Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sunny Days!

I think that Spring is (finally!) officially here. When I previously checked the weather it was supposed to be cold this week but that seems to improve daily. Yay! I've been ready for this for far too long. I'm definitely enjoying these warm days! I've love going outside to get my activity in, so that's nice.

Today is a four mile run day and unfortunately since I am not a fan of running the same route in my town, I'm actually not looking forward to it as much as I wish I would. It's just so boring around here that it's starting to feel like running on the treadmill... Same ol' thing, each time. Blah! Today I'm conflicted about my run... I could do it on the treadmill, or I could go outside. Either way it will be boring! Inside might be a little cooler and I know that if I go outside chances are that I will run a little farther, and work harder, than on the treadmill. All signs are pointing to getting outside and getting some fresh air for a bit!

I will likely do something else after that... Maybe a walk, maybe Turbofire, or maybe some extra ST. Who knows... I just know that I will most likely do more than just my run. After my workout I'll have dinner and then do some stuff around the house. Exciting night, huh?

Truth be told I am not looking forward to my run. A walk sounds better. A nap sounds best. I've been feeling tired lately and just do not feel up to doing anything. The same thing happened yesterday. In fact I was so tired during my workout I am felt as though I would rather have been sleeping.

I'm sure that this is because my hemoglobin is low again. The vitamin I e been taking doesn't include iron. I don't think I've had enough iron in my diet lately either. I've had a couple light headed/feeling faint episodes lately too. Generally that's a sure sign that my iron is low. Stupid anemia.

I started taking an iron pill yesterday so hopefully that gets into my system soon so that I feel better. I really could fall asleep right now.... I'm that tired. I've been getting enough sleep but even that's not enough.

In fact I'm so tired that as I sit and wrote this I am thinking I will nap and see how I feel. I can always workout an hour or so from now.... Hopefully I will feel recharged. And if not I will just do something else - maybe tomorrow's workout and I will try a run tomorrow instead. I really just do not have the energy to do it today. Uggggghhh.

I don't like feeling this way. It makes me feel like I'm being unmotivated and lazy. I know that I'm not and its because I actually am tired. Hopefully some rest will help!

Hope your week is going well!


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