Thursday, May 9, 2013

End of the Week

Thursday... The end of my work week at my usual job.... Finally!! Actually it hasn't been bad at all and the week seems to have flown by. I usually work for my Dad on Fridays but I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring. We shall see. I have to get ready for a busy weekend!

I have a race this weekend, in the city - yay! It's the Race to Wrigley 5K. I'm pretty excited because the race starts and ends at Wrigley Field, and part of the run is through the concourse! I've been to several Cubbies games in my life, but the run will be a cool experience. 

I also have a few various parties to attend this weekend... Two wedding receptions (one wedding was a few months ago; the other I will miss), a birthday party (missing that too), and a graduation party. My goal is to make it to the graduation party and both wedding receptions.  No worries, I'm not going to eat at all of them. I'm glad I'll be starting my day with some exercise. A short run is better than nothing. It is a long run (ten miles) day that day but I don't think that's going to happen. Maybe I'll get a long run done on Sunday. If not, no big deal.

Tonight's workout plan is a six mile run. I absolutely cannot do that in my town because there's not a good route. So, I may do a shorter (three or four miles) run, followed by some Turbofire or something. Or maybe I'll see if my Mom wants to walk... I can do a shorter run here, then walk a few miles with her.... Or I may just go up to my parents' town and do the whole six miles there. Obviously I have not made a decision about that yet. I suppose I should, since I need to figure it out shortly!

My preference would be to do a shorter run here, then some Turbofire or ST. I'd do both but I'm sure I won't have time for that. And then a walk later... It's not like it gets dark super early.  Yes, that is definitely what I want to do. Now if I could just get in contact with her, that idea would work perfectly!

I've been eating healthy, exercising, and drinking lots of water, so I'd say it has been a good week in terms of my health and fitness.  I'm feeling strong (sore!) that's for sure. I like feeling sore like that though... Makes me feel good, and makes me feel like I've been working!! 

Not much has been going on with me this week.... It's been pretty quiet.

The biggest thing I've had going on has been that my cell phone is being a jerk. I went to order a new one today and of course AT&T does not have any of what I want in stock. Fantastic. Hopefully they have some next week so that I can get a new one. My texts aren't going through very well. When I send them, they don't want to go. So I'm frequently turning my phone off and on again. Then when it wants to work, it's sending multiple texts to people. Also, I'm not receiving all of my texts. Some of my apps will open and then immediately close. It's very frustrating!! This phone has been dropped several times so I'm no surprised that its death is near. Oh well... I've survived this week, I can make it a little longer. It's more annoying than anything else.

I suppose I should go get some stuff ready for the weekend. I don't even know what I'm going to wear for the race yet. I don't usually like to run in my race shirts so I've gotta figure out something. Probably just a regular tank and some running capris or tights. Hmmm... Maybe a red running skirt... That would be cute! That would also have to be made tonight.... I'll have to see if my Mom will be willing to make me one. They don't take very long to sew, soooo hopefully! If not I will go skirt-less -- no big deal!

If I don't get a chance to post tomorrow, I hope that you have a fabulous weekend!! Stay tuned for a race report - probably on Monday!


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