Monday, May 20, 2013

Hello There..

Wow! I did not plan to take such a long break from blogging. Last week just got so busy that I guess I didn't have (or make) the time to sit and write. Last week was kind of an off week for me. My cousin was down three times; twice overnight. I had something going on almost every day/evening. I guess time just quickly escaped me.

I think life will be a bit more routine this week. I have a hair appointment tomorrow and plan on walking with my cousin after, but as of now that's the only plan until Friday. It's bee nice to get out and walk a little more. Although, it's not been good that I have not been running.I have a 10K this Saturday so I definitely need to do some running this week. I don't think I ran at all last week. I exercised but it was DVDs and walking. I haven't ran in probably a week and a half. Yikes! Even if I run most of this week, I have a feeling my time might be a bit slower than usual on Saturday morning. I also have a half marathon on the first of June, so I definitely need to run this week and next. Admittedly I've been considering not doing that half marathon... Just for the reason of not wanting to travel. I will most likely do it, but I just don't feel the same excitement about it as I did the Princess Half.

My problem with running has been the weather. It's hot. I usually run after work and it's still hot. I cannot stand running in the heat and sometimes it seems unsafe to do so. I don't have enough time before work in the morning to run (which would my ideal running time of day and the temps would be awesome). I don't like to run after I eat or too late in the evening, but that's when it seems to cool down. I guess shorter evening runs are better than no runs! I could run on the treadmill but we all know how I feel about that.

The most recent obstacle to my running is that I don't want to run in my town anymore. I can't remember if I've mentioned running into a guy who I've gotten a creeper vibe from in the past, but I've seen him often. One day last week I noticed that a police officer had him stopped. He only walks and the officer had him sitting in the back of the car (door was open; not like he was arrested), and was searching his backpack. I have no idea if he was arrested and is sitting in jail or if he's out wandering the streets.  Later on I learned, from my neighbor, that the police have had an eye on him. Apparently he likes to approach attractive females and he's made them uncomfortable enough to report him.

I carry my Mace when I run but I really don't want to have to ever use it. Knowing that he really is a creeper, I will be avoiding that area even though I do have Mace. I've been fortunate that when I've come across him previously, it's been at an intersection with houses nearby (I usually run on a paved trail that goes through town and then out into the country... it's a 26 (?) mile long bike trail) or right near a grocery store. I can run in my town, but that will decrease my mileage because I will be avoiding the area where I see him. So? No long runs around here. That's for sure. This means that in order to do longer runs, I'll be driving to my parents' town. I really don't want to have to drive up there all the time. So.. it's short runs here or long runs there. I could do my runs on the treadmill but even just the thought of it is annoying. I'd rather be outside.

I've done okay in terms of eating... Last week was a little off for me, but I think I did okay. I managed to stay around my calories despite eating out. I just didn't eat as I usually do. It's not horrible, but I'd prefer to stick to my usual plan. Actually, eating was okay in terms of calories and such but not in terms of how I went about it or what I ate.  Eating all of your daily calories in one meal and a snack isn't good. I prefer more frequent, lighter meals and that just did not happen. I'm back on track today.

Today is a new week and I'm ready for it. I feel better simply because there's not as much going on this week. I don't like to feel rushed. It makes me feel out of balance. I don't like not working out at my usual intensity or eating as clean as I usually do. My cousin recently started exercising and eating healthier, so I'm hopping that her doing so will help get me back into the swing of things. I have really enjoyed walking with her, but I've missed running too (she doesn't run). We've also done DVDs. She's done TF with me a few times and is not a fan, so what we have done has been different...Lower in terms of intensity than I'm used to. It's nice to have a workout buddy but it stinks not burning as many calories or feeling like I usually do.

I just have to find a good balance I guess.  This should be a good week for that since I don't have much going on. I'll fit the high intensity stuff in when I am able and I'll continue to do lower intensity stuff with her. That's the plan anyway... Hopefully all goes well!!

I suppose that's the update for now....I'm off to do some TF cardio and ST. Then I'll do the dinner thing. I might squeeze in a run later, after dinner. It will be a shorter run but at least I will be running! I'm hoping that it cools off around eight so that I can get out and run. I expect that I should be done with dinner early enough that eight will be an okay time for me to run. That means that I really need to get moving on my other workout....

Have a fantastic week - I will be better about updating this week!


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