Monday, May 6, 2013


The weekend seemed to fly by SO fast! I spent a great deal of it with my cousin, which was nice. I don't usually do a lot during the week (although now that it's nicer I'm out a bit more), so it's nice to get out for a while.  So here's my recap...

Friday was my consult for my next surgery (less than a month away now!). My cousin and her daughter rode with me and after the appointment we had a late lunch and then stopped by one of the malls so I could return something that I decided I didn't like (as well as get some Starbucks for a treat and give her daughter a carousel ride). My cousin joined me for some Turbofire on Friday evening too.

So surgery...I will be having brachioplasty (arm lift) and more lipo on my thighs. I was anticipating having a thigh lift, but apparently I still have too much "volume" (fat cells). It's not really a huge surprise to me. I can see where the fat was removed (especially in plank) and my thighs look worse (because that fat isn't there anymore), but there's still some that can come off. He said that the last surgery really helped with the contours and this time it will help smooth things out. He's focusing on different areas than last time (obviously). Hopefully after this round of lipo I will either be satisfied with my thighs or I will be able to (finally) have a thigh lift.

So that's it... Surgery is June 5th and shouldn't be too bad. Lipo is completely safe to do with the brachioplasty. It sounds like recovery shouldn't be too bad. I didn't think my last recovery period was too bad and I'm hoping this one will be even better. Stay tuned...

Saturday I put in nine miles between a 5K and 10K. The 5K was a smaller race (although they did provide medals) that our local hospital arranged for employees and families. My Mom is an emergency room nurse so she signed us up. I was a few minutes late getting there so I had to catch up with her (not too difficult; she's short and has short little legs!). I spent the race walking instead of running because I wanted to do the walk with her and she isn't a runner.  After that I ran just over six miles to complete my nine miles for my long run day. Although the 5K was mostly walking, I decided to count it toward the nine miles anyway. I really didn't feel like walking three and then doing nine more.

After a much needed shower and lunch, I hung out with my Mom for bit before heading to a horse show. My youngest cousin started showing last year, and it was the first show of the season. In addition, my other cousin (her older sister) started getting the Little Miss involved so it was her first show ever! Since she's only two, she just sits on the horse and my Aunt lead her around the arena. She was the littlest (and youngest, I'm sure) in her age group which was two-to-five year-olds. She did pretty well! After that, my cousin, the Little Miss, and I went out to my parents' house for a cookout/dinner. It was nice to just hang out and relax. We drank a little wine and enjoyed burgers from the grill (first time this year- yum!), salad, and typical sides (chips, macaroni salad, baked beans). Saturday is usually my "splurge" day, but with what I ate earlier and burning so many calories, I was in fine shape and didn't go over my daily calories.

Yesterday I went to church, then out for lunch with my parents, got some groceries, and then spent more time with my cousin and Little Miss.  It was an active rest day for me, so we went walking for a while (about four miles) and then took the Little Miss to play at the playground for a bit. She had to get a few things at the store, so I rode with them. I didn't feel like making dinner and wasn't all that hungry so I picked up a couple things to munch on... Baked Scoops and salsa. Not too bad I suppose. Finally, I headed home and just relaxed for the evening.

The weather was beautiful all weekend so it was great to get outside and enjoy it! Today is equally nice (maybe even nicer!) but I have things that I should get done... Fun things like laundry and some cleaning. HA! After working out, I'll be doing that. My workout will consist of some Turbofire and a Bodyrock workout. I haven't done BR in a while and it was helpful in building muscle before (although now it appears to be more cardio; HIIT-based) so I thought I'd try it again. Maybe if I get things done fairly quickly I will be abe to take the dogs for a short walk before it gets dark.  It would be nice to get outside for a little while!

Have a great week!!


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