Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sunburst Burst

*Another one of my infamous moments of hitting save instead of publish... This is from 6/3/13.

Saturday morning was supposed to be the day of my second half marathon. It was not. I believe I mentioned in my previous post that I was really concerned about the weather. After much debate and discussion (and stress), I decided not to do the race.  I'm hoping that they received my e-mail in time (sent it way before the deadline) so that I can defer my registration until next year. In doing so, the money I paid for this race would just go toward that.

Why didn't I race?

The weather was the major factor. I kept seeing storms in the forecast and the radar looked pretty nasty. I didn't want to make such a long drive and spend money on a hotel when the only reason I was going was to run. Had I had something else to do in town, I would've gone and seen how the weather was in the morning. I just didn't want to chance making the trip only to have the race be called off or postponed (I wouldn't have been able to run later due to other obligation at home later in the day).

I may have still gone and ran in the rain (if there was no major lightning or whatever), but someone brought up the point about it being wet. Sometimes when it's wet things get slippery. I'm prone to falling (over absolutely nothing sometimes). The last thing I wanted to do was slip and fall... An injury may have resulted in being unable to finish the race. Or something worse that may have prevented me from having surgery this week... I've been looking forward to surgery a lot longer than the half marathon. And given the choice between the two, I'd chose surgery for sure. So, people's thoughts about getting hurt or sick really weighed on my mind....More than a wasted trip. I'm normally a risk-taker but taking the risk with something so big coming up wasn't something I wanted to do.

On top of it all, my Mom was supposed to be going with me and she was pretty adamant about not going based on the weather forecast.  We finally decided on Friday afternoon that we would stay home. So I cancelled the hotel and e-mailed the race officials and stayed home. My Mom and I ended up spending some quality time together on Friday anyway, and we had a good day. We went to lunch, did some shopping, met my grandparents for coffee, and then later went out for dinner with a group of friends (yeah, I ate out TWICE in one day - not a great idea, in my opinion anyway).

So that was that... No race report from me today because I didn't go to the race.  Now I need to find a June race... I think I will do a local one that's on the morning of the 29th. I have a wedding to go to that evening, out of town of course, but I don't think we'll leave too early. My Dad likes to be on the road with time to spare but I'm sure I can take the time to do a 5K before we go! I think it's at 10:30 in the morning so that gives me lots of time.  I will most likely walk the majority of the race, since I will be out of commission for a couple weeks. I will be away from any major activity for a couple weeks after surgery.... But at least it's something. I need to do a race this month, whether it be walking, running, or a mix of the two (likely the latter).

I suppose that's it... I'm headed out of town as soon as I get out of work tomorrow evening since my surgery is so early Wednesday morning. I have surgery at 8:00 and have to be there around 6:00. I have a short list of things to finish so that I can meet up with my Mom and hit the road.

If I get a chance to post tomorrow I will, otherwise it will most likely be in a few days (again). Whether or not I post tomorrow, I plan on writing something after surgery - hopefully Thursday or Friday, depending on how I feel.

I hope you had a fantastic weekend and that your week is awesome!



  1. Aw, sorry you weren't able to get your race in. I would have been concerned like your mom. With all the crazy weather lately better safe than sorry.
    Can't wait to hear how the surgery turns out. :)

  2. Sorry about the race! Will keep you in the blog prayer circle for Wednesday. Popped in from Veronica's blog! Hi there!