Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Margarita Wednesday!

Healthy title, huh?

On Wednesdays some friends go to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner and margaritas (which are always on special)... I will be joining them this evening because one of my friends has a birthday tomorrow, so we are celebrating today! Naturally Mexican food is really not very healthy... I plan on having a taco salad, and not eating the shell. I also kept it light earlier today - gotta save room for a margarita or two! It should be a fun time - the friend who has a birthday is fun, her brother-in-law will be going, I know my parents, boyfriend, my cousin, and her daughter will be there too.... And who knows who else! I'm definitely looking forward to a relaxing Wednesday evening with friends and family.

I have a dentist appointment shortly, so this will likely be a bit on the short side. This means I'm out of work early and should have some time for a walk and (hopefully) Ripped in 30 before dinner. Burning a few hundred extra calories before indulging will be nice.... Sometimes I feel like it gives me a little buffer.  You cannot out-exercise a bad diet, but an occasional treat is nice.  My treat tonight will be the margaritas, as I'm keeping it as healthy as possible by having the salad.

And a short update...

My workout (and lawn mowing) went well yesterday. I managed to mow the lawn without incident, so yay - I can do that! I need a weed whacker thingy though. Because I've not done any of my own lawn care in the past, I do not have one.  The grass in areas I cannot mow is driving me crazy! Hideous!

I spent about half an hour doing the lawn, then did Ripped in 30, and later (after dinner) walked my dogs for a while. I ended up putting in 100 minutes of fitness yesterday and burned 766 calories. Normally I would burn more during that time, but normally I have a run in the mix. Had I ran, I'd have burned a couple more. If I'd been able to put all my intensity into Ripped in 30, I'd have burned more there too... BUT that's okay. I did as much of Ripped in 30 as I could at a higher intensity. Some of the moves I had to modify due to leg and arm pain.  I was able to do most of it without difficulty though. I also used lighter weights than I normally would, just because my incisions are still healing and I don't want to over-do it. I feel like due to movement combined with a heavier weight, I could put myself at risk.  I wasn't a huge fan of the lighter weights, but I used them. Honestly, I felt sore while doing some of the moves, which shocked me. Of course, it's been three weeks since I last worked out. The lighter weights must've awakened my muscles.

I'm still drinking my usual amount of water... I think I had 22 or 24 cups at the end the day yesterday! On Monday it was either 20 or 22. I sense today will be around 20 as well.  Good - that's where I like it!! Eating has been great all week, with the exception of what will be dinner tonight. It's only been  a few days of being back into my "normal" routine, and I already feel better... It's not much but I feel less "fat" and healthier in general.

It's good to be back - I've missed it!!

Hope your week is going well!!!


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