Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday.

I left work a bit early today to enjoy what might be the last gorgeous day for a while. That and our census is low so we've been cutting hours, which stinks for me but I suppose it must be done... Today it didn't bother me to leave a little early (seriously about an hour). I decided to go home and sit in the sunshine for a bit before doing my workout. So, here I am... Enjoying the sun. for a bit.

My plans after relaxation include Turbofire. I believe I have a HIIT workout, toning, and core on my agenda.  That will take just over an hour (about 75 minutes, to be exact). Later, after that and after dinner, I will be taking a light walk. I'll wear my HRM, of course, and count that activity, but it won't be anything too intense. Although it might be more than I plan on...I'm taking both dogs, which is always an adventure. That's actually why I'm waiting until a little later. It's over 80 degrees which is a bit too warm for them.  We probably won't walk until seven this evening or so. My big guy can't handle more than our usual route, which is just about the distance of a 5K (just over 3.1 miles) so that will probably be the longest we go. I'll see how he's doing and if I have to cut it short for his sake I will.... But that's my preferred minimum length, so hopefully....

Dinner tonight will be some spaghetti squash and a salad. Salad sounds super good on this warm afternoon. I tend to eat a lot more salads in the summer than in the winter. I find them to be so refreshing. I love that they are cool and crisp! Cool and crisp are not quite as enjoyable when it's super cold outside.  I actually thought about firing up the grill this evening, but I need to clean it... And I am really in the mood for some spaghetti squash!!

Yesterday I worked out for a total of 144 minutes because I was determined to hit 2000 fitness minutes for the month of April. Mission accomplished - I surpassed it with a total of 2,029 for the month! I was happy with that. My usual goal is 1000 fitness minutes per month. That's one good thing about me...Once I have a goal, I usually don't quit. Reaching that 2000 mark was my goal for the month (as of yesterday morning when I realized I was so close to it!).  The same was true on Saturday when I had 8 miles on the agenda... I wanted to quit part way through but refused to. I just kept pushing because sometimes that's what you have to do.

I did a four mile jog, then went and walked for over an hour with my Mom and cousin (needed the "therapy" time - bad emotional day again for no particular reason), and then when I got home I did 10 minutes of stretching... I was going to do 20 minutes of ab-work but realized I didn't NEED to do 20 full minutes to meet the goal, and it was getting late by the time I got home...So I stretched instead!

Well, I'm going to continue to enjoy this fantastic sunshine and flip through a magazine. Then I'm headed in to get a workout in!!

Happy Wednesday!!


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  1. Sounds like you got in some great workout time! I LOVE my family but if there was one thing about being single, it was that you could construct your time to workout and such just as much as you'd like.
    The weather is going to get yucky for me here in Texas tomorrow as well but hopefully it will clear up and warm up the day after. I am ready for summer.