Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Trip to the Doc...

Well, kinda. It was a trip to the PA who works under my doc. I hadn't had lab draws done in quite a while so I thought it was probably time to go check-in again. I've been feeling tired and kind of run down lately and in the past my anemia caused it. I've been taking vitamins and iron, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to have things checked over again. I was also concerned about my weight and how I gained about 20 pounds prior to surgery (over about a year and a half) and since surgery I'm up 30 from my lowest weight. I thought it would be good to check things out and make sure there's nothing medical going on in my body. And if there is? I'll deal with it in whatever method he suggests. I also told him how I track everything, stick to a calorie range, and workout five or six days a week, yet I've gained... I've changed nothing in my habits and instead of maintaining I went up. He seemed to understand where I was coming from and said, "it's not fair, is it?" BINGO. Finally...Someone understands my current frustration of working my butt off for nothing. He agreed to do labs since it's been a while. He's checking my blood count, thyroid, and Vitamin D levels. If there's something going on medical, it will likely show up on those tests. Most of the lab results will be back tomorrow except my Vitamin D level which may take a couple more days. If something is "off" in my body, he'll give me some new recommendations of things to try. He mentioned that a lot of people have had low vitamin D levels, so if it's that, I'll just have to start a vitamin D supplement. Easy enough. That will address the feeling fatigued part of things. 

 We also discussed my current antidepressant medication, Wellbutrin. I've been on it for... A while now. Like years. Maybe six or seven, something like that. Wellbutrin is what helped me lose the first 50 pounds (when I wasn't really trying). It is possible that after this amount of time, it's run its course. The new med we discussed has a side effect of weight loss, rather than weight gain, like the Wellbutrin. He's hopefully that a change in med will help me to lose some more weight. He also asked about my mood and if I feel like the Wellbutrin is as effective as it had been. When I thought about it, I don't think that it is. I have far more moody days. And depending on where I am in my cycle I can be a beast. He said that a new med would help address the PMDD too. After talking with him about it, I'm going to try Cymbalta. He sounded pretty confident that Cymbalta will work for me and he thinks I'll be pleased with it. 

He gave me some samples and for a week I'll take a lower dose with half of one of my Wellbutrin tabs. After a week, I'll be done with my Wellbutrin and will start an increased dose of the Cymbalta. Given that Wellbutrin helped me lose weight (without much trying), I'm confident that my body will react the similarly to Cymbalta. I should start seeing results of the Cymbalta in two or three weeks. If my weight is not changing in about a month, I'll call him back and we'll go to the next plan.

 The next plan is pretty easy... He'll look at adding an appetite supressant to my regime to see if that helps (which it should!). I don't feel that I'm eating too much or hungry all the time, but maybe that will help. I do have times when I get hungry but they seem to make sense.... And considering that I track everything, I know I'm within my calorie range. BUT if he's suggesting it, it's worth a try. I'm really hoping that the Cymbalta does the trick and I don't have to add something else. I'm not one to jump on the pill bandwagon and have not been an advocate for drugs specifically designed for weight loss. I'm a little reluctant about taking something ilke that, but under the care of a medical professional, I'd consider it. 

 Naturally I visited Google to see what other people said about Cymbalta. Results are mixed. Despite the claim that you will either maintain or lose weight on Cymbalta, other people noted considerable weight gain. Obviously I'm going to monitor this and if the scale is going in the wrong direction (up, obviously) I'll be calling for an appointment. Some of why others may have gained is the improvement of mood. When some people are down, they don't eat. Obviously when you feel better and start eating more often you're going to gain weight. Hopefully the med itself will not cause weight gain. 

 Overall, I'm feeling quite positive about my visit today and with the plan. I'm glad we have a plan in place! I do find it funny that when I was considerably larger I never brought up my weight. I think I was too embarrassed or maybe didn't think anything would work. Or I just didn't care so much about it. I brought it up today because I've seen a gain and it bothers me. I'm a firm believer in seeking out help when you need it... With this, I need some help! 

I suppose that's about it for my update now... I need to get a workout done. Today is cardio and abs. I'm honestly not feeling the cardio part of my workout. Again, I am SO tired. I really could take a nap right now. I have no reason to be tired today... I was in bed shortly after 10 last night and fell asleep fast. My alarm didn't go off until 6:30 this morning. I was going to get up and bike but felt tired and wanted more sleep. So I slept until about 7:30 (off and on since I hit the snooze button). I slept over eight hours and feel tired. I should feel rested, not like I'm fighting to stay awake! My eyes actually hurt and want to close this afternoon. My motivation to workout is just not there. At all. It wasn't yesterday either. Although I started my workout late yesterday, I still did it. I did weights (leg day) and then walked the dogs for about 45 minutes. I wasn't feeling up to running yesterday either (because I was so dang tired). I still love to run but when you feel worn out, getting the energy to do it is really, really difficult. It looks like rain so I'm not sure if I will walk the dogs today or not. 

 As of now my plan is to go do abs, then bike for half an hour. If the weather is decent, I'll probably walk the dogs for another half hour or just walk on the treadmill. I feel like biking alone isn't enough cardio/enough calorie burn. But running? I just don't think I have it in me today.... I really wish I wasn't so tired so I could put my all into a good run!! UGH!

 I've eaten good all day - healthy, of course. I'm under my 1500 calorie goal, and will still be under it after dinner. Right now I'm just aiming for being over 1200 for the day. See? It's not like I'm ravenous and eating a lot. I'm actually not all that hungry and have struggled to eat enough the last two days. I'm not sure what's for dinner yet, but I'm thinking leftovers from Friday sound good - grilled chicken and sweet potato "fries." I don't really feel like cooking so using my friend the microwave sounds like a good idea to me! 

 I hope you're having a great week!! 



  1. That would be frustrating. I hope he finds a solution for you!

    1. Thanks, Ms. V! I hope so too! I think we are headed in the right direction.