Friday, July 12, 2013

Hello, Friday!

I don't know about you all, but I am glad it's Friday! I'm ready for the weekend. I've not been working Fridays for the last several months due to low census and hour cuts. My boss was off today and I had enough paperwork to do that I was able to go in for most of the day. I probably could've stretched the day out to my usual time, but I left an hour early so that I could get a workout in before I have to get ready to meet some friends for dinner.

Once a month we try to have a ladies' evening out. My friend Christen came up with the diea and I really like the idea. It's one day that ladies can look forward to spending with their friends. Most of them are married and have children so I'm sure it's a nice escape for a bit! I enjoy being able to sit down for an hour or two and spend some time with friends. I think that friendships are so important, so it's nice to set aside a little friend time once a month! Last month there were about 12 of us who attended and tonight (as of now) there will be four of us. It just kind of depends on what's going on when and who can make it. It should be a fun time!!

After dinner it's out to the boyfriend's for some Friday night wrestling action. To watch, I mean! One of his friends is getting married tomorrow, so I'll head home in the morning to do things like workout, work on my tan, and primp. I don't think we have to be there until six tomorrow evening, and we're meeting up with some friends before, so I should have most of the day to be girly. I'm kind of looking forward to that. I get to relax and pamper myself (with my cousin's assistance for hair and nails) and he gets to work on roof. Hmmm. I feel like, somehow, I'm getting the better end of the deal! My day to "work" will be Sunday though... Grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, and a little food prep. Fun, fun!

I'm definitely back on track with being healthy. I've already checked out the menu online, decided what I will eat, and pre-tracked it on MFP. I'm right on track with calories for the day. With my workout I will probably be able to enjoy some wine if I want. We'll see. It seems like such a waste of the calories I'll be working to burn!! I'll be working out after I post this and plan to do Ripped in 30 followed by C25K. That really has been a good way to transition back into running. After over a month off, it feels like I'm a beginner again!! I'm sure it'll take a little time to get back to where I was, but I'm sure I'll be there in no time.

Yesterday I did Ripped in 30 and then walked the dogs later in the evening. My boyfriend came over so I had to cut my workout a little short (no running). But our walk made up for some of it. It was nice to get done working out, shower, clean up a bit, and have dinner ready by the time he got there. So, I'm not at all sad that I missed that 30 minutes of running. I got things accomplished in that time and was up moving. We ate dinner shortly after he got here, then we just kind of hung out for a while. We took a nice walk in the evening so it was a little cooler out - pretty close to the perfect temperature for a walk. I didn't burn as much as I usually would during 45 minutes but I don't think our walk was focused on fitness. It was more of a lesiurely walk just to get the dogs a little exercise. Or he just walks slower than I do (but I was trying to be nice and avoid saying that!). Or maybe it's that I walk fast... Once I throw those running shoes on, my legs want to move!!

Eating? Has been healthy all week. I enjoyed a little wine last night but that's been my only real "treat" all week. Between that and my workouts, I'm feeling great! Sore, but that's definitely a good thing!

Saturday will be a bit of a wild day I think, between wedding food and booze, but that's okay. I'll keep it as healthy as I can, that's for sure. I'm definitely ready to start this more intenstive ST/weight training program on Monday!! I've got some meal ideas in mind too, so shopping should be a breeze...Just as soon as I organize my list!!

Well, I'm off to workout so I can get ready to meet the ladies!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


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