Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Workin' It!

First I want to say how sadden I am by the recent tragedy in Oklahoma. I cannot imagine the horror that those involved are going through. I'm definitely keeping them in mind and heart.  I may dislike the winters where I live, but I'm glad that the worst weather I've seen is a blizzard.

On to business...

My workout yesterday was awesome! I forgot that it was Monday and there was a hockey game on, so I did not run. I did some TF and really pushed myself. I burned more calories during the Fire 30 workout than I have doing that workout in ages. I also really worked my muscles hard during my ST (TF Sculpt 30  followed by Core 20). I squeezed my muscles harder and tried to take myself to the next level. I'm sore today, which tells me that I accomplished that. Of course, I haven't done any of those workouts in a while, so maybe that's part of it. In addition to that I'm doing part of a squat challenge (won't be able to complete it due to surgery), so I did 30 squats, and then decided to do 35 lunges on each side.

Today I have a hair appointment which will take a while and usually by the time I'm done there's just not enough workout time left in the day. So I got up this morning and worked out. I didn't do cardio but did do about 35 minutes of ST. I did a bonus workout that comes with TF; burn circuit one. It's actually from another workout program. I really like it, and I know I worked my muscles during that workout too. Between that and yesterday's workout, I'm feeling it in my arms, core, and upper back. Even my legs are feeling it a little, which is rare!

I didn't get to the squats and lunges yet, but those don't take long. I'll either squeeze them in before I have to head to my appointment (not much time, actually) or I'll do them later this evening. Either way, I'll get them done!

Eating has been good and so has water consumption. I was up to 16 cups (actual cups; eight ounces) before I left work today! Usually I reach 10 or 12 at that time of day.

Life in general has been great lately! I'm in such a fantastic mood and things just seem to be going along like they should. Sure I have my moments (who doesn't) but overall I'm feeling great. I just hope that this isn't some high that I'll come crashing down from. That would be awful and hard to recover from. Sometimes I worry if I feel "too" happy... Like what's around the corner may not be so great.

I really think that my mood is what has helped with me pushing so hard the last couple days. I feel energetic and happy and bring that to my workouts. Even this morning, when I was up earlier than usual after not sleeping the best (thunderstorm; female dog hates them and keeps me up). I think that feeling so fantastic and happy is helping. I also think that a couple other things could be contributing factors.

First...Iron. Remember me mentioning that my hemoglobin gets low (anemia)....? I used to take a multivitamin that included iron but it was just too hard on my stomach and made me feel super nauseated. I'd also get hot and sweaty.  I switched to a chewable vitamin that doesn't contain iron. After a little while of it being out of my system, I could feel the difference. I started getting my lightheaded episodes (where I feel like I'm going to faint, but don't actually go down) again. I started feeling tired and just kind of "blah" in general. I started taking an iron supplement (in addition to my chewable vitamin) a couple weeks ago and I can't help but wonder if my hemoglobin is finally up again. I definitely feel better.

The other factor... The time of year. I seem to have a much easier time waking up earlier when it's light outside. Getting up in the winter is hard for me. It's dark and cold which makes me want to stay in bed. Now it's warmer and it's light out when I get up. Something about those two things makes it so much easier for me to get my butt out of bed.  I may hit the snooze button a couple times but I'm able to get up earlier than in the winter. It takes a lot less to talk myself into it.

I've noticed that I feel so much better this time of year. Late Spring and early Summer seem to be my perfect times. It's warm, usually bright and sunny, and I feel so much more relaxed and carefree.

Being a professional in the field and recognizing symptoms in my self, I recently wondered if perhaps I have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  It's a type of depression. When you have SAD, you're still diagnosed with depression, it just worsens at particular times of the year. For me, that time of year is winter. With it being so dark so much and so cold all the time, it doesn't surprise me. I just seem to thrive in the months that are warmer and sunny. When a certain time of year hits, usually late Spring, it's as though I awaken. It feels like waking from some sort of hibernation... Maybe I was a bear in a former life... Ha!

Follow the link for a little more information on SAD.

So right now, I'm feeling great, doing well, and things seem wonderful. I hope that this pattern continues for me!!

I hope you are all having a fantastic week!!



  1. Yeah, I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling happy energetic. That's a great combination to have!

  2. I am glad you are feeling better!