Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sweet Soreness!

The last couple days I've changed part of my workout. I've been doing ST and just did a few tweaks. First, on Tuesday I did a DVD I had been doing, but I increased my weights for as many of the exercises as I could. That felt awesome. I could feel a little soreness and was pleased with that.  Then yesterday I decided to do something different. I ended up doing the first workout of Jillian Michaels' Ripped in 30.  Um... Hellllloooo soreness!! I can definitely feel it today! My quads are sore, my abs are sore, and my arms are sore. I'm pretty sure that's from the change in my ST the last couple days.  I love it!! I find myself moving just so that I can feel that soreness a little more.

I know I've mentioned it before, but feeling sore after a workout makes me feel strong and accomplished. I've been doing more ST the last few weeks and I feel like my body is changing a little. I can see small differences in my muscles and I swear my abdomen area looked a little tighter yesterday.

I'm not sure what today's exact plan will be. I was going to run for about an hour but it is super hot and humid. And windy (which really isn't that bad). The heat and the humidity are what kill me. I cannot stand running when I feel like I can't breathe properly. It looks like it really is summer...Time to change my running plan. I think I will have to stick to early morning or late evening runs. I'm not fond of either for various reasons, but I can't run at 5:00 in the afternoon when it is so hot.  I think I'm going to aim for morning runs a couple times a week. I will most likely be up and running around 6:00 or 6:30 on the mornings that I run. It's cool then, and it's light outside. This really isn't going to take place until toward the end of June... I might try next Monday and Tuesday mornings, and then it's no running for a couple weeks...

My next surgery is next week! It's crazy how fast time has gone by. I'm most definitely starting to get that nervous-excited feeling.  I'm the first surgery that morning, with a time of 8:00 so I should be done by noon. I'll try to post within a few days of surgery, although it might be a shorter post than usual.

Back to today's workout plan...  I'll likely do some TF or some other cardio in my cool basement. I'm on the fence about doing Ripped in 30 again... I want to but with the half marathon on Saturday, I don't want to make myself too sore...Decisions, decisions!!

Speaking of the half marathon, I'm in "wait and see' mode right now.  There's some nasty weather headed for South Bend tomorrow night and it's supposed to last through Saturday.  If it's just rainy, I can handle the race. It will super suck but if I have to do it, I will.  What concerns me is the fact that there will be lightning and hail. I might be able to handle the hail, depending on how severe it is. But I draw the line at lightning.... I love running but I really want to live to be able to run! Chances of being struck by lightning aren't that high, but I don't like to take chances like that!

So we shall see... I guess I won't know if I'm running until Saturday morning arrives, unless there's an official word by tomorrow sometime. As of now, the race officials are in the "wait and see" mode too. It'll depend on what's happening at the time, so we shall see. I hate to make that trip for nothing, but I also don't want to decide to skip the race and have it end up being nice.... Again, decisions, decisions!!

Well, I need to get moving! Hope you are having an excellent week!


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  1. uhg, I can NOT do outside workouts when it is humid. Luckily, I like in an extremely dry place. But I know the times that I jogged in Florida and south Texas I was completely uncomfortable and about to pass out when I ran there.
    I excited for you getting your surgery. I will pray that all goes smoothly!