Thursday, July 18, 2013

Is It Friday Yet?

I'm ready for the weekend to be here!

Generally I haven't been working on Fridays due to hour cuts at work. However I worked last Friday due to my caseload being heavy and will work tomorrow because we are having a facility picnic for our residents and families. I will be running around doing picnic work most of the day tomorrow. I'll probably head home for the day a little early because after all of the work in the morning, I'm usually fairly tired! I'll most likely go home, workout, and then hang out with my boyfriend and just relax (while watching good ol' wrestling of course).

On Saturday I'm heading down to the city, which I'm pretty excited about! I haven't been down there in a few months so it's definitely time for some fun. I have tickets to a concert at Wrigley Field (Kelly Clarkson, Jason Aldean, Thomas Rhett, an Jake Owen - should be a good one!). I plan on leaving on Saturday late morning or early afternoon (depending on who goes with me) and coming home after we get up and moving on Sunday.  My boyfriend planned on going but that roofing project hasn't been done yet. They're still waiting on the contractor to get back to them or something. It's possible that he will have to work on that on Saturday, so then he won't be able to go. Luckily my friend Jen doesn't have any plans, is a country fan, and said that she'd be interested in going if he can't....Either way I'll be happy with my guest!! It would be fun to get away with my boyfriend (again) but it would also be fun to have a girls' night out with Jen!

So those are the big weekend plans, which is probably why I'm ready for it to be here!!!

I am also getting excited about the FPP program. My partner received her box today and e-mailed me right away. Literally. She said she had just received it, tore into the box, and then e-mailed me. She said that everything sounded amazing and she can't wait to test them out. I'm getting excited for my package to arrive. I know it will probably be a couple more days since it's on its way from Texas!

I will most likely keep this pretty short because I (think) there are dinner plans in the works so I need to workout. I want to get my workout done so that if dinner is a "go" I'll be ready to roll. If not, then I'll just have some extra time to clean up or maybe relax this evening. A few days ago my Mom mentioned going for dinner for a friend's birthday. Everything was worked out but the time. This morning my Dad said he didn't know what was going on and that the original plans were cancelled. Great. I pre-tracked what I knew I was going to eat where we were going.  Now we may go elsewhere or no where at all...I really hate when things are up in the air and no one knows what's going on until the last minute. Due to my healthy lifestyle I like to prepare ahead of time... I adjust my eating throughout the day and plan my exact workouts so that I know I'll have time. Then things fall through. Or things come up and I'm informed of them an hour before so my workout goes out the window and I have to scramble to figure out what I'll eat that is remotely healthy. What. A. Pain!!

The problem with tonight? We were going to a pizza place so I counted a salad with dressing, two beers, and a slice of pizza. Now that I deleted all of that from my tracker, I have over 750 calories left to eat today. There is no possible way I can eat that large of a dinner. If I don't go out, I'll most likely be under calories for today. I suppose it won't hurt but I still like to be in my range. I may have a protein shake to knock out a couple hundred of those, so that I can at least get a little closer.

I know it's not my birthday but is it too much to ask to have a little notice so that I can plan? You'd think people would know my lifestyle by now! What can I say...? I'm a planner!

I suppose it's time to go get my workout done. On today's agenda is chest and biceps. I have three exercises for each body part and have to do three sets for each. That will probably take a bit of my time! I thought about running too but it's about 95 degrees out. I kind of pushed it yesterday (it was a tiny bit cooler; like 88-90). Even though I was in the basement where it's cooler, I could still feel the effects of the higher temperature. I felt pretty good but definitely got tired quicker.

Speaking of yesterday... I did abs and then cardio. Abs went well, although I'm not as sore today as I had hoped I'd be. I can definitely feel it, especially in my lower abs. I question if I was doing a couple of the moves correctly, so perhaps that is why I'm not as sore as I expected (although I could tell I was working while I was doing them!!). My run was okay but I kept it slow due to soreness from leg day the day before. My quads were sore all day and I'm pretty sure my walking was a bit awkward. It continued on the treadmill...I found that running actually wasn't as bad as walking. My legs are still sore today, so I'm glad it's bicep and chest day! If I can squeeze in a little extra cardio, I will do so. We'll see...

With that, now I'm going to wrap it up. I hope your week is going well!!


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