I accomplished that. Of course, I haven't done any of those workouts in a while, so maybe that's part of it. In addition to that I'm doing part of a squat challenge (won't be able to complete it due to surgery), so I did 30 squats, and then decided to do 35 lunges on each side.

Today I have a hair appointment which will take a while and usually by the time I'm done there's just not enough workout time left in the day. So I got up this morning and worked out. I didn't do cardio but did do about 35 minutes of ST. I did a bonus workout that comes with TF; burn circuit one. It's actually from another workout program. I really like it, and I know I worked my muscles during that workout too. Between that and yesterday's workout, I'm feeling it in my arms, core, and upper back. Even my legs are feeling it a little, which is rare!

I didn't get to the squats and lunges yet, but those don't take long. I'll either squeeze them in before I have to head to my appointment (not much time, actually) or I'll do them later this evening. Either way, I'll get them done!

Eating has been good and so has water consumption. I was up to 16 cups (actual cups; eight ounces) before I left work today! Usually I reach 10 or 12 at that time of day.

Life in general has been great lately! I'm in such a fantastic mood and things just seem to be going along like they should. Sure I have my moments (who doesn't) but overall I'm feeling great. I just hope that this isn't some high that I'll come crashing down from. That would be awful and hard to recover from. Sometimes I worry if I feel "too" happy... Like what's around the corner may not be so great.

I really think that my mood is what has helped with me pushing so hard the last couple days. I feel energetic and happy and bring that to my workouts. Even this morning, when I was up earlier than usual after not sleeping the best (thunderstorm; female dog hates them and keeps me up). I think that feeling so fantastic and happy is helping. I also think that a couple other things could be contributing factors.

First...Iron. Remember me mentioning that my hemoglobin gets low (anemia)....? I used to take a multivitamin that included iron but it was just too hard on my stomach and made me feel super nauseated. I'd also get hot and sweaty.  I switched to a chewable vitamin that doesn't contain iron. After a little while of it being out of my system, I could feel the difference. I started getting my lightheaded episodes (where I feel like I'm going to faint, but don't actually go down) again. I started feeling tired and just kind of "blah" in general. I started taking an iron supplement (in addition to my chewable vitamin) a couple weeks ago and I can't help but wonder if my hemoglobin is finally up again. I definitely feel better.

The other factor... The time of year. I seem to have a much easier time waking up earlier when it's light outside. Getting up in the winter is hard for me. It's dark and cold which makes me want to stay in bed. Now it's warmer and it's light out when I get up. Something about those two things makes it so much easier for me to get my butt out of bed.  I may hit the snooze button a couple times but I'm able to get up earlier than in the winter. It takes a lot less to talk myself into it.

I've noticed that I feel so much better this time of year. Late Spring and early Summer seem to be my perfect times. It's warm, usually bright and sunny, and I feel so much more relaxed and carefree.

Being a professional in the field and recognizing symptoms in my self, I recently wondered if perhaps I have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  It's a type of depression. When you have SAD, you're still diagnosed with depression, it just worsens at particular times of the year. For me, that time of year is winter. With it being so dark so much and so cold all the time, it doesn't surprise me. I just seem to thrive in the months that are warmer and sunny. When a certain time of year hits, usually late Spring, it's as though I awaken. It feels like waking from some sort of hibernation... Maybe I was a bear in a former life... Ha!

Follow the link for a little more information on SAD.

So right now, I'm feeling great, doing well, and things seem wonderful. I hope that this pattern continues for me!!

I hope you are all having a fantastic week!!


Monday, May 20, 2013

Hello There..

Wow! I did not plan to take such a long break from blogging. Last week just got so busy that I guess I didn't have (or make) the time to sit and write. Last week was kind of an off week for me. My cousin was down three times; twice overnight. I had something going on almost every day/evening. I guess time just quickly escaped me.

I think life will be a bit more routine this week. I have a hair appointment tomorrow and plan on walking with my cousin after, but as of now that's the only plan until Friday. It's bee nice to get out and walk a little more. Although, it's not been good that I have not been running.I have a 10K this Saturday so I definitely need to do some running this week. I don't think I ran at all last week. I exercised but it was DVDs and walking. I haven't ran in probably a week and a half. Yikes! Even if I run most of this week, I have a feeling my time might be a bit slower than usual on Saturday morning. I also have a half marathon on the first of June, so I definitely need to run this week and next. Admittedly I've been considering not doing that half marathon... Just for the reason of not wanting to travel. I will most likely do it, but I just don't feel the same excitement about it as I did the Princess Half.

My problem with running has been the weather. It's hot. I usually run after work and it's still hot. I cannot stand running in the heat and sometimes it seems unsafe to do so. I don't have enough time before work in the morning to run (which would my ideal running time of day and the temps would be awesome). I don't like to run after I eat or too late in the evening, but that's when it seems to cool down. I guess shorter evening runs are better than no runs! I could run on the treadmill but we all know how I feel about that.

The most recent obstacle to my running is that I don't want to run in my town anymore. I can't remember if I've mentioned running into a guy who I've gotten a creeper vibe from in the past, but I've seen him often. One day last week I noticed that a police officer had him stopped. He only walks and the officer had him sitting in the back of the car (door was open; not like he was arrested), and was searching his backpack. I have no idea if he was arrested and is sitting in jail or if he's out wandering the streets.  Later on I learned, from my neighbor, that the police have had an eye on him. Apparently he likes to approach attractive females and he's made them uncomfortable enough to report him.

I carry my Mace when I run but I really don't want to have to ever use it. Knowing that he really is a creeper, I will be avoiding that area even though I do have Mace. I've been fortunate that when I've come across him previously, it's been at an intersection with houses nearby (I usually run on a paved trail that goes through town and then out into the country... it's a 26 (?) mile long bike trail) or right near a grocery store. I can run in my town, but that will decrease my mileage because I will be avoiding the area where I see him. So? No long runs around here. That's for sure. This means that in order to do longer runs, I'll be driving to my parents' town. I really don't want to have to drive up there all the time. So.. it's short runs here or long runs there. I could do my runs on the treadmill but even just the thought of it is annoying. I'd rather be outside.

I've done okay in terms of eating... Last week was a little off for me, but I think I did okay. I managed to stay around my calories despite eating out. I just didn't eat as I usually do. It's not horrible, but I'd prefer to stick to my usual plan. Actually, eating was okay in terms of calories and such but not in terms of how I went about it or what I ate.  Eating all of your daily calories in one meal and a snack isn't good. I prefer more frequent, lighter meals and that just did not happen. I'm back on track today.

Today is a new week and I'm ready for it. I feel better simply because there's not as much going on this week. I don't like to feel rushed. It makes me feel out of balance. I don't like not working out at my usual intensity or eating as clean as I usually do. My cousin recently started exercising and eating healthier, so I'm hopping that her doing so will help get me back into the swing of things. I have really enjoyed walking with her, but I've missed running too (she doesn't run). We've also done DVDs. She's done TF with me a few times and is not a fan, so what we have done has been different...Lower in terms of intensity than I'm used to. It's nice to have a workout buddy but it stinks not burning as many calories or feeling like I usually do.

I just have to find a good balance I guess.  This should be a good week for that since I don't have much going on. I'll fit the high intensity stuff in when I am able and I'll continue to do lower intensity stuff with her. That's the plan anyway... Hopefully all goes well!!

I suppose that's the update for now....I'm off to do some TF cardio and ST. Then I'll do the dinner thing. I might squeeze in a run later, after dinner. It will be a shorter run but at least I will be running! I'm hoping that it cools off around eight so that I can get out and run. I expect that I should be done with dinner early enough that eight will be an okay time for me to run. That means that I really need to get moving on my other workout....

Have a fantastic week - I will be better about updating this week!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Race that Didn't Happen

Well, I am a couple days behind... Apologies!!

Today I was supposed to write a recap from Race to Wrigley. Here's my recap...

I didn't do it.


Life got in the way.  As I was driving into the city, my car decided that it wasn't going to cooperate anymore. I had stopped and when I went to start my car, it wouldn't start. It tried but failed. Turns out that the fuel pump decided to stop functioning. I needed a new one. I got towed to a garage and the mechanic said he could fix it on Saturday.  Yup... I wasn't making it to the race.

I'm definitely bummed that I missed the race (which turned out to be quite the expensive race that I didn't run), as well as a few other things this weekend, but at least it wasn't something serious. I'm safe and healthy which is what matters. It could've been worse!

Despite not running, the weekend turned out to be pretty good! It definitely had its ups and downs but the ups pretty much made up for the downs. Things happen for a reason, so who knows what I was spared from.... At least that's how I am choosing to look at it.

Things have been pretty good, overall, the last few days. I know that my eating has definitely not been as well as it should. I believe that TOM is on the horizon, and at times that can cause me some troubles. I'm usually hungrier than normal and naturally don't want to eat healthy foods. I've kept my portions controlled, so at least that is good. I can tell I'm retaining water; probably from eating out and not drinking enough water.

I have not exercised since Saturday.... Unintentionally. Sunday was full of other things and by the time I got home I was tired so I just lounged around with my cousin and Little Miss.  Yesterday I planned on working out after my chiropractor but, again, I got home later than expected so I did not. 

I was feeling guilty about that but I stopped myself. What's the sense in beating myself up? Things happened in life and I made choices that were easy. My weight is likely up (mostly due to fluid retention, I'm sure), but I haven't checked.  If I do and see that it is up, I'll just stress myself out. It's not worth it. I've acknowledge it, accepted it, and have moved on...

I'm back on track with the workouts today... I will be running shortly, then doing something from Turbofire. My cousin and Little Miss are coming over again so we may go for a walk a little later too. Maybe.  I really need to get some cleaning done so I warned her ahead of time that I'll be working on a little of that, but they can still hang out.

I have another busy weekend coming up, but with some planning, I think I will be able to make time for everything I need and want to do. Saturday is going to be busy, so my run may need to be moved to Sunday. I should be doing a long (like 10-11 miles) run so I know I won't have the time on Saturday. Hopefully it works out for Sunday afternoon.  I am planning on doing a race with a friend on Friday evening, so that's all set. Everything will work out as it should!

I suppose that's the update for now...

Have a great, happy, healthy week!!!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

End of the Week

Thursday... The end of my work week at my usual job.... Finally!! Actually it hasn't been bad at all and the week seems to have flown by. I usually work for my Dad on Fridays but I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring. We shall see. I have to get ready for a busy weekend!

I have a race this weekend, in the city - yay! It's the Race to Wrigley 5K. I'm pretty excited because the race starts and ends at Wrigley Field, and part of the run is through the concourse! I've been to several Cubbies games in my life, but the run will be a cool experience. 

I also have a few various parties to attend this weekend... Two wedding receptions (one wedding was a few months ago; the other I will miss), a birthday party (missing that too), and a graduation party. My goal is to make it to the graduation party and both wedding receptions.  No worries, I'm not going to eat at all of them. I'm glad I'll be starting my day with some exercise. A short run is better than nothing. It is a long run (ten miles) day that day but I don't think that's going to happen. Maybe I'll get a long run done on Sunday. If not, no big deal.

Tonight's workout plan is a six mile run. I absolutely cannot do that in my town because there's not a good route. So, I may do a shorter (three or four miles) run, followed by some Turbofire or something. Or maybe I'll see if my Mom wants to walk... I can do a shorter run here, then walk a few miles with her.... Or I may just go up to my parents' town and do the whole six miles there. Obviously I have not made a decision about that yet. I suppose I should, since I need to figure it out shortly!

My preference would be to do a shorter run here, then some Turbofire or ST. I'd do both but I'm sure I won't have time for that. And then a walk later... It's not like it gets dark super early.  Yes, that is definitely what I want to do. Now if I could just get in contact with her, that idea would work perfectly!

I've been eating healthy, exercising, and drinking lots of water, so I'd say it has been a good week in terms of my health and fitness.  I'm feeling strong (sore!) that's for sure. I like feeling sore like that though... Makes me feel good, and makes me feel like I've been working!! 

Not much has been going on with me this week.... It's been pretty quiet.

The biggest thing I've had going on has been that my cell phone is being a jerk. I went to order a new one today and of course AT&T does not have any of what I want in stock. Fantastic. Hopefully they have some next week so that I can get a new one. My texts aren't going through very well. When I send them, they don't want to go. So I'm frequently turning my phone off and on again. Then when it wants to work, it's sending multiple texts to people. Also, I'm not receiving all of my texts. Some of my apps will open and then immediately close. It's very frustrating!! This phone has been dropped several times so I'm no surprised that its death is near. Oh well... I've survived this week, I can make it a little longer. It's more annoying than anything else.

I suppose I should go get some stuff ready for the weekend. I don't even know what I'm going to wear for the race yet. I don't usually like to run in my race shirts so I've gotta figure out something. Probably just a regular tank and some running capris or tights. Hmmm... Maybe a red running skirt... That would be cute! That would also have to be made tonight.... I'll have to see if my Mom will be willing to make me one. They don't take very long to sew, soooo hopefully! If not I will go skirt-less -- no big deal!

If I don't get a chance to post tomorrow, I hope that you have a fabulous weekend!! Stay tuned for a race report - probably on Monday!


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mid-Week Update

I did not run yesterday. Instead I did 45 minutes of TF cardio, followed by some strength training and stretching.  I actually tried to rest for a while before my workout, which seemed helpful. I didn't nap like I had hoped, but I did just lay down and enjoy the peace and quiet for a bit. It felt good to get something in, even if it wasn't what was scheduled and was a bit later than usual. And? I wasn't quite as tired when I started!

Today I have more TF on the agenda... 30 minutes of cardio followed by more ST. I think I will try to do a run today. It's pretty hot out but I feel like I should at least do a few miles; four would be great since that's what I missed yesterday. I SHOULD do it outside, but we'll see how hot it feels after I change. I might just do a slower treadmill run...Then again, that sounds super boring. If I go outside I will probably try to vary my route at least a little bit, just so that it isn't the same scenery as usual. Hopefully that will help. I  have the Race to Wrigley 5K this weekend so I really should run outside. Even though it's a 5K, outside is better than the treadmill (in my opinion).

I suppose that settles it...Outside I go.

Eating has been fine this week. I have been eating healthy and I'm making sure to drink my water. I'm hoping to see a little bit of a loss on the scale this week. Because of the 5K I'll have to weigh earlier than usual on Saturday. And because the run is out of town, I'll be eating out on Friday (hello, sodium). I hate that sodium effects me so much but there's not much I can do about it. It's just crazy and disappointing how much water I can hold onto because of it. I'll try my best to drink a ton of water and find something to eat that isn't so full of sodium. That's hard to do though, because even salads at restaurants have lots of sodium! Oh well... It is what it is. Maybe next week I'll see a bigger loss if I don't see much this week.

I'm really trying to focus more on just eating healthy and exercising than I am the scale. The scale stresses me out too much, so I really try to watch myself when it comes to weighing. I did check today and as of now I'd guess I'm about the same as I was last Saturday, which was stable from the week before. I'd be happy with a pound loss this week, but my goal is two pounds... Hopefully with the right amount of work, that will happen!

I'm particularly focused on fitness right now since surgery is coming up. I will be unable to workout for a little while, so I'm hoping to really do some good work before! That's especially true of ST.... I really want to build some more muscle over the next month (well, just under). I feel pretty sore today so I know that the ST I did last night helped with that! I like feeling this way, so I think I'm going to do a little extra ST each week. I've been trying to do two days, but I'm thinking I'm going to do three, or maybe four. I'm not doing long sessions, but I would like to get some extra in there. It's only going to help!

I suppose, with all I need to do, I should probably get moving... I mapped out my run and it's over four miles, so that will take a bit, then with TF I have about an hour of work to do.... 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength. I might do the core DVD, which will add another 20 minutes of work.....And if I do the stretching DVD there's 10 more. Yikes - that's an hour and a half of just TF...If I do ALL of that plus my run, I'll have over two hours of fitness today. Hmm.. That might be a bit much. I guess I'll see how I feel after I run!

Have a great Wednesday!!!


Wellness Coaching

I've been tossing the idea of directing my career more in the direction of health and fitness around for quite a while (over a year!). I have personal trainer materials, which I have not been good at studying. It's been an on and off type of thing...It's mostly an issue of time and priorities. I have not made studying a priority. I go in streaks where I do well with it, but then it slips away. Not good.  I guess by the time I get home from work, workout, shower, have dinner, and do whatever else I need to do, I'd rather sit and zone out in front of the TV for that hour or so before bed. Reading just hasn't been at the top of my priority list.

That and there is no pressure... I don't HAVE to do it. I'm not in a class that requires reading be done weekly. It's totally on my own. Apparently I'm not good without structure. That's actually not a surprise given my weight history. Without structure I have no clue. That's why I track. I've been able to accomplish keeping on track with my weight loss, and have transitioned that into other areas of my life (finances, for example - I'm a self-proclaimed recovering shopaholic - it was never crazy, but too out of control for my liking). I just didn't pay attention to things. Now I've learned to be on track with that as well.

Studying is just another area that I need to figure out a way to get myself on-track. I'm just not sure how. I have no time or money invested in this. I have a Master's degree so this certification isn't vital to my career. I have a perfectly good job and getting this certification won't cause any upward moves at work... It will give me the ability to do some part-time work, which would be a little more income... And who wouldn't enjoy that?

I think part of my not moving forward quickly might be fear-based. In reading my book, there is a ton of stuff that worries me... Not because I can't learn it but because it's just a lot to take in. I don't have much background in things like Anatomy and Physiology. I've never had to learn all the bones, muscles, and other various parts of the body. I haven't had a science type class since my first or second year of college; a good 13 or 14 years ago! I know I have the ability to learn these things but I find myself getting very distracted. Science just isn't my "thing" and sitting down to read about it isn't something I'm all that excited to do. I DO want to become a trainer and I KNOW it's something I need to do.... Maybe I'm just not ready yet? Of course, I may never be ready to read about the body! I probably just need to sit down and do it!!

Another thing I've been considering doing is coaching. I'm very interested in becoming a Wellness Coach. It's something that interests me and is more closely related to what I'm doing now and what I want to do. Coaching is about helping people to make changes, like a lifestyle change. I have a Master's in Social Work and what I want to do is work with people who want to make changes. Becoming a coach would allow me to start doing so sooner rather than later. I have to get my full license (have had some issues with trying to get my own supervision because of various reasons - but finally found someone great!) in order to practice in the manner I would like to. I currently have a limited license, meaning I'm technically "in training." I cannot have that license to start a business/private practice. But in the mean time... Coaching would be perfect. It would help me move in the direction I want, getting the type of experience that I want.  That way when I am able to open a practice, I'll already have a client-base and a reputation.

To me it seems that coaching is a logical, and great, first step for me. I can start doing some of what I ultimately want to do, gaining experience and a good reputation. And this is something that I'm very passionate about and want to do. I'm excited about it and feel like it would be a great thing for me in various ways - professionally, financially, and even personally. I want to wake up and be excited about what I'm doing. I wan tot help people in a way that's different than I do now. I think that coaching would help me to start fulfilling those desires.

Wow... I feel like I just wrote an essay for a college application! Ha!

Now I have some questions for any of you who might feel like answering. I'm just trying to gather some information that might be helpful in figuring out my next step!

For those of you who are coaches...

What type of coach are you; wellness? Weight loss?
Where did you obtain your certification? I'm looking for a course that's reputable and provides a good education.
In your opinion, has it been worth it?

For those of you who are not coaches and may be able to answer a question or two (or all!)...

Are you aware of coaching (wellness, weight loss)?
How much do you know about coaching?
What is your experience with coaching?
Thinking about prior to starting your journey... Is there a time you would've considered hiring a coach if services were available?
Thinking about where you are now... Would you consider hiring a coach?
Are you struggling? Would you hire a coach to help you?
What is your opinion of a coach?

Thanks, in advance, for any opinions or information you may have shared!! I'm excited to figure out my plan of attack for this next step!

Hope you're having a great week!


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sunny Days!

I think that Spring is (finally!) officially here. When I previously checked the weather it was supposed to be cold this week but that seems to improve daily. Yay! I've been ready for this for far too long. I'm definitely enjoying these warm days! I've love going outside to get my activity in, so that's nice.

Today is a four mile run day and unfortunately since I am not a fan of running the same route in my town, I'm actually not looking forward to it as much as I wish I would. It's just so boring around here that it's starting to feel like running on the treadmill... Same ol' thing, each time. Blah! Today I'm conflicted about my run... I could do it on the treadmill, or I could go outside. Either way it will be boring! Inside might be a little cooler and I know that if I go outside chances are that I will run a little farther, and work harder, than on the treadmill. All signs are pointing to getting outside and getting some fresh air for a bit!

I will likely do something else after that... Maybe a walk, maybe Turbofire, or maybe some extra ST. Who knows... I just know that I will most likely do more than just my run. After my workout I'll have dinner and then do some stuff around the house. Exciting night, huh?

Truth be told I am not looking forward to my run. A walk sounds better. A nap sounds best. I've been feeling tired lately and just do not feel up to doing anything. The same thing happened yesterday. In fact I was so tired during my workout I am felt as though I would rather have been sleeping.

I'm sure that this is because my hemoglobin is low again. The vitamin I e been taking doesn't include iron. I don't think I've had enough iron in my diet lately either. I've had a couple light headed/feeling faint episodes lately too. Generally that's a sure sign that my iron is low. Stupid anemia.

I started taking an iron pill yesterday so hopefully that gets into my system soon so that I feel better. I really could fall asleep right now.... I'm that tired. I've been getting enough sleep but even that's not enough.

In fact I'm so tired that as I sit and wrote this I am thinking I will nap and see how I feel. I can always workout an hour or so from now.... Hopefully I will feel recharged. And if not I will just do something else - maybe tomorrow's workout and I will try a run tomorrow instead. I really just do not have the energy to do it today. Uggggghhh.

I don't like feeling this way. It makes me feel like I'm being unmotivated and lazy. I know that I'm not and its because I actually am tired. Hopefully some rest will help!

Hope your week is going well!


Monday, May 6, 2013


The weekend seemed to fly by SO fast! I spent a great deal of it with my cousin, which was nice. I don't usually do a lot during the week (although now that it's nicer I'm out a bit more), so it's nice to get out for a while.  So here's my recap...

Friday was my consult for my next surgery (less than a month away now!). My cousin and her daughter rode with me and after the appointment we had a late lunch and then stopped by one of the malls so I could return something that I decided I didn't like (as well as get some Starbucks for a treat and give her daughter a carousel ride). My cousin joined me for some Turbofire on Friday evening too.

So surgery...I will be having brachioplasty (arm lift) and more lipo on my thighs. I was anticipating having a thigh lift, but apparently I still have too much "volume" (fat cells). It's not really a huge surprise to me. I can see where the fat was removed (especially in plank) and my thighs look worse (because that fat isn't there anymore), but there's still some that can come off. He said that the last surgery really helped with the contours and this time it will help smooth things out. He's focusing on different areas than last time (obviously). Hopefully after this round of lipo I will either be satisfied with my thighs or I will be able to (finally) have a thigh lift.

So that's it... Surgery is June 5th and shouldn't be too bad. Lipo is completely safe to do with the brachioplasty. It sounds like recovery shouldn't be too bad. I didn't think my last recovery period was too bad and I'm hoping this one will be even better. Stay tuned...

Saturday I put in nine miles between a 5K and 10K. The 5K was a smaller race (although they did provide medals) that our local hospital arranged for employees and families. My Mom is an emergency room nurse so she signed us up. I was a few minutes late getting there so I had to catch up with her (not too difficult; she's short and has short little legs!). I spent the race walking instead of running because I wanted to do the walk with her and she isn't a runner.  After that I ran just over six miles to complete my nine miles for my long run day. Although the 5K was mostly walking, I decided to count it toward the nine miles anyway. I really didn't feel like walking three and then doing nine more.

After a much needed shower and lunch, I hung out with my Mom for bit before heading to a horse show. My youngest cousin started showing last year, and it was the first show of the season. In addition, my other cousin (her older sister) started getting the Little Miss involved so it was her first show ever! Since she's only two, she just sits on the horse and my Aunt lead her around the arena. She was the littlest (and youngest, I'm sure) in her age group which was two-to-five year-olds. She did pretty well! After that, my cousin, the Little Miss, and I went out to my parents' house for a cookout/dinner. It was nice to just hang out and relax. We drank a little wine and enjoyed burgers from the grill (first time this year- yum!), salad, and typical sides (chips, macaroni salad, baked beans). Saturday is usually my "splurge" day, but with what I ate earlier and burning so many calories, I was in fine shape and didn't go over my daily calories.

Yesterday I went to church, then out for lunch with my parents, got some groceries, and then spent more time with my cousin and Little Miss.  It was an active rest day for me, so we went walking for a while (about four miles) and then took the Little Miss to play at the playground for a bit. She had to get a few things at the store, so I rode with them. I didn't feel like making dinner and wasn't all that hungry so I picked up a couple things to munch on... Baked Scoops and salsa. Not too bad I suppose. Finally, I headed home and just relaxed for the evening.

The weather was beautiful all weekend so it was great to get outside and enjoy it! Today is equally nice (maybe even nicer!) but I have things that I should get done... Fun things like laundry and some cleaning. HA! After working out, I'll be doing that. My workout will consist of some Turbofire and a Bodyrock workout. I haven't done BR in a while and it was helpful in building muscle before (although now it appears to be more cardio; HIIT-based) so I thought I'd try it again. Maybe if I get things done fairly quickly I will be abe to take the dogs for a short walk before it gets dark.  It would be nice to get outside for a little while!

Have a great week!!


Thirsty Thursday!

I forgot to hit publish, once again!!

Ha! Ten years ago Thirsty Thursday meant dollar beers at a college bar I used to go to! I was always up for that adventure!! Today Thirsty Thursday means I'm drinking more water than usual. I think I'm ahead of my normal count by four cups, and I haven't even worked out yet. I'm okay with that -I ate some popcorn so I can use the extra water. Hmmmm... Maybe that popcorn is why I'm extra thirsty. My body is like "flush that sodium, plllleeeease!!" At any rate, I'm good with drinking more water than normal. Oh and by normal (for me) I mean like 20 cups. Yes, that's right, I drink about 20 cups of water on an average day. Other than a travel mug of coffee in the morning water is all I drink on a daily basis. I have tea now and then and of course I love my adult beverages now and then, but usually it's water for this girl.

Today has been a pretty good day. Luckily work was fairly quiet for me. For some reason I had trouble sleeping last night so I was pretty tired all day - and still am. I would actually love to just relax or even nap, but no can do. I have to get a five mile run (I hope - depends on how much time I have; it might only be four) done, then go meet my cousin and a friend to go walking. Yup, I plan on running four or five and then walking at least a few more.

I will most likely do today's run on the treadmill which is different for me. I prefer being outside but my usual route is under construction and this town is too small to try to figure out a good place to run to make a longer run. I'd head up to where I'm walking, but I want to have a protein shake before I walk, so I think I'll just stick to the treadmill. I'm not sure what I think about that. It sounds awfully boring (especially for a distance of four or five miles), but it also seems like the best option at this point.  I know I run slower on the treadmill than outside, so it will probably take a little longer, but oh well. I have things to get done so I'll push through (and maybe run a little faster - or at least attempt it!) just so that I can get it done.

I should say... I HOPE. I've been having little pinches in my calves all day. They're not quite cramps because they aren't that severe but I could see them turning into cramps. I'm hoping it's just from wearing shoes with a heel or something. I'll try running and see how it goes. If there's pain, I'll have to do some Turbofire instead. It's not too bad now - mostly just a nuisance.

Tomorrow is my next consult with my surgeon! I'm so excited!! Since things may have changed over the last year, the doc will look at my arms and legs and determine what the best next step is. I don't think I've had too many changes in either (other than, my legs have more skin now because of the lipo last year - which was the point). Surgery is planned, as of now, for June 5th, so pending any unforeseen issues tomorrow, I should be good to go! I'll try to post an update tomorrow evening, but we shall see. The doc is in a larger town, about an hour and a half away and I have a couple other stops to make while I'm there... So time permitting, I'll post tomorrow. If not, definitely on Monday!

I suppose that's it for now. I need to wrap it up so I can go workout and get some things done before I leave.

I hope that your week is going well!


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday.

I left work a bit early today to enjoy what might be the last gorgeous day for a while. That and our census is low so we've been cutting hours, which stinks for me but I suppose it must be done... Today it didn't bother me to leave a little early (seriously about an hour). I decided to go home and sit in the sunshine for a bit before doing my workout. So, here I am... Enjoying the sun. for a bit.

My plans after relaxation include Turbofire. I believe I have a HIIT workout, toning, and core on my agenda.  That will take just over an hour (about 75 minutes, to be exact). Later, after that and after dinner, I will be taking a light walk. I'll wear my HRM, of course, and count that activity, but it won't be anything too intense. Although it might be more than I plan on...I'm taking both dogs, which is always an adventure. That's actually why I'm waiting until a little later. It's over 80 degrees which is a bit too warm for them.  We probably won't walk until seven this evening or so. My big guy can't handle more than our usual route, which is just about the distance of a 5K (just over 3.1 miles) so that will probably be the longest we go. I'll see how he's doing and if I have to cut it short for his sake I will.... But that's my preferred minimum length, so hopefully....

Dinner tonight will be some spaghetti squash and a salad. Salad sounds super good on this warm afternoon. I tend to eat a lot more salads in the summer than in the winter. I find them to be so refreshing. I love that they are cool and crisp! Cool and crisp are not quite as enjoyable when it's super cold outside.  I actually thought about firing up the grill this evening, but I need to clean it... And I am really in the mood for some spaghetti squash!!

Yesterday I worked out for a total of 144 minutes because I was determined to hit 2000 fitness minutes for the month of April. Mission accomplished - I surpassed it with a total of 2,029 for the month! I was happy with that. My usual goal is 1000 fitness minutes per month. That's one good thing about me...Once I have a goal, I usually don't quit. Reaching that 2000 mark was my goal for the month (as of yesterday morning when I realized I was so close to it!).  The same was true on Saturday when I had 8 miles on the agenda... I wanted to quit part way through but refused to. I just kept pushing because sometimes that's what you have to do.

I did a four mile jog, then went and walked for over an hour with my Mom and cousin (needed the "therapy" time - bad emotional day again for no particular reason), and then when I got home I did 10 minutes of stretching... I was going to do 20 minutes of ab-work but realized I didn't NEED to do 20 full minutes to meet the goal, and it was getting late by the time I got home...So I stretched instead!

Well, I'm going to continue to enjoy this fantastic sunshine and flip through a magazine. Then I'm headed in to get a workout in!!

Happy Wednesday!!