Monday, May 6, 2013

Thirsty Thursday!

I forgot to hit publish, once again!!

Ha! Ten years ago Thirsty Thursday meant dollar beers at a college bar I used to go to! I was always up for that adventure!! Today Thirsty Thursday means I'm drinking more water than usual. I think I'm ahead of my normal count by four cups, and I haven't even worked out yet. I'm okay with that -I ate some popcorn so I can use the extra water. Hmmmm... Maybe that popcorn is why I'm extra thirsty. My body is like "flush that sodium, plllleeeease!!" At any rate, I'm good with drinking more water than normal. Oh and by normal (for me) I mean like 20 cups. Yes, that's right, I drink about 20 cups of water on an average day. Other than a travel mug of coffee in the morning water is all I drink on a daily basis. I have tea now and then and of course I love my adult beverages now and then, but usually it's water for this girl.

Today has been a pretty good day. Luckily work was fairly quiet for me. For some reason I had trouble sleeping last night so I was pretty tired all day - and still am. I would actually love to just relax or even nap, but no can do. I have to get a five mile run (I hope - depends on how much time I have; it might only be four) done, then go meet my cousin and a friend to go walking. Yup, I plan on running four or five and then walking at least a few more.

I will most likely do today's run on the treadmill which is different for me. I prefer being outside but my usual route is under construction and this town is too small to try to figure out a good place to run to make a longer run. I'd head up to where I'm walking, but I want to have a protein shake before I walk, so I think I'll just stick to the treadmill. I'm not sure what I think about that. It sounds awfully boring (especially for a distance of four or five miles), but it also seems like the best option at this point.  I know I run slower on the treadmill than outside, so it will probably take a little longer, but oh well. I have things to get done so I'll push through (and maybe run a little faster - or at least attempt it!) just so that I can get it done.

I should say... I HOPE. I've been having little pinches in my calves all day. They're not quite cramps because they aren't that severe but I could see them turning into cramps. I'm hoping it's just from wearing shoes with a heel or something. I'll try running and see how it goes. If there's pain, I'll have to do some Turbofire instead. It's not too bad now - mostly just a nuisance.

Tomorrow is my next consult with my surgeon! I'm so excited!! Since things may have changed over the last year, the doc will look at my arms and legs and determine what the best next step is. I don't think I've had too many changes in either (other than, my legs have more skin now because of the lipo last year - which was the point). Surgery is planned, as of now, for June 5th, so pending any unforeseen issues tomorrow, I should be good to go! I'll try to post an update tomorrow evening, but we shall see. The doc is in a larger town, about an hour and a half away and I have a couple other stops to make while I'm there... So time permitting, I'll post tomorrow. If not, definitely on Monday!

I suppose that's it for now. I need to wrap it up so I can go workout and get some things done before I leave.

I hope that your week is going well!



  1. Oooohhh, how exciting about the upcoming surgery! I hope all goes well at the conult tomorrow. And goodluck on the treadmill run. I know that running outside helps to keep your mind off of the number on the treadmill. I used to place a towel over the screen so I wouldn't be temped to watch the clock on a long run.

  2. My arms are bothering me so badly. They dont rub or get in the way (yet) but the loose skin is driving me insane. I am anxious to hear more about surgery for that.