Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Race that Didn't Happen

Well, I am a couple days behind... Apologies!!

Today I was supposed to write a recap from Race to Wrigley. Here's my recap...

I didn't do it.


Life got in the way.  As I was driving into the city, my car decided that it wasn't going to cooperate anymore. I had stopped and when I went to start my car, it wouldn't start. It tried but failed. Turns out that the fuel pump decided to stop functioning. I needed a new one. I got towed to a garage and the mechanic said he could fix it on Saturday.  Yup... I wasn't making it to the race.

I'm definitely bummed that I missed the race (which turned out to be quite the expensive race that I didn't run), as well as a few other things this weekend, but at least it wasn't something serious. I'm safe and healthy which is what matters. It could've been worse!

Despite not running, the weekend turned out to be pretty good! It definitely had its ups and downs but the ups pretty much made up for the downs. Things happen for a reason, so who knows what I was spared from.... At least that's how I am choosing to look at it.

Things have been pretty good, overall, the last few days. I know that my eating has definitely not been as well as it should. I believe that TOM is on the horizon, and at times that can cause me some troubles. I'm usually hungrier than normal and naturally don't want to eat healthy foods. I've kept my portions controlled, so at least that is good. I can tell I'm retaining water; probably from eating out and not drinking enough water.

I have not exercised since Saturday.... Unintentionally. Sunday was full of other things and by the time I got home I was tired so I just lounged around with my cousin and Little Miss.  Yesterday I planned on working out after my chiropractor but, again, I got home later than expected so I did not. 

I was feeling guilty about that but I stopped myself. What's the sense in beating myself up? Things happened in life and I made choices that were easy. My weight is likely up (mostly due to fluid retention, I'm sure), but I haven't checked.  If I do and see that it is up, I'll just stress myself out. It's not worth it. I've acknowledge it, accepted it, and have moved on...

I'm back on track with the workouts today... I will be running shortly, then doing something from Turbofire. My cousin and Little Miss are coming over again so we may go for a walk a little later too. Maybe.  I really need to get some cleaning done so I warned her ahead of time that I'll be working on a little of that, but they can still hang out.

I have another busy weekend coming up, but with some planning, I think I will be able to make time for everything I need and want to do. Saturday is going to be busy, so my run may need to be moved to Sunday. I should be doing a long (like 10-11 miles) run so I know I won't have the time on Saturday. Hopefully it works out for Sunday afternoon.  I am planning on doing a race with a friend on Friday evening, so that's all set. Everything will work out as it should!

I suppose that's the update for now...

Have a great, happy, healthy week!!!


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