Tuesday, July 9, 2013


This title has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that it is my 501st post on here. So, yay for that! 

I am feeling good today - super positive and ready to tackle a workout. I just wish it wasn't so yucky... That really puts a damper on the fun feeling of working out for me. It's raining. I don't feel like going out for a run in the rain. This weather actually makes me want to be lazy. 

BUT I need to workout. I doubt it's . That means I will be hitting the treadmill - or trying anyway. I haven't attempted in almost two weeks due to the pain I was having post-op. The pain has decreased a lot so I think it's a good time to try it again. I'm going to do thirty minutes at a slow pace (much slower than my usual running time, I'm sure) and see how it goes. I'm also planning on some ST work today. I'm thinking I will do Ripped in 30. 

Because I was so busy last week I haven't consitently worked out in several days. I will most likely do the Ripped in 30 week one workout, probably after I run. After that I'll have dinner and such, and if the rain stops I will probably take the dogs for a walk. 

Other plans for this evening include some planning time. I am going to write up a new workout schedule and try to pre-plan my meals for the rest of the week. With surgery and being so busy recently I feel like I have not been consistent enough with my workouts. I'm definitely ready to jump right back in and get on track again. I have more events coming up this summer but I don't think I will be quite as busy as I have been the last couple weeks.

I am looking forward to some runs I have coming up. I wasn't able to do a June run, but still plan on reaching my goal of at least 13 races this year. I will most likely not be doing one that I have coming up on the 21st. I was going to do the run with a friend but she is moving. That doesn't mean I can go do it on my own. However the run is in Chicago (the morning after a concert). Someone (me) forgot to book a hotel a while back and now the only rooms I can seem to find in the city are at least $250. Um, what? The run is downtown at 6:30 in the morning, so I'd most likely want to get there no later than 6:00. I imagine that the concert the night before will last until 11:00 or so, and by the time I get to the car and back out of the city... Well, I won't be to a suburb until after midnight. I don't think I want to be up late only to turn around and get up by 5:00 the next morning.... The race is a 5K but I still feel like I'd want some energy and more than four or so hours of sleep!!! I could've solved this dilemma by booking a hotel earlier... I failed. Anyway, so the cost of a room in Schaumburg plus the race fee (which was only about $30) is going to be considerably less (like over $150 less!) than booking a room downtown. I think I will just go and enjoy the concert and skip the race.

 Sigggh.... That's two registered races I'll have missed this year. It's sad but at the same time situations arise that can't be prevented (my car when I was supposed to go to Race to Wrigley; my Mom's weather fears when I was supposed to do Sunburst). Some situations arise that can be prevented but someone fails to plan. 

The good news is that there is a local 5K at the end of the month; the following Saturday morning, which I am considering doing. It's a cheaper race (only a $15 registration fee). It's a much smaller race so my chance of coming in near the back of the pack is a lot higher. And? I'm just going to have to suck it up and be okay with that. Even if I get last place... Well, maybe. I'm trying to remember that I had surgery just over a month ago and it has taken time to heal. Naturally I've deconditioned. My pace will likely be slower. I doubt many people will be there so there's a very good chance that I will be last. I have to accept that... Or not do the race. 

My original race plan is all messed up due to changes in my life. I am no longer visiting the city as frequently as I used to and unfortunately that's where most of the races I registered for are taking place. My running buddy from that area is moving, so some of the races I planned to do with her will be solo. I will most likely do most of them, but there are a couple I'm considering transferring my registration to another race location. I already did so with Color Me Rad. I guess I need to look at my race agenda and see what I can change around too... As long as I get my 13 races in, I'll be a happy girl. 

My current race total is six, with one possible this month. I then have two, possibly three on my agenda for August; and two each for September and October. As it stands now, with just those races I will reach my goal of 13. I will most likely do one in November and I guess we will see what the weather brings as far as a December race is concerned! I have said, multiple times I'm sure, that I don't like to run when it's slippery. I don't trust myself enough for that business!

Two of my upcoming races are mud runs. After seeing on the news that people have been getting sick following mud runs, I'm a little nervous. I've done one mud run and I'm sure that was just situational, but still... No one knows for sure what germs are lurking in beneath that mud! I will, most likely, be just fine but there's that little voice in my head reminding me that there was a recent outbreak of mud run related illness. It's the Norovirus (basically a stomach "flu" as most would describe it) that recently spread through a Tough Mudder competition. Obviously someone there was sick with it and it spread like wildfire. It is a NASTY illness!! 

I suppose it's time to get up and get the workout done! Now that I can move my arms more, I'm going to try my heavier weights for some of the moves. I'm super happy about that - those five pound weights were like lifting nothing to me! I'm bumping up to my 10s today for the harder exercises. I'm hoping that because it's been so long it will be a little difficult and I'll feel like I'm getting more of a workout. I'm ready to get into better shape!!! 

Have a great week!! 



  1. Wow 501! Congrats. I hope you enjoy your training. I wish it wasn't in the 100's here where I live. I'd like to run outside. Maybe train for a race.

    1. Thanks!! :)

      That heat would be AWFUL...I guess I can't complain much about the 80s lol.