Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mid-Week Update

I did not run yesterday. Instead I did 45 minutes of TF cardio, followed by some strength training and stretching.  I actually tried to rest for a while before my workout, which seemed helpful. I didn't nap like I had hoped, but I did just lay down and enjoy the peace and quiet for a bit. It felt good to get something in, even if it wasn't what was scheduled and was a bit later than usual. And? I wasn't quite as tired when I started!

Today I have more TF on the agenda... 30 minutes of cardio followed by more ST. I think I will try to do a run today. It's pretty hot out but I feel like I should at least do a few miles; four would be great since that's what I missed yesterday. I SHOULD do it outside, but we'll see how hot it feels after I change. I might just do a slower treadmill run...Then again, that sounds super boring. If I go outside I will probably try to vary my route at least a little bit, just so that it isn't the same scenery as usual. Hopefully that will help. I  have the Race to Wrigley 5K this weekend so I really should run outside. Even though it's a 5K, outside is better than the treadmill (in my opinion).

I suppose that settles it...Outside I go.

Eating has been fine this week. I have been eating healthy and I'm making sure to drink my water. I'm hoping to see a little bit of a loss on the scale this week. Because of the 5K I'll have to weigh earlier than usual on Saturday. And because the run is out of town, I'll be eating out on Friday (hello, sodium). I hate that sodium effects me so much but there's not much I can do about it. It's just crazy and disappointing how much water I can hold onto because of it. I'll try my best to drink a ton of water and find something to eat that isn't so full of sodium. That's hard to do though, because even salads at restaurants have lots of sodium! Oh well... It is what it is. Maybe next week I'll see a bigger loss if I don't see much this week.

I'm really trying to focus more on just eating healthy and exercising than I am the scale. The scale stresses me out too much, so I really try to watch myself when it comes to weighing. I did check today and as of now I'd guess I'm about the same as I was last Saturday, which was stable from the week before. I'd be happy with a pound loss this week, but my goal is two pounds... Hopefully with the right amount of work, that will happen!

I'm particularly focused on fitness right now since surgery is coming up. I will be unable to workout for a little while, so I'm hoping to really do some good work before! That's especially true of ST.... I really want to build some more muscle over the next month (well, just under). I feel pretty sore today so I know that the ST I did last night helped with that! I like feeling this way, so I think I'm going to do a little extra ST each week. I've been trying to do two days, but I'm thinking I'm going to do three, or maybe four. I'm not doing long sessions, but I would like to get some extra in there. It's only going to help!

I suppose, with all I need to do, I should probably get moving... I mapped out my run and it's over four miles, so that will take a bit, then with TF I have about an hour of work to do.... 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength. I might do the core DVD, which will add another 20 minutes of work.....And if I do the stretching DVD there's 10 more. Yikes - that's an hour and a half of just TF...If I do ALL of that plus my run, I'll have over two hours of fitness today. Hmm.. That might be a bit much. I guess I'll see how I feel after I run!

Have a great Wednesday!!!


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