Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Let the Holiday Fun Commence!

My Fourth of July celebrations start - NOW! My cousin and her daughter came over and we are going to go out walking, and then have a mini cookout. I'm just grilling some turkey burgers and potatoes, and may throw together a salad or something.  There's no reason you can't have a cookout and eat healthy foods! It's just the three of us so it won't be anything big.  After dinner we're headed to what would be best described as a town square. There's an area in our downtown area that will be holding some festivities this evening. There are things like games and face painting for kids, a couple bands will play, and then there will be fireworks this evening. Should be a fun night!

I'm off work the rest of the week, so tomorrow will be filled with getting caught up on things around the house (laundry, cleaning) and working out. My boyfriend is coming over when he gets out of work. We'll most likely have dinner at my house and then head over to a neighboring town for more fireworks.  We might head over there earlier and have dinner there too, who knows. Eating at home would be healthier than going out though, that's for sure. I plan on getting a good workout in - probably walking the dogs, Ripped in 30 or another DVD, and then a longer walk later on... That is if I have enough time with everything I'll be doing at home.  Anyway... After the fireworks, we're most likely heading to my friends' house for a bon fire. They own a resort on a little lake so it's always a fun time!

Thursday will be full of the typical Fourth of July type stuff - parade, huge family cookout, and fireworks at night. I think those will be the last fireworks (three nights should be satisfactory!) we will watch. There's another set on Friday or Saturday but they're kind of a pain to get to and from (crowded area) so we will most likely just lay low and stay home that night. 

My family is up from Kentucky so there will be lots of family time between Thursday and Saturday. There will also be beach time, for sure! My cousin wants to take her little guy to the beach for a bit on Friday and Saturday. That should be fun!! I'm definitely looking forward to it! It should be a ton of fun. It will give my family a chance to spend some time getting to know my boyfriend too, which will be awesome. I think he'll fit right in!

I will still be getting my workouts in where I can! I think that because Thursday will be so busy that will be the challenging day as far as finding time to workout. I'm thinking maybe we can walk the dogs sometime later in the afternoon or early in the evening. That will be better than nothing! Despite being busy with everyone the rest of the weekend, I'm thinking I should have time to squeeze in something here and there. I'm aiming for an hour each day... 30 minutes of a DVD/ST type workout and at least a 30 minute walk. I'm pretty sure I can convince people to walk with me for half an hour! I just want to keep moving, no matter what type of exercise!

Thursday will also be the challenge eating day... Holiday parties are always full of unhealthy foods. I'm planning to pick up a few healthier options to take with so that at least I know I'll have some good choices! If I have healthy choices to choose from that will make the day a lot easier for me... Especially if they're things I like! I'm planning on a veggie tray with some light dip and hummus or something, and maybe some fresh fruit. I'm making a dessert that's fairly light. Oh and I'll pick up some turkey dogs and wheat buns rather than beef hot dogs and white buns.  These are little adjustments that I make in my daily life, so making them on a holiday will be easy. If they're there, I will be all set!!

I suppose I should wrap this up so that the girls and I can go walk, come home and cook, and then kick of the Fourth of July!! I will try to update sometime in the next few days, but given how busy it will be...No promises.

I hope that you all have a safe, fun, and happy Fourth of July!!


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