Monday, July 15, 2013

Another Weekend Come and Gone.

I think that being off for a few extra days over the fourth of July made me forget how quickly weekends can go by! I was totally unmotivated today at work (but somehow managed to make it through). I just wanted another relaxing day at home. It was another fun-filled weekend, but it seemed to pass so quickly!! 

Friday night I met with my friend Christen for dinner. A larger group was supposed to go, but the other girls had to cancel. It's not often that I get to sit and talk wit Christen, so it was really nice to be able to catch up. I had planned out my dinner before I went, thinking I was all set. I was until I realized the menu on the restaurant website wasn't updated. Apparently this particular place changes their menus frequently. What I planned on eating was no longer available. Luckily I was able to keep it fairly healthy, but probably not quite as healthy as I planned. I had one of the evening's specials, baked halibut and it was amazing. It came with a shrimp sauce (butter-based so I tried not to eat much of it, as tasty as it was), roasted potatoes, and roasted vegetables (asparagus and brussel sprouts). I've never liked brussel sprouts but I thought I'd try them because they were cooked differently than I've tried. I only ate a couple because they happened to be roasted in bacon. They had a wonderful, somewhat sweet taste to them, but I'm sure they were not the healthiest so I only ate two of them. Dinner was absolutely delicious. After dinner I went out to my boyfriend's for the evening. 

On Saturday I didn't do a whole lot; short workout and tanning before I got ready for the wedding reception we were going to. My cousin came over and did my hair for me. I wanted to try something new that I knew I couldn't do solo. It was half up/half down but the back was criss-crossed and pinned. It looked cute. She also helped me apply my eyelashes because I can't seem to get them to go on straight. Like EVER. After I was ready to go I headed over to my boyfriend's for a bit before the reception. It was a lot of fun. His friend's (the groom) Mom works with me so it was fun to chat wtih her for a while outside of work. We met up with a couple friends, and of course a lot of his other friends were there to talk to (and meet for me) too. I spent quite a bit of time dancing with two little girls (daughters of another of one his friends) too. It was nice to burn off a few extra calories on the dance floor. The dinner was great, and surprisingly pretty healthy (yay!). Of course I enjoyed my fair share of drinks, so there's that. We were there until around 1:00 and then headed over to the home of our friends we met up with there. We had a few more drinks and ate brats at like 2:00 in the morning.... Not healthy, but fun! It was nice to spend some time with friends...And my ego was boosted a few times; compliments on my dress and being pretty were great to hear. My boyfriend told me how pretty and goregous I was at least a few times that night. Some of his friends and friend's wives were really nice too. And some random (to me) man asked me which movie star I looked like! That made me laugh because now and then that happens and I am yet to see the resembalance in any of them (Carrie Underwood, Kate Hudson, and Drew Barrymore). Everyone I met was super nice and friendly. 

Sunday was partially laid back... I found out when I got back to my parents' house that my Grandpa had been hospitalized on Saturday night. So I spent some time Sunday afternoon visiting him at the hospital. After that I got groceries and headed home. When I got home, my boyfriend had mowed the grass that was getting kind of long. I thought that was a nice thing to do for him to do. After I got groceries put away, I picked up a little, and then we took a little nap. We had dinner (pizza for Sunday Funday - cheat day?). There was a wrestling pay-per-view on last night, so we ordered that and just hung out. I got tired of just sitting so I did some meal prep for this week (grilled some chicken, prepped some salads) and made his lunch for today. It was nice to just hang out and relax for the evening.

 Today it was back to work and I suppose, for a Monday, it wasn't bad. The bad part was that I was highly distracted and ready to go home all day. I was glad when the day ended. I ran a few errands and then came home. I plan on working out shortly and then getting dinner ready. 

This was also day one of my new workout and clean(er) eating plan. Today's weight training is shoulders and triceps. I have three sets of three exercises for each body part. It should go fairly quickly as there are only eight to 12 reps per move. I'm hoping that I will use weights that are heavy enough that I'm done after eight. Of course, I will try to get 12 done but I am really hoping to achieve muscle failure. I still need to get some heavier weights, but I think that I'm okay with what I have for right now. After my weight traning I'm hoping to do a light run. I'll most likely do C25K again. That really seems to be most helpful in getting back into the swing of things. Everything I've read on building muslce says to go easy on the cardio, as cardio will cause muscle to burn, but I HAVE to have some kind of cardio in my routine. Even if it's light running, it's something. The Cardio Queen can't just let it go completely. 

As far as eating, I've felt full all day. I'm eating based more on clean foods; meats, fruits, veggies, and few whole grains. I'm definitely eating more of a higher protein diet (for the sake of muscle building). I'm not cutting out all carbs but I'm trying to be a bit smarter with them than I have been lately. I guess I just haven't paid as much attention to them recently. Well, that's changed now. Protein is definitely a huge key in staying full all day! I had to tell myself it was time to eat lunch because I just didn't feel full. I even cut out part of my lunch (carrots and hummus) because I wasn't hungry. 

Here's what I ate/will eat today: Breakfast - four egg whites and one whole egg, greek yogurt, black coffee, Crystal Light (on the Go). Snack - small apple with peanut butter Lunch - salad - bag salad mix, sugar snap peas, grilled chicken, and an olive oil/vinegar dressing. Snack - a piece of cheese and two ounces of turkey pastrami, almonds Post-Workout Snack - protein shake (vanilla whey powder, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, ice) Dinner - turkey burger (bunless) with ketchup and mustard, steamed veggies, a brown rice/quinoa blend My calories eaten around just over 1600. I'm over in other ranges on MFP (for example my protein count is higher than suggested), but once I workout that should change. Generally after a workout, I haven't quite used all of what is recommended. My net daily calories should be over 1200, so that makes me happy. While I'm tracking what I eat, I'm not focusing quite as much on calories as I am healthy foods and protein. My water intake is good, as usual. I suppose that's about it for now. 

My boyfriend is coming over so I need to get the things done that need to be done (like my workout) so that I can be ready. I hope that you all had a fantastic weekend! 

Have a great week! 


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  1. How fun! It is definitely wedding season, isn't it? ;)
    I bet you did look beautiful. I'm not a brussell sprout person either but I do love me some asparagus.